Arizona State Treasurer’s race provides clear choice

Our friends at Growing Our Party have written a stunning exposé of the questionable business dealings, incomplete financial disclosures and McCain heavy campaign donors of Doug Ducey, a candidate for State Treasurer.

In addition, as a candidate who asks for our vote, Ducey was not inclined to exercise that privilege on behalf of others running for public office. He has only thought it important enough to cast his own ballot in the decisive primary elections once in the last decade.

Sen. Thayer Verschoor is a true conservative, voting for the largest tax cuts in the history of the state of Arizona. Verschoor has consistently been at the top of the list of the reliably conservative PAChyderm Coalition and received the coveted rating of  “Champion of the Taxpayer” from Americans for Prosperity. A native Arizonan and decorated Army veteran, Verschoor has merited the endorsement of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Sen. Russell Pearce, and 25 of his fellow legislators — men and women who worked with him on a daily basis.

Check out Verschoor’s website here. State Senator Barbara Leff is also running for treasurer.

11 Responses to Arizona State Treasurer’s race provides clear choice

  1. Ajo Joe says:

    This is not a toss-up. It is not a contest. Verschoor wins by a mile! He’s the only conservative in this race. Plus, he did not screw up his financial reports — so fundamental for a state treasurer. There’s no question Thayer Verschoor is the man!

  2. John Q says:

    I just got my mail and was shocked with the Leff piece. Doug Ducey has a “testimonial” on the front page of his website featuring Sen. Kyl. “Doug Ducey is a hard-working, successful businessman who understands the need for fiscal responsibility whether for a company or the state government.” Sounds like an endorsement, doesn’t it?

    Now we get the Leff piece with a statement on the front highlighting a picture and what sounds like an endorsement: “In her years at the State Capitol, Barbara Leff has led the fight for fiscal accountability . . .”

    Jon Kyl is now on record for opposing open borders and amnesty here in Arizona while at the same time he was in the back offices in Washington with Teddy Kennedy working on Comprehensive Immigration Reform, praising Barbara Leff, who has been one of the biggest proponents of big spending and sponsor of the largest tax increase in the history of the state, and, finally, stating that Ducey is a successful businessman when he is responsible for numerous bankruptcies and franchise failures in his business dealings.

    Has anyone checked to see if Jon Kyl has been cloned, or has he finally achieved a mental breakdown from working so closely with John McCain over the years?

  3. Orion says:

    Endorcements by McKyl are worthless. I put them right up there with being an Obama pick or the Arizona Republic’s choice. What conservative wants to be endorsed by either McCain or John Kyl?

  4. Pablo says:

    I had the opportunity to hear both Vershoor and Ducey speak at a candidate forum. Vershoor was definitely the superior of the two. Vershoor can hit the floor running and build on the infrastructure Dean Martin has established. As for Ducey, he’s not ready for the responsibilities of the office. I also have some concerns about his integrity. I’ve heard about his questionable business dealings and he wants to be the State’s banker? I’m not willing to take the risk. Besides, anyone associated with the McCain camp scares the daylights out of me. I’m sick of RINOs and phony conservatives. Vershoor is the man!!!

    • Edmund says:

      Dean Martin gave his endorsement to Ducey. I think that means that Doug can build on the infrastructure Dean established

  5. Average Voter says:

    John Q, don’t forget that according to this blog Leff isn’t even running for Treasurer.

    Oh wait, she is. Never mind.

  6. Night Owl says:

    Leff got in the race late and is not garnering much support. Jon Kyl, who has previously been in her corner, now gives her a lukewarm statement on her mailer but also appears with Doug Ducey on his flyer. Both arrived in today’s mail. Who does the cagey Kyl actually support?

    • John Q says:

      That’s easy. In order: Himself, John McCain, any amnesty supporter.

      Kyl has been smoother at hiding his agenda over his career, and has not been the co-sponsor with looney Democrats generally, but his goals are the same as McCain and as such he is perhaps more dangerous.

    • Ben F says:

      Night Owl

      What has Kyl clearly stated with his dual statements? My answer is the Veschoor is the ONLY candidate against amnesty and not a puppet for the old Phoenix 40 (GPL) crowd.

      That sounds like an endorsement for Verschoor to me.

  7. ron says:

    Make life simple for me – just tell me who Sheriff Joe is supporting.

    • Ben F says:

      It is a little more complicated than that, but because of his consistent record of writing and voting for conservative issues, VERSCHOOR is endorsed by Sheriff Joe, Russell Pearce, 25 of his fellow Republican legislators and nearly every conservative organization.

      This was stated in the last paragraph, but, for those who need repetition, Sheriff Joe Arpaio endorses Verschoor and has said in public events that Verschoor was fighting against illegal immigration before it was popular for political purposes.