Staggering costs of illegals revealed as Obama administration sues AZ

FOX news reports the cost of harboring illegal immigrants in the United States is a staggering $113 billion a year — an average of $1,117 for every “native-headed” household in America — according to a study conducted by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

After checking this out, we urge you to acquaint yourself with the Immigration in Arizona: Fact Sheet, full of the important information you’ll need to stay updated on the topic.

In a lawsuit filed today in U.S. District Court in Phoenix, the Obama administration is suing Arizona, seeking an injunction to delay the July 29 implementation of our new illegal immigration law SB 1070. Read the AP report here.


11 Responses to Staggering costs of illegals revealed as Obama administration sues AZ

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    What a surprise! The costs of education, health care and criminal justice services alone would blow the roof off. Then there are the free breakfasts and lunches (year round) at public schools and all of the other costly social services. And the feds are suing us? We should be suing them!

  2. Ron says:

    Obama comes to Arizona and stays in posh Paradise Valley resorts light years removed from the realities of illegal immigration. He knows nothing except the fact that he wants to stay in office and newly amnestized illegal aliens are his ticket to reelection.

  3. Ross Wolf says:

    Don’t forget, Obama besides giving amnesty to countless millions of illegal immigrants, also wants to make Puerto Rico, often called Welfare Island a state. Any President that would support this, especially in the midst of a horrific recession and a near bankrupt U.S. Government, either is unstable or intends to destroy America economically.

  4. Norlene says:

    Well, I agree Obama is out to destroy America any way he can. And the rest of the Idiots in Washington are on his band wagon waving the Mexican flag in our faces. Now he wants to bring Puerto Rico in to the picture so we can support them too.

  5. pgillenw says:

    I read almost all of the Report by FAIR. The conclusion is not surprising, the Illegal is a drain on the Legal American tax payer and if Amnesty is granted it would be a factor greater drain.

    Referenced links were interesting. I found at UC Davis more “news”

    Illegals are a drain and strain on our fragile economy. Plain and simple to comprehend.

  6. Ross Wolf says:

    Imagine if we had a Depression and on top of all the grief, the U.S.had to support 20 million illegal immigrants granted amnesty,many unemployed roaming the streets; and there is Puerto Rico? Imagine millions of unemployed Americans, unlike the 1930’s, U.S. Citizens today would have to defend their position in soup lines against millions of immigrants granted amnesty just to eat. Americans no longer have to look at horror movies to get the hell scared out of them, they see horror playing before their eyes every time they listen to Obama’s senseless terrifying proposals. We are reaching a point where states like Arizona may need to build two walls; one to keep foreign invaders out, and another to keep out U.S. Governmen. Who would have thought one man, this President, could so divide a country, it is now common place to hear Citizens talk about wanting their state withdraw from the United States.

    • pgillenw says:

      Ross Wolf well said. Seceding is a message of action.

      One thing though, they have called this a recession but the blurred lines between recession and depression gives me cause to believe it to be a depression. We already have food lines, foreclosures, jobs disappearing at an alarming rate. More Americans each day losing jobs. The worlds economy’s are tanking.

      The one thing that I fear most is that given your eloquent scenario that the other possibility is that armed conflict among citizens, non citizens and races will erupt in the U.S..

      If our elected leaders continue to be blind to looming issues the future looks dim.

  7. CharlotteW says:

    Also Congressman Flake is for Statehood for Peurto Rico. Another Rino who must be defeated, Flake is being groomed to take McCain’s seat when he retires which is going to happen as soon as McCain wins reelection and is a force to get amnesty passed. Reagan said, “Trust but verify”, can you trust anything McCain tells us about his new found conservatism much less verify it? Both McCain and Flake are for open borders, amnesty, cap and tade, and various liberal ideas that the United States with its deficit problems does not need to toss us further into the abyss of bankruptcy. If we here in Arizona continue on this path by not bothering to watch what our Politicians do instead of listening to what they are saying, we will be giving this country amnesty in November if we allow McCain another 6 years.

  8. TeaPartyyPatriot says:

    This is really OLD news:

    The horrific economic costs of illegals for Arizona citizens and tax payers has been thoroughly documented by competent professionals. For example, the results of a landmark study by George Borjas, professor of economic and social policy at Harvard University, showed that Arizona workers lose $1.4 billion in wages a year because companies there hire illegals and because foreigners in the state illegally have reduced the employment rate of legal Arizona residents. In addition, the outstanding 2007 Heritage Foundation study by Robert Rector showed that the average cost to taxpayers in government services is about $32,000 per household of illegals.

    Furthermore, it was recently reported that the IRS provides nearly $2 BILLION in credits to illegals who don’t even have social security numbers, since the lunatic-left socialist d-crats in congress won’t correct the law to prevent this give-away!

    So either you help rid Arizona of the infestation of illegals, or you pay through the nose to support them.

    What do you choose to do?

  9. sherriaz says:

    Americans ARE competing with illegals every day for food, clothing, low cost housing, medical care, jobs and services provided by non-profits that ask no questions. Those first in line are the ones who receive the food boxes, backpacks for their school aged kids, toys at Christmas, clothing from church closets… the list goes on and on.

    What isn’t quantifiable is the loss of culture, of American identity, of pride in country and the attributes that made this country great. Uneducated illegals are no longer the answer to our needs as a nation. That was the answer when physical labor was the cornerstone to building the country up, but now an over influx of these types of individuals, not to mention the criminals, threatens our country.

    We don’t have engineers and doctors sneaking over our border.

    We have drug mules.

    We must end illegal immigration and vote out every politician that supports amnesty in any form.

    • pgillenw says:


      What a well thought out post. I agree with your analyses.

      We are paying more than just monetary subsides to the Illegal we are giving away our way of life.

      The costs are more than I am willing to give.