What’s this? NRA rejects own board member Buz Mills, endorses Brewer

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Owen “Buz” Mills, a honcho with the National Rifle Association (NRA), got a rear-end full of buckshot as the organization endorsed his adversary, Gov. Jan Brewer.

Mills, the owner of Gunsite, a 2000-acre weapons training facility in Paulden, Arizona, carries an A rating and since the 1960’s has been a lifetime member of the NRA. He has served as a member of the NRA’s 76-member Board of Directors since 2009. Mills was recently elected to the NRA’s Executive Committee, made up of 21 members from the Board of Directors.

 The NRA merely renewed Mills’ A rating which he attempts to play as noteworthy.

Yet despite his board membership and lifetime of service, Mills will not receive the NRA’s endorsement in the Republican Primary for governor. That prize goes to Gov. Jan Brewer who is running for her first full term.  Brewer, formerly Secretary of State, ascended to the governor’s position with the resignation of Janet Napolitano, who left to join the Obama administration as chieftain of Homeland Security.

“On August 24th, I urge all Arizona NRA members and gun owners to vote Jan Brewer in the Republican primary election,” Chris W. Cox, chairman of the NRA Political Victory Fund declared in the ultimate smack-down.

Cox is also executive director of NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action


13 Responses to What’s this? NRA rejects own board member Buz Mills, endorses Brewer

  1. Capt. Marvel says:

    Buz must be smarting over this. Although I’m no fan,(I’ve heard him speak and was UNDERwhelmed) I can understand any ire he must feel. This is a real slash and dash from the NRA against one of their own.

    The group lost all credibility after its recent endorsement of John McCain, who has done everything possible to hamstring gun owners and Second Amendment defenders. I resigned in disgust.

    • Wright2B says:

      The NRA has to follow endorsement guidelines. And he knows this and accepts it.And since Brewer is already seated-they endorse her. That is all there is to that.

      • American Dad says:

        You should change your name to Wrong2B. The truth is Brewer is not an elected incumbent. As the post states, she took over the governor’s office through default after Napolitano, her ego and aspirations boogied leaving Arizona Demos in the depths of despair. (I know one woman who actually teared up in disbelief at what she called “Napolitano’s betrayal.“

        The Brewer endorsement was an enormous slap in the face to Buz Mills from his beloved NRA. Not only did they endorse, but Chris Cox strongly urged the NRA’s AZ membership to vote for Brewer. You can put a smiley face on this glum picture all day long. It is what it is. You know the truth and so does everyone else.

  2. Ricky Vargas says:


    Even NRA realizes Mills is going nowhere when the Arizona Capitol Times reports Mills’ defrauded his business partner.

    Will Mills’ millions fool enough Arizona voters into electing a known fraud? NRA doesn’t think so. Neither do I.

    The only honest conservative in this race is Dean Martin.

  3. Doc says:

    Since the N.R.A. is laying with the socio-dems…this ACTUALLY is probably a good thing for Mills…

    But seriously, it’s sad that so few Arizonans/Americans put fourth any effort at all to stay informed on the “goings-on” of the people THEY ELECT, and permit to make LAWS that affect their very LIVES…and the lives of their KIDS…

  4. Victor Lujan says:

    Agreed Ricky. NRA endorsed Martin in his 2006 Treasurer’s race. Given that and Martin’s adamant opposition to Brewer’s tax increases I can see who the real conservative in this race is. I’m supporting Dean Martin too.

  5. Jill the Voter says:

    (1 minute in length.)

    Buz Mills: “We don’t have an issue of people coming over wanting to work.” The standard John McAmnesty line…look the other way while illegals fill the jobs Americans used to hold.

    My husband lost a promotion to foreman for the sole reason he doesn’t speak Spanish. Mills backs big business staffing up with exploitable labor.

  6. pgillenw says:

    All of you seem not to be fooled. Perhaps those who have busy lives trying hard to provide for their families will take a moment to investigate the candidates and vote their conscious and the best candidate that will best suit their values. Sadly they may not vote at all.

  7. Jill the Voter says:

    Good point pg, and with all these links to the candidate’s own words, Seeing Red is a great place to start.

  8. MacBeth says:

    Mills must be hoppin’ mad. He can say he understands, but you can bet he doesn’t. The only thing in his favor is that the NRA has lost a ton of clout with their foolish endorsement of John McAmnesty, who did whatever he could that was adverse to the goals of NRA. His McCain/Feingold alone was a massive restriction on free speech. For the NRA to endorse this guy was a disgrace.

  9. Dave Johnson says:

    These days the NRA endorsement is worth just about what President Truman’s VP said his job was worth: “A bowl of warm spit.” There was a time when it carried quite a bit of clout..pre-the ridiculous endorsement of John McCain.

  10. Jon says:

    Listen to Ernest Hancock talk on the corrupt NRA with Sheriff Mack.


  11. boo says:

    Is McCain even a member of the NRA?