Vernon Parker endorses McCain — or does he?

Back in mid-February, John McCain boasted of his support from 31 Arizona mayors.  Among them was Vernon Parker, then mayor of Paradise Valley. Parker is now one of a myriad of candidates running for the Third Congressional District seat being vacated by the retirement of John Shadegg.

But it appears Parker’s ardor for the aging senator might have cooled a bit. Although his endorsement was announced the very same day J.D. Hayworth announced his own entry into the race to mount a challenge to McCain, Parker awkwardly appears to be backing away from his formerly enthusiastic support of the longtime Washington insider.

In fact, Parker has left forum attendees bewildered when he says he wants to hear what the two senate candidates have to say, before giving either senate candidate his nod. We thought he already did.

And there he was Saturday night at the “biggest, best dang birthday bash” for Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Yes, we know Arpaio has endorsed Parker. What spiked interest is that the party was in support of J.D. Hayworth, with checks made out to Hayworth.

Bizarre behavior, to say the least.


14 Responses to Vernon Parker endorses McCain — or does he?

  1. Kent says:

    Obviously Vernon Parker is out for Vernon Parker. But what a lot of gall it took for him to show up at an event supporting J.D. Hayworth. Hayworth is a better man than me. I would have politely invited him to leave. The birthday party was for Arpaio, yes, but the money went to Hayworth, who Arpaio supports in the US Senate race AGAINST McCain!

  2. nightcrawler says:

    I agree Kent. Once again from a moderate point of view, we also want truth in advertising. If you are playing golf in a foursome and are getting your rear end kicked you still finish the game with the group, you don’t join another foursome half way through the round.

  3. Kate says:

    Note that Arpaio’s birthday had previously been celebrated the week before with Parker. So even more suspicious(some might say duplicitous) that he shows up at JD’s party.
    I was there and JD’s terrific comment was that the Sheriff is like royalty and we celebrate the great day he was born for a month! Well said, JD. God bless our wonderful Sheriff and his strong, lovely wife Ava.

  4. South Mountain Conservative says:

    The event took place in CD3 and Parker knew that Sam Crump would be there. Crump has been a JD supporter from Day One and Parker just didn’t want Crump to be getting all the love from the voters there. Which is why he didn’t leave Arpaio’s side the whole night, just trying to soak up as much benefit as he could, like McCain trying to stay in the camera picture whenever Palin comes to town. Pathetic. And given the conversations in the crowd, just about everyone knew he was a McCain supporter from way back.

  5. Good Day Sunshine says:

    Political opportunism by Vernon Parker? Ya gotta be kiddin’. Parker has made his living as a diversity hustler. That’s about as opportunistic as it gets.

  6. Matt DeGennaro says:

    What I’m wondering is did Parker pay for the privilege of attending and eating at the Hayworth fundraiser or did he slip in as he has at other events where there is a fee to attend?

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      If Parker paid, it will be reported during Hayworth’s next filing. That should tell a lot about Parker.

  7. MaskedTruthman says:

    What can we expect from the Diversity Hustler if he gets to D.C.? Quotas for illegal aliens?

  8. Doc says:

    As previously stated, Vern Parker was also @ the F.I.T. Trust benefit last November, again with Sheriff Joe, FOR JD!

    For Mr. Parker to be @ the Birthday Bash is duplicity @ it’s FINEST! He needs to pick a side…

  9. REALLY?? says:

    Remember Parker also endorsed Tony Bouie two years ago!!

  10. AZ Conservative Guy says:

    Ah, yes. Life-long Democrat Tony Bouie was uncovered as having registered as a Republican only five days before filing his campaign documents. Then he built lie upon lie in order to con the electorate. The folks in Dist. 6 would have no part of it and he suffered a decisive loss. Now Mr. Cool has moved to another district, once again running for the state legislature and is trying to con them.

    Two years ago, Congressman John Shadegg also endorsed this practiced liar.

  11. Keen Observer says:

    Now wouldn’t Vernon make a clear, decisive, unequivocating, spokesperson for us in the U.S. House of Representatives?…….NOT. If you don’t think he would be carrying John McCain’s water, think again.

  12. East Valley PC says:

    Although I support Sheriff Joe Arpaio, his endorsements leave something to be desired. Last cycle he lent his name to the liberal Susan Bitter Smith over conservative David Schweikert. A very bad move. Now he is endorsing Vernon Parker, who has himself endorsed Arpaio’s nemisis, Juan McCain… a head scratcher if there ever was one. And Joe’s endorsed Augustus Shaw who is a coniving cheat who was removed from the ballot and should be disbarred. Joe, I beg you. Stop endorsing. Stick to the work you know and do well, and keep your finger out of the political stew. You’ve messed up often enough that even you should admit it.

  13. Ronald says:

    It is completely obvious that Joe happens to endorse who his consultant Jason Rose tells him to. He has “happened” to endorse all of Jason’s clients! Hahahaha! Sam Crump is the only CD 3 candidate who endorses JD and comes to a lot of JD events to support him.