Treacherous McCain operatives contribute to Democrat

It’s no secret how politicos spend what free time they have during the waning days of an important election — perusing campaign filings, of course.

Guess what was found while checking out the donors to CD 4 U.S. Rep. Ed Pastor? Tucked in among the expected Democrats, a number of intriguing names jumped out. And wouldn’t you know? McCain operatives feature prominently.

Many of them were Republican elected Precinct Committeemen who threw their support to liberal Democrat Janet Napolitano during her gubernatorial bid in 2006, signing on to the notorious Republicans for Janet website.

In the intervening years, nothing has changed.

Longtime McCain confidant and advisor Wes Gullett and his associates at First Strategic, Kurt Davis, Steve Roman and Bettina Nava each coughed up $2,400 for Pastor — a purse-strings holding member of the House Appropriations Committee.

With Janet Contreras, a strong conservative in that congressional race, why would these Republicans be supporting Ed Pastor? Contreras’ supporters will be hosting a fundraiser for her August 4, with headliners J. D. Hayworth and Sheriff Joe Arpaio. It seems that’s where Republicans should be, not throwing big money in a Democrat’s coffers.

Is McCain directing the Pastor donations, curiously made by so many of his allies? Who benefits? And how? What possible reason would cause associates of the former GOP presidential nominee to consistently support Democrats?

10 Responses to Treacherous McCain operatives contribute to Democrat

  1. Kimball says:

    Great minds think alike! I spend a bit of time checking the same FEC documents. I was stunned to see Matthew Salmon (better known as “Matt” when he ran for governor and during his term in congress) also forking over money to Ed Pastor. As a lobbyist, Salmon must considers his action “buying access.” As someone who was a longtime supporter of his, I consider it disgusting. Mutinous Republican Grant Woods is also a Pastor donor.

  2. BarnStormer7 says:

    If they were/are a GOP Prct. Committee Person and they publicly endorsed Napolitano while they were a GOP PC – they need to RESIGN. They are welcome as Republicans to put their name anywhere, but when they are wearing the hat of a PC and endorse a DEM, that’s no different than a military member fighting for other side.
    As for lobbyists giving money, I can understand that part.I don’t like it, but that’s their business.
    Now, for Grant Woods. Look for him to run for PHOENIX MAYOR to replace HRH Phil (Amnesty) Gordon. And Woods will do what for Phoenix? Be a part-time Mayor?
    I would look to Neely, Bill Gates or Sal DiCiccio, maybe even Claude Mattox before I’d give my vote to Woods for Mayor. But the “machine” is already cutting deals for Grant. Look to see that the cops and firefighters will already be doing a deal with Woods with their powerful liberal unions.
    Too bad Sheriff Joe lives in Fountain Hills otherwise we could start a Draft Joe for Mayor.

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  4. Capitol Watcher says:

    This piqued my interest, also. Former one-term legislator George Weisz, an iffy Republican at best, is also on the donor list. He’s a good match for Grant Woods, his former employer. Now he works for Dem Phil Gordon.

  5. Frankly Speaking says:

    Wondering if McCain is directing this misadventure? Are you kidding? McCain’s fingerprints are all over the scheme. This is obviously more by design than coincidence.

  6. Sally Forth says:

    McCain’s campaign is actively working to keep Jimmie Lee Deakin in race to siphon precious votes from J.D. Hayworth. Deakin is a fool as well as being a walking ego and a willing participant in the scam. I expect him to fare well if the scheme is successful. Watch for him and his coarse and loud mouthed wife to go on a luxury cruise or have some similar ‘treat’ as a payoff if the McCain plan is successful. Deakin will be a pariah.

    • BS61 says:

      Hello – I just moved to AZ a couple of years ago, and finally woke up politically at the bail out – when both McCain and Obama voted for the bailout. I felt that Deakin was ok, since he is a 912 member… and I liked JD on radio and I wanted amnesty John out of office since he can’t be trusted. JD is behind by 20 points, undecided’s are also 20 points, so if all of us fell for a plant from McCain, shouldn’t we vote for JD? Or is he just a career politician too?


  7. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Sadly, the same defectives that voted to tax themselves and the rest of us for rino brewer’s $3 BILLION gift to unions and big government, will again disgrace themselves and the state by electing AMNESTY-JOHN, who, on Nov 3, will again spit in their (and our) faces on every issue.

    Hopefully, responsible citizens elsewhere will be wiser and reject the Ruling Class in favor of people that will actually support them.

    • BS61 says:

      I honestly don’t know much about Brewer, but I feel that a true Republican would not be for a tax increase! Who do you trust and who will you vote for?

  8. Orion says:

    I’m a conservative and Brewer gets my vote. Are you serious? Would you rather have liberal Terry Goddard whose daddy was a one term governor?