McCain uncharacteristically mum on pal Babeu’s loathsome connections

Channel 12’s Brahm Reznick hosts Sunday Squareoff. Recently Resnick grilled McCain chum, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, regarding his interaction with not just one white supremacy group, but two. The day before Babeu appeared on the radical radio talk show “Political Cesspool” with James Edwards, he was the guest of another extremist talk show host on the “Alex Jones Show.”

Edwards was so impressed with Babeu that he compared his elation to having him guest on the program to his delight when onetime Ku Klux Klan grand wizard “Dr. David Duke,” appeared. His slobbering interview with Duke can be heard here.

The star-struck sheriff, who spends little time in Pinal County these days, appeared to be thrilled as well, calling the white supremacist radio talk show co-host Eddie Miller a “Great American” during his appearance on the aptly named “Political Cesspool.”

Although John McCain has been relentless in demanding that conservative challenger J. D. Hayworth publicly denounce associates deemed less than worthy by McCain, none have reached the nadir of those of McCain associate Paul Babeu — who was repeatedly and chummily referred to as “Sheriff Paul” during his appearances with both white nationalists.

Seeing Red AZ reported on Babeu’s unsavory connections to the reprehensible extremists earlier this week in a post titled McCain’s double standard: Shouldn’t white supremacist trump infomercial

Read Reznick’s report here, including the very watchable video clip.

9 Responses to McCain uncharacteristically mum on pal Babeu’s loathsome connections

  1. Seen It All says:

    McCain is an accomplished people user and Babeu is too simple to realize it. He will become the next Ritchie Mack, the former Graham County AZ Sheriff. Mack got a taste of the spotlight and ‘went Hollywood.’ He never missed an opportunity to be on radio or national television. It became heady stuff, but his Graham County constituents rebelled. They showed him the door during the next election. Like Babeu, Sheriff Mack spent more time on the road than in his own county where he belonged. He ran for an office and was never there and the good people of the county didn’t much like it.

    Watch out Babeu. You’re not a movie star, you’re a bald-headed sheriff with incredibly bad judgement.

  2. Deputy-ette says:

    The new McCain radio ad notes Sheriff John Armer, Gila County as a McCain supporter. John Armer is a long time Democrat who actually ran against Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa County years ago. McCain is no conservative, look at he company he keeps.

  3. Victor Lujan says:

    Great post. McCain hasn’t lifted a finger for border security in his nearly 30 years in Washington. He panders to the illegals by keynoting a la Raza meeting. McCain is obviously a big part of the problem. But hey…filming commercials is a great gig for an uncaring rural sheriff like Babeu.

    There has got to be a dependable conservative considering a run for Sheriff in Pinal County. Bye-bye Babeu.

  4. Kent says:

    For Paul Baboon to call a neo-Nazi a “great American” boggles the mind. This man is a fool. The fact that John McCain remains silent on this issue speaks volumes about them both. Hypocrisy is a vision to behold.

  5. Night Owl says:

    From what I hear, Paul Babeu has enough rumors swirling about him that he should keep a much lower profile. “Star-struck” sums him up well. Funny that the star he is so enamored with is himself. Novas burn out quickly.

  6. James Armstrong says:

    I’m thinking, How can this talking head (Brahm Reznick) show so much disrespect to a man (Sheriff Paul Babeu) who is really trying to just do his job??? But then almost all of you talking heads are cut from the same piece of cheap cloth. I would say “Thanks, Sheriff, for doing your job.You would have my vote if I lived in your county. Keep up the good work.
    Alex Jones is right, on most things, which he talks about. He gets a little radical on some subjects, but you know what? We are all getting somewhat crazy because of this government gone Mad.

  7. Stanford says:

    Ha! This morning’s Republic says asking McCain to repudiate Sheriff Babeu’s slavishness toward Neo-Nazis will cause blowback against JD Hayworth. Huh?

    That is the best evidence of wishful thinking I’ve seen in quite a while. The newspaper is liberal and solidly supports the like-minded ‘maverick’ McCain. This obvious ploy is pathetic. it’s McCain who should receive blowback…from Arizona’s thoughtful voters, who have had their fill of nearly three decades of McCain’s Washington misadventures!

  8. Maggie says:

    I find it both startling and shocking that McCain keeps hanging on to the coattails of the bumbling fool Babeu.

    And notice that Baboon now wants to be known as “Sheriff Paul,” as he seeks to ape another Sheriff who is known by his first name? People have been hospitalized and medicated for having such delusions of grandeur!

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