All’s “normal” after Rocky Point police chief, bodyguard shot

Puerto Penasco, Mexico Police Chief Erick Francisco Landagaray, and his bodyguard Luis Huerta Ibarra, were gunned down over the weekend while patrolling the seaside city, also known as Rocky Point.

Landagaray was shot six times and Ibarra once. Both men survived and were transported to a hospital in Hermosillo, Sonora. Landagaray is in critical condition, according to a report in the Arizona Daily Star.

Seeing Red AZ warned about violence in Rocky Point last month. The U.S. Department of State and U.S. Consulate in Nogales both issued warning, which we reported.

After the shootings, a spokesman for the city, Juan Antonio Villa, was quoted as saying: “City is calm, yes we have more agents, but everything is normal.”

Is this the “normal” the open borders proponents are looking to import to the United States?


10 Responses to All’s “normal” after Rocky Point police chief, bodyguard shot

  1. T Dodson says:

    Yes, they are importing this and our gatekeepers are running their own side show and failing us every day. Throw out McCain and every other open borders jerk running for re-election this year.

    • Maureen A. Wilson says:

      Completely Agree. Not just in border states but throughout the country. We are all in this together.
      North Carolina Illegal Alien Crime Project and Victims Memorial

      We’ve had enough.


  2. sherriaz says:

    It remains a TOTAL mystery to me as to why any Americans would put their own lives and those of their family members on the line to visit this third world country. We’ve been there-once- and have never returned. That was a long time ago and the violence has escalated.

    Boycotting Mexico is the only sane practice for any American.

    • RPKid says:

      No tourists have been hurt in Rocky Point from any violence of this sort. I have always said unless your involved in drugs (selling, trafficing or fighting it) you are safer in Rocky Point than you are in Phoenix and statistics still prove that.

  3. NW62 says:

    Violence is a way of life in Mexico and now they wish to bring it to our door, And they are being welcomed with open arms by our own Government. It’s a sad day when American citizens half to beg the Government to do their job. I personally believe they are holding securing the border hostage in order to get Amnesty for millions of illegals.

  4. Orion says:

    Agreed, Sherriaz! It would also be in our own self interests to boycott China since they will own us in short order. The problem there isn’t unsafe travel, but trying to purchase anything that is made in the United States. Check out the origins of your purchases from clothing to small appliances, tools and technology. Try to buy something as simple as an American made picture frame. I double dare you. It’s impossible.

  5. Kelly says:

    Of course it’s “normal.” This is Mexico where corruption and violence rule. And this is what we are being told we should allow to infiltrate our country? Señor Juan McCain tells us we’re all “God’s children.”

  6. Jon Altmann, PC, State Committeeman LD11 says:

    I’ve been to Rocky Point a few times. I’m not going back to Mexico. Fix the border and make Mexico safe. I’ll consider it again then.

  7. sherriaz says:

    Orion- please note that I was referring to travel, not Mexican products. When possible, I choose items made anywhere but Mexico.

  8. staciphx says:

    Ive been going down to RP my entire life. My father and his father did the same. We own houses and properties in RP. The violence which occurs down there is much less and absolutely no different than what goes on all around Phx, day in and day out. All of the violence that happens in Phx isnt reported because there is so much of it. Of course the few events that have happened down in RP make the front page news. Mr. Altmann, how about making your own state safe before lashing out on this resort town? People need to open their eyes to whats going on in their own neighborhood before giving your 2 cents.