AZ’s predatory teachers: The endless parade marches on

Seeing Red AZ has begun referring to the ongoing saga of sexually exploitive teachers as “the endless parade” — having written about their appalling abuses of students and other minors on numerous occasions.

Today we introduce you to 26-year old Andrea Martinez, a teacher in Pinal County’s Stanfield Elementary School District. Martinez has been taken into custody, charged with child molestation and sexual contact with a minor. Her former student is a 14-year-old boy. This was a subsequent sexual contact.

These are just a few previous posts on the topic of sexual predators in positions of authority in Arizona schools here, here, here, here, here, and here.


7 Responses to AZ’s predatory teachers: The endless parade marches on

  1. Dennis O'Brien says:

    What’s going on with teachers these days? I don’t recall hearing such reports when I was in school, where such exploits carry like wildfire among shocked and/or bragging students, or when my children were in school. There is a serious breakdown of morality that is pervading our educational environment. Is home schooling our only option? With the rampant and documented cases of pedophilia I certainly would never send boys to a Jesuit school and I was raised Catholic.

  2. Virginia says:

    I’m a retired teacher. This appears to be far more prevalent today. Thank liberalism. Thank the NEA. Thank too many indifferent or absent parents. Thank the schools that often have 1960’s hippies with education, psychology and ethnic studies degrees who have called the shots over the years.

    Today’s students are learning far less than we did even with all of the technological advances. Ask a middle schooler to write a sentence in cursive, find Japan on a map or do simple math without a calculator. Ask them to correctly spell a three syllable word or relate specifics in American History or Western Civilization. You’ll be stunned at the abysmal ignorance. When was the last time someone under 50 counted your change back to you in a store? Too many of today’s youngsters are ill-equipped to handle the most basic of tasks.

    But ask them about the hoax called global warming and you’ll get a dissertation. Ditto recycling or the importance of implementing diversity. I actually had colleagues who told students that spelling correctly didn’t matter since they had spell check on their computers and we lived in a “new world.”

  3. Orion says:

    I have two relatives who currently teach and they mainly echo what you’ve said, Virginia. They are both conservative republicans and are in the minority in the two districts in which they teach. That’s what we’ve come to. Dem politics rules in the schools.

    • pgillenw says:

      I don’t believe that crimes of sexual abuse are limited to liberals. Research proves other wise. Sexual exploitation crosses party affiliation, religious beliefs, or not, race, gender and it crosses all professions.

      Child sexual abuse is most heinous and the reality is that the propensity to commit this act has proven not to be curable. Sex is a powerful drug and like the alcoholic taking the “one more drink” the sexual predator must have his next victim.

  4. Kent says:

    What a disgrace! None of these lowlifes who are using and abusing children should be allowed any kind of plea deal. They belong behind bars with their ability to teach taken away permanently.

  5. Jana Simmons says:

    Nothing is as much of a sure thing in education today as home schooling! My nephews were home schooled and qualified for scholarships at ASU.

    They’ve never used drugs, are avid readers, respectful young men who can converse intelligently on current events and make us all very proud.

    Incidentally, both registered as Republicans, which would probably not have been the case had they been indoctrinated in the leftist public schools.

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