Kyl charade: Feigns alarm at his own “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”

In the following video clip* showing U.S.  Sen. Jon Kyl at a recent North Phoenix Tea Party meeting, he relates a conversation he had with President Obama. Kyl asserts that Obama personally told him that the administration will not secure the U.S.-Mexico border because doing so would make it politically difficult to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

“I met with the president in the Oval Office, just the two of us,” Kyl said. “Here’s what the president said. The problem is if we secure the border, then you all  (congressional Republicans) won’t have any reason to support Comprehensive Immigration Reform.”

Since Kyl teamed with Sens. John McCain and Ted Kennedy on this same amnesty measure in 2007, it seems odd that he is now reporting this to an assemblage of conservative voters as something horrific.  Conservatives referred to the so-called reforms as Shamnesty then. The only thing that has changed is that his fellow architect of this scam, John McCain, is in a hotly contested primary being challenged by conservative J.D. Hayworth.

Don’t be conned by the newly crafted indignation exhibited by the duplicitous Sen. Jon Kyl, who has obviously jumped aboard McCain’s Forked Tongue Express.

Byron York of the Washington Examiner relates that now the White House is accusing Kyl of lying.

*H/T to Red State


12 Responses to Kyl charade: Feigns alarm at his own “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”

  1. Doc says:

    The problem here is that we can’t possibly know EXACTLY WHO is lying. Th’ head muslim is a known liar. And trusting ANYTHING from ANYBODY ASSOCIATED WITH JOHN MCCAIN is simply out of the question, we have a connundrum. Hell, EVERYBODY INVOLVED could be lying…which probably is the most likely scenario.

    Better just play it safe & go with the “Consistant Conservative”…JD Hayworth…in my opinion.

  2. Kathy says:

    SeeingRed – this is exactly what I thought. Obama is using Kyl’s own “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” – amnesty against him. Obama knew Kyl was making backroom deal legislation with Kennedy & then his buddy McCain signed right on!!! I wouldn’t be surprised if Kyl is working with Obama on this scam.

  3. LD 7 PC says:

    Tea Partiers should be savvy enough to know Kyl is lying because his lips are moving. This was HIS plan. You are right to call him out on his two-faced, double-crossing, two-faced lying. McKyl is the same scoundrel his buddy McCain is. They use us when it’s convenient for them, but hold us in disdain when they aren’t sweating an election. How I wish I had voted for Jim Pederson when he was challenging Kyl. With a democrat we would be under no illusions and know what to expect. With liberals masquerading as Republicans we get screwed without a kiss.

  4. American Patriot says:

    What’s elitist Kyl doing hobbing and nobbing with tea party folks? They’re not his kind. He wouldn’t sit down with one of them without checking himself over for vermin. I imagine he took a hot shower when he got home.

  5. Kate says:

    My guess is that Kyl counts on most of the public not to have a memory and clearly they don’t or McCain would have been gone a long time ago. For those of us who do have a memory, Kyl’s play acting that what Obama told him was oh so terrible when Kyl pulled the same stunt three years ago is amazingly pathetic. I remember Kyl saying secure the border first while he ran for reelection.

    He then switched two months after his election to state that we could not secure the border alone and we had to have Comprehensive Immigration Reform (AMNESTY)and we would get a secure border with it.

    Then when the McCain-Kyl-Kennedy Amnesty plan went down, Kyl blames it on Randy Pullen for representing the people of Arizona when Randy should have kept his mouth shut and supported the Kyl-McCain effort to surrender the United States to Mexico.

    Now Kyl has switched sides again or has he? With the McCain crowd, the first mistake you could make is to believe them.

    • Calypso says:

      That’s the old song and dance. “Secure the border first.” Listen closely. McCain unfailingly repeats those words. My question has always been: “FIRST,” before what? The answer of course is AMNESTY.

      They can call it whatever they want. That’s its actual name. Let’s not forget it. To do so is at our own peril.

  6. Ellsworth says:

    Jon Kyl is a hypocrite. Does he think we have all developed amnesia? I guess the fact that he was reelected makes him think we are all fools. We proved it by voting for this fraud.

    HE wrote the last amnesty bill, along with Mccain and Kennedy. Shadegg is leaving, but we still have two more Johns to flush– McCain and Kyl.

  7. Dave Johnson says:

    This guy takes us for fools. Senate terms should not be six years. We need to have these clowns answerable to us and six years gives them free rein for much too long. They make campaign promises they know they don’t have to keep since they are virtually untouchable.

  8. sherriaz says:

    Do I believe that BHO said it? Yep. It’s just the kind of thing that fits with his Chicago thug style.

    Do I think Kyl is desperate to align himself with the tidal wave of public opinion AGAINST illegals?
    You betcha.

    Both need to be removed from office at the earliest opportunity to vote them out.

  9. CharlotteW says:

    No Matter what happens Kyl is in our cross hairs for 2012. He lied to get reelected, and everytime I hear somone say what a wonderful man, I would love to puke right on them. But it seems many here have short memories, McMex still has some support.

  10. pgillenw says:

    The two “Johns” seem to be pimping again.

    Politicians speak with forked tongue.

  11. Rambling Rose says:

    Just as an aside, what is that guy (on the left of the frame) wearing on his head? It looks like a baseball cap that’s growing mold spores.