U.S. Senate candidate Deakin facing foreclosure

U.S. Senate candidate Jimmie Lee Deakin, Jr. has more to worry about than siphoning enough votes from conservative U.S. Senate candidate J. D. Hayworth to return John McCain to the halls of power he so covets.

It seems Jimmie Lee is facing foreclosure, with his home just noticed  — July 29 — for a trustee sale.*

During the debates, Deakin made much of the issue of congressional overspending. But how does he intend to effectively rein in government spending when he’s unable to control his own? This news puts a definite damper on Deakin’s credibility.

Deakin claims he is a successful businessman, continually reminding audiences of his business acumen in making payroll — even stating that he’s had to make tough decisions that included laying off his own family members when the need arose. He has used the words “I’m squeaky clean,” as he compared himself to others. 

Now with the need to replace his current living arrangements, his campaign beneficiary John McCain should be able to provide some relief. After all, McCain has so many homes, he was unable to give an accurate accounting when asked during his failed 2008 presidential campaign. Jimmie and Adonia should be able to count on the generosity of friends.

Blanche DuBois was always able to rely on “the kindness of strangers.”

* Documentation regarding the trustee sale can be found on the pages of the law firm, Tiffany & Bosco:

10/28/2010 10-19983 6/25/2007 Chase Home Finance LLC (OH) $376,000.00 Trustee Sale 10:00 AM 1734 East Pontiac Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85024, 1574728768 Deakin Jr. 10:00 A.M. at the office of Michael A. Bosco, Jr., 7720 North 16th Street, Suite 300, in the City of Phoenix, County of Maricopa, State of Arizona, Maricopa

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  1. Steve says:

    Very senatorial, Mr. Deakin. If by some miracle you were able to pull off (the longshot of all time) win, you could be tutored on economics by Charlie Rangel.

  2. Antifederalist says:

    I can’t find the documentation on Tiffany & Bosco. You should provide a direct link.

  3. Goldwater Conservative says:

    What makes matters worse is his lender is in default with FANNIE MAE, and he REFINANCED a home, taking out over $200k in equity – where did that money go? This is a man who wants to spend OUR money in the Senate – no thank you!

    QUIT CLAIM DEED 6/29/07 $376,000
    Fannie Mae 070752172

    WARRANTY DEED 3/31/06 $420,000
    Fannie Mae 060437272

    QUIT CLAIM DEED 7/12/99 $0
    Mtg Company: NO NEW MORTGAGE

    JOINT TENANCY DEED 12/11/95 $148,659
    Fannie Mae 950760345
    Seller: TREND HOMES
    Mtg Company: MELLON MORTGAGE

  4. Antifederalist says:

    Goldwater, please provide a link for your assertions. I’d like to see PROOF of this, not just possibly altered copied & pasted stuff.

  5. LD 11 Patriot says:

    Too sad. Many good people have been caught up in this economic fiasco, but none of them are trying to sell themselves as best man for the U.S. Senate seat in AZ.

    Tea Party members take note; you wanted someone new “and capable”. Please take another look at Hayworth and help us retire “Mr. Anything-but-a-Conservative”.

  6. seeingredaz says:

    There is no DIRECT link. To verify the information, go to the Tiffany & Bosco site index http://www.tblaw.com/siteindex/, find the link to pending sale date and move the calendar to October 27, 2010 which is the date of the foreclosure sale. There are numerous listings, requiring a page search. All of the information you need to accomplish your search is contained in the last paragraph of this post. If you’re still unable to complete the task, ask a realtor friend to help you out Bet they can expedite your search. This is factual information or it would not be printed here.
    Call the firm Monday morning.

  7. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Here’s the link to the county recorder’s office:

  8. BarnStormer7 says:

    Another example of what is wrong with Arizona politics – let’s face it, Deakin has about zero dollars to get a message out and anyone with any political common sense knows he will get his few thousand votes and not have much effect on the race. If JD needs Deakin’s small number of votes that bad, then the race is a lot closer than the polls are saying… or it is just that desparate.

    Trashing Deakin, who does not have much of a shot, is low brow and seems to fall into line with what I observe here – a narrow bunch of fuss budgets.

    Out of all the posters on this site – how many actually write contribution checks of $200 or more to a candidate – and/or walk for them – and/or put put signs for a candidate — and/or bring in other donations of any amount for a candidate.

    I’ll admit, the funny pages of the Arizona Repulsive are poor and that lack of idiot entertainment drives me to this site to amuse myself. What I have found is a lost of nastiness. I’m smart enough to know that many Republicans and Conservatives are not this nasty – but if this is supposed to be the cream here blogging and they beat up a whimpy candidate like this, well, “bully” has a new definition.

  9. AZ Conservative Guy says:

    There are obviously other sites where you’d feel more comfortable, Barnstormer. Stop storming us. This is a conservative site.

    Had I been the folks at Seeing Red AZ, I would not have given your crapola a spot on the comments.

  10. Ricky Lujan says:

    BarnStormer, Jimmie Lee is wasting our time and taking up space in the debates. Valuable time stressing the difference between the two candidates with a chance to win, Hayworth and McCain, is lost listening to no-chance Deakin.

    He deserves a lot worse than what Seeing Red is writing about him.

  11. nightcrawler says:

    I do tend to agree with the general idea that one should walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

    If memory serves, a legislative candidate for LD6 also had such a predicament during the last election cycle. That candidate was vigorously defended by conservatives and won the election.

    Have our standards for judging people evolved ?

  12. Kent says:

    It’s easy to follow this through and see this was no hardship case. Had it been, I would sympathize. The Deakin’s are grifters, and this was a flim flam that ensnared him.

    As to the claim that his small number of votes wouldn’t make a difference, think back to Bush/Gore. Many elections have been won by the slimmest of margins. Deakin is trying to scarf votes for McCain by the slimiest of margins.

  13. Valerie J says:

    Right Kent. The legislative candidate didn’t pull any refinancing scheme to lay hands on fast campaign cash. Big difference.

  14. LD20er says:

    AntiFederalist is just another Deakinista who refuses to admit he was snookered, so now challenges the evidence. No help for people like that.

    I wonder if we should expect to see a last-minute refinancing for the Deakins arranged through the good offices of Senator John McCain.

    Seems like the least McCain could do for his pal Jim Deakin.

  15. SuzanneC says:

    Dino Rossi, Stuart Smalley, ring any bellls. Both by a few hundred votes. That maybe all Deakin is going to get, the Tea Parties are certainly not endorsing him, but that could be enough to give McCain another 6 years until he wants out and replaced by Flakey guy from CD #6.

    Jimmy Lee has a family and all he is concerned about is trying to hurt JD Hayworth for stealing his thunder and getting in the race. Jimmy get out the race and support your family, shame on you for allowing this to happen for your own ambition. Take care of your family first, did your daughter just have a baby? Where will they go? God willing that has never happened to me, and I feel sorry for him and his family. It is time for you Jimmy Lee to take care of business and its not running for an election.

  16. Kathy says:

    Maybe McCain will let him stay in one of his 8 houses, since he’s tied at the hip with him.

  17. JB says:

    Off of the subject of the foreclosure, has anyone noticed that while Deakin is running against both McCain and Hayworth, his attacks are mostly saved for Hayworth? That is curious…..If I were a suspicious person I would think that Deakin has skin in the game for a McCain win.

  18. Antifederalist says:

    LD 20 you are SO far from the mark it’s not even funny. I’d NEVER vote for Deakin and have been one of his most outspoken critics. I’m a Hayworth supporter. I just have no desire to be spreading material that has no factual support. I guess you just parrot everything you hear without checking any facts. Just like you made the idiotic assumption that I like Deakin.

  19. pgillenw says:

    With the cat out of the bag that Mr. Deakin has gone in to foreclosure he may bail out of the race. Then again McCain my come to his rescue or perhaps Hayworth can get to Deakin first for an endorsement before he bails.

  20. VNVet52 says:

    For those who due their due diligence before printing garbage, and inflaming the “bots” in the world, there is a RED Canceled in the record.
    Right hand side under the opening and max bid amt. So much for the frothing at the mouth Hayworth supporters.

  21. LD20er says:

    LD11 Patriot, let’s be fair to the Tea Parties and their leaders. Most didn’t actually endorse Deakin, but the TP leaders sat on their hands and said nothing when Deakin back in April began calling himself a “tea party activist, conservative, candidate or whatever to convey the impression to the public that he had massive support from tea party organizations.

    In their naivete, tea party leaders didn’t recognize the threat he posed and didn’t heed good advice when it was given them, and so Deakin continued. During the Phoenix debate, Deakiin cited his usual “massive support from tea party activists.”

    On Sunday, July 19, I sent an inquiry to the Deakin campaign asking the criteria by which Deakin called himself a “tea party” anything when NOT A SINGLE TEA PARTY GROUP had endorsed him. I copied on the message Dan Nowicki of the Arizona Republic who had cited in several pieces that Deakin was a “tea party” conservative or whatever.

    Understandably, the Deakin campaign never replied.

    Then on Thursday, July 22, Mr. Deakin appeared before the Arizona Republic’s Editorial Board, and Mr. Nowiicki not only conveyed my question but also recorded Deakin’s reply and shared it with me. Hope you all get as big a hoot from it as I did.

    Jim Deakin: “Tea party is a state of mind. There are several tea party, little groups that have come out and said they endorse J.D. Hayworth. All of them are either existing or new political action committees. So in my mind, that makes them not tea parties — that makes them lobbyists. The real tea party groups are all non-profit. They’re just individuals and they support whoever they want to support. I call myself a tea party activist because that’s what I am.”

    “When the tea party got started, I marched at the Capitol, I marched down in Tucson. When all the health-care rallies were going on with the town-hall meetings, I was out in the street, carrying the 1,300-page bill so if anybody wanted to know, ‘Is this really in there,’ and I could open up the pages and say yes. I go to the weekly meetings. That’s another difference between me saying I’m an activist and Hayworth saying I’m the candidate. I go to all the weekly meetings in the West Valley, East Valley, Santan, Scottsdale. I do all these things because they’re important. Taxed Enough Already — that’s what it stands for. Government is too big. It interferes with our lives and our abilities to run our businesses and raise our families.”

    In short, Mr. Deakin is “tea party” because he thinks he is. Maybe like The Little Englne that Could? And if a tea party group endorses JD Hayworth, they aren’t tea parties at all but lobbyists.

    And like so many of his claims, first-hand facts blow holes in his claims that “I was there from the start:”
    (1) I attended both the April 15 and September 12 2009 tea parties at the Capitol where he says he marched. Deakin and wife Adonia were there only with his candidacy petitions; they had no tea party signs only Deakin signs. They weren’t “marching” because THERE WAS NO MARCHING EITHER TIME.

    (2) I attended the August 17 Tea Party Rally at the convention center downtown that moved to a Town Hall at Tom’s Tavern. Deakin was nowhere to be seen, with or without his 1300-page copy of the bill. Even Deakin apologist Hugh Keeler who claims my account is a lie, is very careful NOT to say that Deakin was there with the infamous 1300-page copy.

    (3) At one of the two Scottsdale rallies at Mitchell’s office, Deakin was present with a Deakin sign and candidacy petitions.
    No tea party signs.

    If AntiFederalist wants to continue taking the position that I’m “spreading material that has no factual support,” you’re welcome to contact Dan Nowicki at dan.nowicki@arizonarepublic.com to verify Mr. Deakin’s statement. Tell Mr. Nowicki that he’s spreading material that has no factual support.”

    Or inquire of the Deakin campaign why they ignore legitimate inquiries from voters?

    Valley tea party leaders who have sit quietly and hesitated challenging publicly Deakin’s “tea party” claims need to wake up and smell the coffee. They can either publicly disavow Deakin and condemn his fraudulent attempts to claim “tea party” support, or let themselves and their tea party groups go down with Deakin.

    But what they’re largely guilty of is lack of spine (not including several tea party groups who have openly endorsed Mr. Hayworth).

    But let tea party leaders learn a lesson on how little is needed to face down a bully. An inquiry to their campaign (which they ignored) and the press following up has effectively silenced Deakin’s phony “tea party” claims. Recent e-mail bulletins from Deakin’s new chief of staff limit the claims to “Citizen Activist.”

  22. nightcrawler says:

    Tea Party leadership is an oxymoron. Once the tea party movement goes commercial with pre-printed signs and stickers, it is for all intents and purposes dead. What is left is a collection of angry people with no social life.

    It is human nature to simplify the complexity of an individuals experiences, opinions and beliefs into tidy boxes.

    We have Conservatives, RINOs, Blue Dog Democrats, moderates, liberals and so on. This year we created a new box call the Tea Party. Really it isn’t a box at all, it is a collection of overlaping circles found typically in a Venn diagram. The overlap is the tea party. People are defined by how is in and how much is out.

    At the last MCRC meeting I had to chuckle at the various candidates wearing tea party buttons. Some were Conservatives, some were moderates, all were posers.

    The tea party is an illusion. A fad. It will go the way of the hula hoop and bell bottom corduroy pants.

    The only thing more pathetic than a candidate pandering to the tea party label are the people who claim to organize and lead such organizations for personal and financial gain.

  23. Oscar V. says:

    VNVet, Wrong. You are confused by the “cancelled column header” which is labeled with a red bold “CANCELLED.”

    What you point out is only the header for the column. The Jimmie Lea Deakins residence is still pending a foreclosure sale – it has not been cancelled. By your reading of the “cancelled” column, every single property scheduled for foresclosure sale has been cancelled. Obviously, that is not the case. A proper reading of the Tiffany & Bosco information is not even a little bit confusing – it is very clear.

    Perhaps these “frothing at the mouth” McAmnesty supporters should be willing to accept the obvious when it is laid out in front of them. Your Hayworth spoiler has been fincancing his statewide travel with funds he already obligated to his mortgage lender.

    Jimmie…Adonia…ready to wrap-up your charade yet?
    You won’t be remembered as having stood for liberty against the McStain machine. You will be remembered as the village idiot who ran for U.S. Senate while his own residence was on the auction block.

    sales.tblaw.com — pending sales — Oct. 28, 2010

  24. ksmith says:


    This is NOT “canceled”

    10/28/2010 10-19983 6/25/2007 Chase Home Finance LLC (OH) $376,000.00 Trustee Sale
    10:00 AM 1734 East Pontiac Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85024 1574728768 Deakin Jr.
    10:00 A.M. at the office of Michael A. Bosco, Jr., 7720 North 16th Street, Suite 300, in the City of Phoenix, County of Maricopa, State of Arizona, Maricopa

  25. Adonia Deakin says:

    Yes it is cancelled, but thanks for the news coverage, Watch Fox News tonight at 5 pm.

    • ksmith says:

      While alot here in Arizona could understand your siuation, I am not so so that denying this and saying “did not even know foreclosure was a possibility” will help. We all know it takes a while for a home to be foreclosed on – and once proceeding start – they rarely get “canceled”

      But I think what is most troubling for someone who claims to be running as a fiscal conservative is that he would “gamble” on the housing market by pulling out huge amounts of cash on his home based purely on market speculation and “hope” that the market will never crash.

  26. Radical American Patriot says:

    Jim Deakin sent an e-mail at 1:55 PM to his supporters at 1:55 PM where he must have read VNVet52’s words from this morning. Because here is a quote from the 1st message: ” But, I am not losing my home. In fact, the proceeding has been canceled.”

    YET, only 50 minutes later, he follows up with a second blurb. at 2:45 PM where the LAST sentence is left off! Either he believed VNVet52’s words, or he simply attempted to lie to the faithful. Since there was NO way for him to confirm that it was canceled, being it is a Sunday and the lawfirm is closed, YOU can only conclude he was attempting to deceive his supporters!

    Clearly he must be planning to continue his pathetic and utterly dishonest campaign! HE MUST, TO GET THE PROMISED PAYOFF FROM McCAIN!

  27. Walter W. says:

    THEN ENTER THE DATE OF SALE: 10/28/10 – twice. ON PAGE TWO FIND 1734 W. PONTIAC DRIVE. Public Record is that the sale is NOT cancelled. The Notice of Sale was only recorded last Thursday.

    Why doesn’t Adonia come clean? The Deakins’ have traveled to every corner of Arizona in the last year. Getting to Yarnell for a parade is critically important…making your house payment can wait.

    Deakin is a bigger mess than any of us even figured him to be. All that time telling us what a great constitutionalist he is. That puts you above making your house payment? Indebted to the tune of $400,000 on a modest track home? It’s a lock…Deakin within months will be walking away from his legitimate debt. But hey…he will know the way to Overgaard without having to ask directions!

  28. Jill H. says:

    “Over the past year and half, Arizona Candidate for Senator, Jim Deakin has campaigned tirelessly across this state. He has been to countless meetings and shaken hands across Arizona in his effort to gain …”
    Great Google result.

    Jimmie, why don’t you just explain to Chase Mortgage how busy you have been running against JD Hayworth and John McCain for a US Senate seat? I’m sure they will understand perfectly. Especially when you show them your photo in the Uncle Sam hat.

    Can’t wait to catch up with Jimmie at his “campaign” stops this week.

  29. Michael Bailey says:

    There are no documents of any foreclosure for this address on file with the County Recorder. How are they going to make a sale without filing first with the county?

    • Night Owl says:

      The sale isn’t scheduled until the end of October.

    • Goldwater Conservative says:


      The Notice of Sale IS recorded with the maricopa county recorder!

    • LD20er says:

      Michael Bailey,

      My vote makes three–the Trustee Notice of Sale IS recorded with the County Recorder.

      Tiffany-Bosco tells me that, should the Adonia-alleged cancellation” actually be true, that document will also be recorded.

      Anyone want to make a pool on what day Adonia’s Notice of Sale is recorded?

      Not me–I don’t have money I want to lose, because that is a money-losing bet.

      Mr. Deakin’s e-mail bulletin claiming at 1:55pm on Sunday that “the proceeding has been cancelled” isn’t sufficient for me to believe.

      His claim of “I’m running 20% in the polls” and subsequent rationale was enough to destroy any credibility he once had.

      • ksmith says:

        It is important to keep in mind Jim Deakin is running for US Senate.

        So while he can say the economy caught up to him and it may be embarrassing that he is facing foreclosure – the fact that he denying it, or is “surprised” to find out about is, at best, disingenuous. Foreclosure proceeding go on for a long time, with many notices being sent out

        This is NOT the behavior or the integrity of a man who sees himself as a US Senator