Feds suing AZ: Even liberals think it’s a “horrendous mistake”

Make no mistake.  Liberal Tamar Jacoby, President and CEO of pro-illegal Immigration Works USA, is no fan of SB 1070. In fact, she calls it “an abomination.”

In her commentary piece, Jacoby cites as exemplars, fellow travelers and reliable leftists President Obama, the Los Angeles Times, the Roman Catholic Church, the AFL-CIO and a Who’s Who of Latino pop stars who have denounced the legislation. Jacoby even throws in Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon who condemned Arizona’s new law, but imposes even stricter restrictions on those living illegally in his own country.

While acknowledging widespread support for Arizona’s enforcement law, SB 1070, she also lets the cat out of the midterm elections bag. The fear is that such a lawsuit initiated by Obama and his Justice Department would enrage the majority who support Arizona’s law “coast to coast.”

Worst of all, she writes, such action would alienate key lawmakers, from Arizona and elsewhere, without whose help the administration will have no hope of advancing comprehensive reform.


Jacoby goes on: How exactly does Obama imagine influential Republican Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona, or Sen. John McCain, would react to a federal lawsuit against their state? Without help or at least acquiescence from Kyl and McCain, where does the president expect to find Republican support for a reform bill? And how does the administration think proud, state-minded elected officials — not to mention “tea party” voters — would feel about a federal effort not just to check, but override a state legislature?

And therein lies the truth, from a liberal perspective. It comes down to factoring acquiescence from the old Comprehensive Immigration Reform/Amnesty hustlers, Arizona Sens. McCain and Kyl into the equation.

What a surprise!

7 Responses to Feds suing AZ: Even liberals think it’s a “horrendous mistake”

  1. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    WOW! It does seen that, unlike nearly all other lunatic-left d-crat socialists, Tamar Jacoby does not have her head shoved fully up her ….

    I suspected there was at one in the universe!

  2. CharlotteW says:

    Make no mistake about it, if McCain is reelected we will have Amnesty.

  3. Vince says:

    Typical Democrat mindset. It’s all about politics — never right or wrong.

    • Doc says:

      Hey, Vince! Don’t forget about being DRUNK with POWER! You’re RIGHT! But I believe it’s all about “Political POWER” with these socio-dems.

  4. pgillenw says:

    Ms. Jacoby is correct that the Obama Administration should stay away from SB 1070. To go after Arizona will in fact turn the country against any re-election aspirations he may have.

    Senator Kyl and McCain can not be trusted. They are so pro business that the lobbyist will be all over them to vote for amnesty and I believe they would cave.

    Our country is in a pickle and few of our elected are willing to do what it takes.

    • Doc says:

      pgillenw…Please check me if I’m wrong…but I don’t believe McCain’s vote for “amnesty” is in doubt. “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” is HIS idea. NOT the “squatter’s”! “Securing the border FIRST” is as well. C.I.R. is politically correct speak for amnesty, & secure the border first is how he sticks it to us. Kyl is HIS lackey, allbeit a very well educated & well spoken lackey.

  5. Ross Wolf says:

    Many Americans including Democrats are trying to find logic in why Obama is having U.S. Government sue Arizona to block SB1070—when it is obvious this lawsuit will inflame and unite Americans to support Arizona’s anti illegal immigration law and further turn voters against Democrats come November elections.

    Understandably most Patriot Americans don’t know the leftist end game: if they did they would understand where Obama intends to take America. Consider historically the socialist/end game, that before leftists like Obama can accomplish a RED victory, Obama will have to sacrifice many. Obama repeatedly lied to and duped Democrats to elect him President; now Obama is ready sacrifice perhaps the entire Democratic Party next election by giving amnesty to 20 millions illegal immigrants, because many are poor, and will in huge numbers support leftist socialist/Marxist causes to improve their lives long after Obama leaves office. Obama is throwing Democrats into the fire for the benefit of the New STATE. Obama could care less what happens to Democrats in November as long as he gets amnesty for 20 million illegal immigrants while concurrently is not forced to secure the border, leaving the gate open for millions more illegal immigrants to enter American, (effectively accomplishing the leftist agenda of no borders) and to overwhelm and bankrupt local and federal infrastructures causing sooner the collapse of the United States. Leftists historically move on democracies to take power when things are in chaos. Obama is in a position to cause that chaos.

    Obama is a red diaper baby that inherently does not represent America or any country. Leftist’support a Marxist ideology—that mandates crushing democracies, forcing socialism on Citizens—even if that means destroying their economy in addition to abolition of their Constitution. It is a mistake for Americans to think Obama represents the U.S. If you look at Obama’s prior associations with Communists/Marxists and other leftist groups which he has associated, it appears apparent Obama’s allegiance is first to the leftists he spent much of his life, not America. In fact it can be argued having Obama in the White House may threaten National Security. If Obama wasn’t President could he be cleared for a Security Clearance for any Federal Job?