Arizona Right to Life endorsements forsake mission

Its mission statement is clear: Arizona Right to Life is committed to articulating and protecting the right to life of all human beings, born and unborn. This is accomplished by educating people on the value of every human life and by promoting and supporting pro-life legislation, public policy and elected officials.

The 2010 election cycle will be remembered as the year when the AZRTL PAC consistently violated its own mission by placing financial interests above the sanctity of life. People have questioned endorsements of this committee in recent years. This year all pretense of a full commitment to life issues has collapsed under the weight of their inconsistent endorsements.

The PAC Endorsement Committee’s sellout began on May 18 with the endorsement of John McCain, a supporter of embryonic stem cell research and other abhorrent legislation — over consistent conservative  J.D. Hayworth, whom they acknowledged had a “perfect pro-life voting record” during his 12-year congressional tenure.

Pro-life supporters throughout Arizona were appalled by this action. Today pro-life activists were informed that the AZRTL PAC sunk to new lows in making legislative and statewide endorsements.

To set the stage, the group endorsed pro-amnesty Doug Ducey, a candidate for state treasurer with absolutely no record on pro-life issues, over Sen. Thayer Verschoor, a leading pro-life advocate for nearly two decades, with a voting record that even the committee stated was perfect.

Other problematic endorsements include: David Braswell, Rich Crandall, Adam Driggs, Russ Jones, John Nelson, Amanda Reeve, Ted Vogt and Vic Williams. Many of these people were recipients of the largess of the Twelve in ‘10 cabal or are McCain endorsers.

Pro-life Margaret Dugan running for State School Superintendent was not even given a mention by the PAC.

In congressional district races their criteria included “electability,” which foolishly resulted in endorsements of all CD 1 candidates, and 8 out of the ten running in CD 3.  In CD 4 the endorsement that should have gone to Janet Contreras went instead to political unknown Jose Penalosa. Amnesty advocate and McCain acolyte Jeff Flake was endorsed in CD 6. In CD 8 the PAC overlooked Jesse Kelly saying it believes Jonathan Paton — the beneficiary of a fundraiser by open-border proponents — would be the stronger candidate to defeat the Democrat incumbent.

Amnesty has become the name of the game, with social conservatives taking a back seat on life and traditional marriage issues. Whereas conservative grassroots activism is gaining momentum, the group that has been looked to for leadership on the important issue of life has isolated itself from its own supporters. Big money liberals who endorse amnesty are now in the position of controlling the AZRTL PAC.

Perhaps the time has come to establish a pro-life organization that will remain faithful to its original goal.


23 Responses to Arizona Right to Life endorsements forsake mission

  1. Kathy says:

    Selling out the unborn – that’s AZRTL. They should rename themselves AZRTK

  2. BarnStormer7 says:

    Roe v. Wade came to late to take care of some these folks.

  3. John Q says:

    The AZRTL is no longer an organization that has ANY integrity. John J has followed the lead of John McCain and the money changers to destroy the influence of an organization that earned a reputation over many decades for keeping the faith.

    This betrayal of morals is reminiscent of Ananias and Sapphira as related in Acts, Chapter 4. The ignoble actions of John J, Walt O and the rest of this committee requires affirmative action to provide an alternative to these money grubbers.

    I am appalled whenever people put money and personal power over moral and ethical considerations. It seems to be a pattern with the chambers, NRA (which should be castigated also), National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), and Grover Norquist endorsing McCain, the original Amnesty King. These are joined in the betrayal of conservative principles by Arizona Tax Research Assoc. (ATRA) for their support of Prop 100.

    It appears that the end times are here when we have this type of betrayal from within.

  4. SuzanneC says:

    They have betrayed the unborn just as sure as McCain.

  5. The Rock says:

    Money talks and bullshit walks as the old saying goes. McCain made a $5000 donation to AZRTL. For him that’s a drop in the bucket, but it sure sells to John Jackassubczyk.

  6. Jim says:

    In CD 8, Paton is also OK with abortion in cases of rape or incest. What did the poor baby do wrong in that case? The answer is nothing and the child should live.

  7. Overtaxed1 says:

    I would love to see AZRTL go down from lack of donations from those of us who REALLY care about the right to life. An endorsement from them now means nothing, in fact it is an insult.

  8. Kate says:

    AZRTL might as well turn out the lights and close the door. They are finished as a legitimate advocate of RTL in AZ. Their endorsements based upon money, incumbency, electability, etc prove they are no longer credible.

    To say, as AZRTL did, that the McCain Finance Reform bill was not a RTL issue is insane. Preventing RTL organizations from exposing pro-abortion candidates is certainly a life issue to those babies killed in the womb because RTL was prohibited by McCain from exposing the records of pro abortion candidates who were subsequently elected to continue the killing.

    John Jakubczyk is tied to McCain as sure as night follows day, just as he is tied to the Catholic Bishops and their support of the illegal alien invasion.

    To endorse Ducey (backed by McCain/Kyl establishment) who has no record and dis Verschoor who has a perfect record says it all. Anyone donating to this organization needs their head examined. Send your donation which would have gone to AZRTL to the candidates they dissed and copy AZRTL.

    Anyone taking any bets on how long their doors stay open?

  9. Informed Pro-lifer says:

    This poster is uninformed. This post complains about endorsements of Jeff Flaske, David Braswell, Rich Crandall, Adam Driggs, Russ Jones, John Nelson, Amanda Reeve, Ted Vogt and Vic Williams. All of these elected officals have 100% lifetime pro-life voting records and are likely to win re-election. Why wouldn’t AZRTL endorse them?

    Should AZRTL endorse candidates with lesser pro-life credentials because of these candidates’ position on immigration or because they support or don’t support John McCain. If AZRTL ignored its mission, and did what the poster wanted and choose candidates based on non-prolife criteria that would be the travesty.

  10. Ben F says:

    Informed: You are totally wrong and are obviously unable or unwilling to see what is happening under the radar scope! The only other answer is that you are a player in this treachery.

    If you play in the pigpen with the Pro-abortion advocates that put together the 12 in 10 group, you are facilitating their disregard for Pro-Life as a critical issue in deciding elected officials.

    In addition, never forget that the love of money is the root of all evil and these have clearly shown that money and power trump moral issues. Get a life to save a life.

  11. Keen Observer says:

    Dear Informed Pro-Lifer,
    I believe you have missed the primary message of the post. SRAZ is pointing out the PAC’s INconsistency and failure to follow their own mission statement. So, yes, some endorsements make sense but others are a travesty. It saddens me to think that a faithful legislator like Verschoor could be passed over for a new guy. Not such a great message to other Pro-Life legislators who think they are part of the AZRTL team until they get this pink slip. Ditto for J.D. Hayworth and others. The PAC forgot who brought them to the dance.
    I believe SRAZ was trying to point out that the one consistency in these endorsements is their support for amnesty, not their pro-life record. And the amnesty (read Chamber of Commerce)crowd has lots of dollars to pour into campaigns.

    “Electability” as a guideline (excuse for endorsing who we like?) can come down to money and polls, way too slippery a slope. That’s where a principled organization like AZRTL and their PAC should stay true to the mission and not cave to money pressures. We all know polls in AZ are often influenced by the liberal media, who are generally enemies of LIFE.

    But let’s not start a new group; let’s clean up this one. Easier to repair than to build anew. This was a fine organization and can be again. I will renew my donations as soon as those signs of repair appear.

    • Claire Voyant says:

      What pro-life record are you referring to, Keen Observer? Some of these people are legislative short timers and have NO RECORD. ARTL has become irrelevant and needs to go away. It will as the money dries up from former supporters who are tired of John Jakubczyk’s obsession with McCain. He is also keen on bringing more Catholics, illegal or otherwise, into the church. How ironic that it will be the titular leader of the group who will be responsible for its demise. His ego got in the way of his good sense and initial goals.

  12. Cheryl Ann says:

    Wow, what a huge disappointment. I won’t be sending donations here anymore.

  13. Ricky Vargas says:

    David Braswell donates to pro-abort Kyrsten Sinema and AZRTL endorses him? Braswell donated to Democrat Jackie Thrasher too.

    AZRTL has lost all credibility with their endorsement of pro-abort supporting Braswell alone.

    • Ben F says:

      Braswell is also an prostitute for the AEA and the educrats who are stealing Arizona blind financially while failing to educate the children.

      He should crawl back under the rock and take his mentor Linda Gray with him.

  14. Ron says:

    What a pathetic turn of events. Arizona Right to Life should be ashamed of many of these endorsements. Give them enough money or convince them of your invincibility and you get the nod. John J. needs to be shown the door before he destroys the entire organization.

  15. Kate says: is another AZ Pro Life site that does endorsements. Good alternative for the rest of the 2010 election.

  16. Truth or Consequences says:

    Too bad. AZRTL was a great organization. But then they played with the tar baby, McCain’s Amnesty, and look what it’s got them. Touch McCain and nothing good is a sure thing result.

  17. Ben F says:

    I agree with Kate. The Pachyderms have a proven pro-life record and also supports other conservative issues like states rights, the 2nd Amendment, etc. They have been very influential in past campaigns as well as their real-time legislative voting ratings.

    Just got information that Dave Roney, former Chairman of the AZRTL PAC is sending out questionnaires to candidates with the name Pro-Life Arizona. John J has become so corrupted by money and personal power that he has made the goals of AZRTL a sideline and therefore made their endorsements an embarassment.

    I will not be attending any AZRTL events in the future, regardless of the merits of the event, until they clean house, including Jakubczyk, Opaska and the rest of the PAC Committee that approved these endorsements.

  18. nightcrawler says:

    After all the years reading and posting on conservative blogs my position on the life issue is evolving. I would be happy to support a Pro-Life candidate anytime.

    In my opinion, the AZRTL should not make outright endorsements of any candidate. Perhaps they can come up with a scoring system based on specific questions and leave it at that. Let the voter decide based on facts, not on someone’s political agenda.

    The shame here is that, the whole purpose of the organization (saving lives) now takes a back seat to politics.

    Those of you who boycott the AZRTL based on ill-advised endorsements and/or a connection to McCain, do so not for the unborn, but rather for political favor, and to me as an outsider, those are not the actions of someone who genuinely cares about life.

  19. Alice says:

    Organizations come and go depending on their stated mission, their adherence to the mission, their relevancy and public support based upon perception of the organization’s integrity.

    Adherence to mission and integrity no longer exist under the direction of John Jakubczyk. The organization has lost relevance. Their endorsements are now taken with a grain of salt.

    People have waited too long watching chairs being moved on the AZRTL Titanic deck. Time to call out the band and play AZRTL under and build another RTL organization with integrity to principle as their #1 mission and with no one being untouchable.

    And, of course, ban John Jakubczyk from any association with the new organization.

  20. Standing Tall says:

    Here’s AZRTL’s boy telling the truth for once:

  21. Debbie T says:

    I am so saddened to see that because people playing politics want to destroy this amazing hard-working organization made up of volunteers. In these last days the world is getting crazy and everyone is divide and conquer instead of pulling together. JD Hayworth had a radio show with an audience of many in which he could have built a platform for his beliefs on life issues….sadly he never did. I don’t contribute to AZRTL because of their endorsements but because I believe in LIFE. So should you all! Ten years ago AZRTL was struggling financially as they are today…politicians don’t make a do!