McCain refuses to answer pro-life questionnaire

John McCain, favored with the Arizona Right to Life endorsement, has effectively stuck his finger in the eye of the pro-life community as the only Republican refusing to answer the 2010 candidate survey — just released by the Phoenix Diocese of the Arizona Catholic Conference. 

John Jakubczyk, a stridently loyal McCain defender and one of the founders of Arizona Right of Life, must be experiencing a well deserved case of heartburn. His obsessively unwavering support of McCain resulted in members of the group’s PAC leaving and caused a fracturing of the membership. McCain’s monetary donations to the group and his accessibility to the egocentric Jakubczyk were apparently enough to turn Jakubczyk’s head.

Those who support John McCain can expect more of this treachery from the driver of the forked Tongue Express and his apologists.

On the candidate survey, Jimmie Lee Deakin, the spoiler in the important Arizona Senate race, acknowledges his support of a “guest worker program to provide foreign workers to Arizona employers,” although unemployment has soared to record levels and foreclosures have forced countless Arizonans from their homes. Deakin also favors allowing authorities to accept Mexican issued matricular consular cards as a form of identification — views exposing as bogus his claims to be a representative of the Tea Party movement.

There is one clear choice in this race, “my friends,” and that choice is conservative J.D. Hayworth. Vote.  Encourage your friends, neighbors and family to vote.  The upcoming primary election will determine who Arizona sends to Washington for the next 6 years.

It matters. Now more than ever.


9 Responses to McCain refuses to answer pro-life questionnaire

  1. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Politico today has an article crying about the “fact” (aka JournoLista lie) that AMNESTY-JOHN might not pursue his usual leadership role in AMNESTY FOR ILLEGALS even after he is re-elected.

    Ya gotta wonder, WHO are they trying to fool?

  2. Villanova says:

    John McCain signed on as a friend of the court in the lawsuit AGAINST Wisconsin Right to Life. Why doesn’t John Jakubczyk ever bring that up? Do those thousands of greenbacks McCain dumped on AZRTL outweigh his actual record of being a pro-life squish? For shame!

  3. American Dad says:

    I blame the problems suffered by AZRTL directly on John Jakubczyk. He has been instrumental in destroying the very organization he helped create. It reminds me of a pregnant woman aborting her own child. That’s an analogy he can understand.

    John J. and his friend Johnny Mac are not that different. They are both walking egos. Seeing Red nailed that!

  4. Maggie says:

    By McCain’s refusal to answer the questionaire, he answered even more questions. What a fraud!

  5. Alice says:

    Questions about guest workers, SB 1070, Matriculation cards, and protection for death row inmates shows the true leftist, socialist agenda of the Bishops of the Catholic Church. They could have added increasing the minimum wage and increasing welfare benefits to Catholic charities in order to further cement the redistribution of wealth concept the Catholic bishops advocate. No wonder they led their parishioners to vote 55% for Obama.

    And still McCain stiffs the bishops on their survey because he already had the AZRTL endorsement. Why should he answer a pro-life survey? He might risk offending his pro-abortion, pro-homosexual agenda supporters.

    Is the money still coming into AZRTL coffers. If not, have John Jakubczyk call his buddy McCain and ask for some of the money held over from McCain’s presidential campaign.

  6. Seen It All says:

    From the Rrizona Right to Life webpages comes this abortion:
    “AZRTL PAC strongly acknowledges and thanks Thayer Verschoor for his perfect pro-life voting record” yet they gave their endorcement to Doug Ducey who has NO track record but lotsa dough! AZRTL has seen the last of me. They are as irrelevant as last weeks’s news and the loudmouth John Jackubczyk!

  7. Explanation Needed says:

    Someone need to explain to me why this site is blasting McCain for his position on embroyonic stem cell research but is supporting Marget Dugan and blasting AzRTL for not supporting her when she has the same position as McCain on embroyonic stem cell research, according to the Phoenix Diocese survey.

  8. Doug Johnson says:

    John McCain has been in Washington nearly 30 years! During that entire time he has never been a conservative vote. Retire him NOW!

  9. Frankly Speaking says:

    Does this sound like a committed pro-lifer? Listen as McCain calls abortion an “unpleasant procedure.” He left out the words “especially for the baby who gets killed in the process.” It’s amazing to me that this (usually concealed) advocate of abortion and (upfront advocate) of stem cell research can buy his endorsement by prolife groups. Where is the core of these organizations?