McCain’s double standard: Shouldn’t white supremacist trump infomercial?

Not only has John McCain charged that his senate opponent, conservative J. D. Hayworth, didn’t attend to his due diligence when signing on with a company offering federal grants, he has relentlessly castigated him for the involvement.

But not a word has been uttered regarding McCain’s good buddy, the ubiquitous Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu. The star-struck sheriff has been exposed calling white supremacist radio talk show co-host Eddie Miller a “great American” during his appearance on “The Political Cesspool.” Babeu added that he’d be “honored” to welcome the show to Pinal County “so you could tell all of your listeners that — truly, first hand, what’s going on.” Then he begged a bit, inviting people go to his website, or if people chose, “if they have 5, 10, 20 bucks and they want to lend help … we’d love to have their support.”

Memphis-based white nationalist “Political Cesspool” host James Edwards, in turn, was effusive in his praise of onetime Ku Klux Klan grand wizard “Dr. David Duke,” whom he interviews here.

Edwards, highly critical of blacks, other minorities and Jews has attacked a national Jewish organization as “America’s most powerful hate group” and has claimed that its definition of a “neo-Nazi [is] any white person who disagrees with a Jew.”

Appearance-wise, Paul Babeu and James Edwards are surprising look-alikes. But after posting this message of support for Babeu, Edwards retracted it, writing Sheriff Babeu is confused. This occurred after Babeu’s spokesman, Tim Gaffney, issued a public quasi-apology on behalf of his badge-wearing boss.

Babeu has appeared in at least two television commercials with McCain, including the side-splittingly absurd “Build the danged fence” ad. Arizonans familiar with McCain’s famous temper and salty tongue know he never uttered the word “danged” in his life prior to this campaign. 

In the game of political gotcha, having a high-level endorser hanging with a white supremist beats an infomercial any day of the week. Why so mum, Mr. McCain?


The plot thickens. James Edwards has a blog post up this morning, asking:

Did John McCain order Sheriff Paul Babeu to distance himself from The Political Cesspool?

8 Responses to McCain’s double standard: Shouldn’t white supremacist trump infomercial?

  1. Army Of One says:

    Absolutely a double standard! McCain should distance himself from this jerkwater Babeu. I read the links and see that the Political Cesspool (good name for the show, by the way) host says Babeu had full knowledge of what the programming was all about. He’s only backed away now that he’s getting flak from his appearance.

  2. Capitol Watcher says:

    It’s virtually impossible to turn on the TV and not be bombarded with Babeu. He’s seeking rock star status to outdo Sheriff Arpaio. But Joe Arpaio has actual credentials from a lifetime of career achievements long before being elected Maricopa County Sheriff. He’s forgotten more about law enforcement than Babeu knows. Arpaio served around the world with U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and ultimately was in charge of the DEA for Arizona. His polling numbers are stellar. Candidates for other offices beg for his endorsement. McCain settles for Babeu because Arpaio endorsed Mitt Romney over McCain during the presidential race and the two men remain at odds.

    • Doc says:

      Arpio also endorses Hayworth. That ad showing Sheriff Babeu & all of the Sheriffs that endorse McCain just speaks volumes…

      …& those guys have badges & guns…

  3. American Dad says:

    Babeu is a McCain sycophant while it serves his purposes. When I watched that comical commercial about constructing the “dang fence,” and heard him say, “Senator, you’re one of us,” I nearly gagged. No one who actually places a priority on border security could say those words to John McCain without breaking out in laughter. McCain has carried the water for amnesty for years. Obama recently said he is counting on his help again. This is all lunacy. Babeu needs to find a corner to hide in.

  4. MacBeth says:

    John McCain should be ashamed of this association. Just because Baboon cavorts with neo-nazis doesn’t keep the white supremacy dust from shaking off on McAmnesty.

  5. pgillenw says:

    The candidate Hayworth is missing a golden opportunity to bash McCain by running an ad referencing the content of this Seeing Red AZ news. This would be golden.

  6. […] Red AZ reported on Babeu’s unsavory connections to the reprehensible extremists earlier this week in a post titled McCain’s double standard: […]

  7. MaskedTruthman says:

    Babeu is a skinhead. Check out his photo.