Texas ranches overtaken by Mexican drug cartels

In a series of articles, the Cypress Times has reported that two ranches in Laredo, Texas were seized by armed members of the Los Zetas Mexican drug cartel. The initial report, with links to Diggers Realm, can be read here.

Today, it is confirmed that multiple ranches have been taken over by drug gangs.

Earlier this month the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs, acknowledging the gravity of the situation, issued this travel warning that includes these words: “It is imperative that U.S. citizens understand the risks involved in travel to Mexico…”

For all Americans, these are important articles to read.  For those of us in border states the information is imperative.

Mexico, on the Brink of Apocalypse details, complete with grisly photos, the epic war zone on our southern border. The Houston Chronicle reports on the gun battles that paralyze Nuevo Laredo, the Mexican city just across from Laredo, Texas, where gunfire rings out on the U.S. side.

Violence and death is commonplace in Nogales, Sonora, abutting Nogales, Arizona. Recently, 21 died in a massive gun battle less than 12 miles from the border. The senseless murder of rancher Robert Krentz just north of the U.S./Mexico border brought emotion to a fever pitch, but quickly subsided.

For the most part, the MSM has remained hushed.

And when Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer told of beheadings, she was castigated. Yet Time magazine covered the sickening violence as far back as 2008, as did Reuters, and McClatchy News this past April.

All the while Sen. John McCain — during nearly three decades in Washington D.C. —  turns a blind eye, promoting amnesty rather than holding Mexico’s feet to the fire to quell the violence along America’s southern border. 

And now McCain wants your vote to return him to the senate for another six years. Think about that.  Then vote for his conservative challenger J. D. Hayworth.


5 Responses to Texas ranches overtaken by Mexican drug cartels

  1. Valerie J says:

    Remember McCain’s scorn for American citizens by stubbonly agreeing to “build the G** Damned fence.”

    Take a look at a few of the photos linked to in this article and then vote for JD Hayworth.

  2. MacBeth says:

    Those horrific pictures do speak a thousand words, Valerie! So does this video:

  3. Kent says:

    Next thing on the agenda will be to declare Mexicans political refugees because of the war zone in which they live. Then the country of Mexico will be given over to murderous thugs and we will be expected absorb a third world illiterate population, with a propensity for enhanced criminality.

  4. Strays says:

    Behold the things that are NOT happening on our South Border — or so the story goes.

    This report reaches all the way back to 2005 (during the Bush Administration) and has since not gotten any better (in other words “Our border is more secure than it has ever been.”)