Why Vernon Parker lost the CD 3 race

August 31, 2010

Remember the story of the kid who came home from school with grades of four “Fs” and a “D” on his report card? When he showed them  to his reproving father who demanded to know what went wrong, he responded that he had spent too much time on one course.

And so it is with Vernon Parker.

After briefly tossing his hat in the ring for governor and then deciding to run for congress, he was apparently so busy focusing on defeating specific conservative Republican precinct committeemen in his home precinct of Camelhead that he ended up losing the big kahuna.

The results of the precinct committeemen races were released today by the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office

Republic calls Clinton’s UN report on SB1070 “cheap shot”

August 31, 2010

In a surprise move, the left-leaning Arizona Republic — a relentless critic of Arizona’s popular anti-illegal-immigration measure known as SB1070 — has editorially taken on the Obama administration and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s report to the United Nations Human Rights Council. In it Clinton specifically names Arizona’s law as evidence of human rights violations in the United States.

On Sunday Seeing Red AZ covered Gov. Brewer’s strongly-worded response to the report rightly terming it “internationalism run amok.”

Today the newspaper calls the report a “cheap shot,” acknowledging that the authors of Arizona’s law went “out of their way to forbid” racial profiling and conceding that even “the federal law upon which SB 1070 is based does not explicitly address” the issue.

The editorial asks and answers the compelling question : “Why, then, is Arizona’s law even mentioned in a brief intended to be part of the assessment of the world’s maltreatment of humankind?

The plain fact is, the Clinton State Department is inclined to throw Arizona under the bus “early and often” for having had the gall to pass SB 1070. In May, a State Department official used the recently passed law as evidence of U.S. “racial discrimination” comparable to human-rights violations in China.”

WARNING: Be prepared to choke on your coffee while reading this editorial. Sip slowly. Then call your congressional representatives and Sens. McCain and Kyl and ask why they have remained so silent in the face of this outrage.

While we were sleeping state government was hard at work

August 31, 2010

We barely blinked and overlooked the news that our state Department of Commerce has morphed into the much more powerful and certainly more globally influential, Arizona Commerce Authority.

This “significant” name switch was made June 29.  We missed it entirely, but Jerry Colangelo, Board Vice Chair and Partner of JDM Partners and Chairman of USA Basketball was in on the ground floor of this momentous decision. You’ll remember him as much for mounting a counterattack to the employer sanctions law (Legal Arizona Worker’s Act) as for his mega sports persona — joining with open borders businessmen in 2007 who announced plans to target Republican state lawmakers who were instrumental in guiding the employer sanctions law to passage.

Donald E. Cardon, the newly renamed department’s director declared that this change at his agency “raises the bar in ways unseen in Arizona’s history.”  He said, “I am greatly encouraged to be part of such significant changes. It is now time to compete globally for Arizona’s economic future.”

With unemployment at staggering highs, home foreclosures still at peak levels, bankruptcy applications logged-jammed, city and state taxes raising and Mayor Philly Gordon even imposing a tax on food purchases to deal with budget deficits, this governmental action tells us — in no uncertain terms — how fortunate we are to have our current leadership.

Wink, wink.

Obama talks to NBC about “misinformation” regarding his birth, faith

August 30, 2010

Jesse Kelly gets the Republic’s treatment

August 30, 2010

So it begins.

The Arizona Republic has already switched into General Election GOP candidate abuse mode, giving a Sunday double whammy to Congressional District 8 victor Jesse Kelly.

First out of the hatch in the Viewpoints section was the outlandishly biased headlined article from the Republic’s Washington Bureau: GOP’s Kelly can’t win, Giffords’ camp says.

Unsuspecting Arizona newcomers are left wondering what kept this so-called purveyor of news from running a header that read: Dem’s Giffords can’t win, Kelly’s camp says.

They need to be educated as to the liberal bent of the newspaper, which clearly hoped for the McCain-anointed Jonathan Paton to prevail in the primary. The fact that conservative newcomer Jesse Kelly outdid Paton in fundraising and outpaced him by over 6,000 votes left the Republic editorial board in stunned silence.  When they finally were able to speak, it was derisively. Paton, who was himself targeted by Democrats, gave this unseemly assessment declaring the Democrats’ assumptions about Kelly are correct:

“The Democrats want Kelly to win because they see the same polls we do: I beat Giffords in November; Jesse loses,” Paton boasted in a brash news release shortly before he lost the election. However Paton never released his complete polling results which would have backed up his statement and the relentless campaigner Kelly unceremoniously showed him the door in the primary.

Giffords, of course, is vulnerable Democrat Gabrielle Giffords, the out-of-touch, two-term congresswoman, who is a Nancy Pelosi acolyte.

The farcical Kelly bashing continued in a piece by Doug MacEachern. Ostensibly using his allotted column inches to go after the recognizably flawed CD 3 GOP candidate Ben Quayle aka “Brock Landers,” MacEachern was unable to resist sticking it to a genuine conservative such as Kelly for holding true to his principles.

Expect more of the same between now and the November 2, 2010 General Election. And expect the forthright Kelly’s message to resonate with the district’s voters.

Tom Horne declares victory in cliffhanger AZ AG race

August 30, 2010

Republican Tom Horne, has declared victory in Arizona’s GOP primary for attorney general.  His primary election opponent Andrew Thomas has said he won’t concede until all ballots are counted, which likely won’t be until tomorrow. The election was last Tuesday, August 24.

Horne, the former Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, maintains an 853-vote lead.

In his statement, he said “I am extremely grateful to the best volunteers any candidate has ever had,” Horne said. “These dedicated people spent countless hours making phone calls, going to events, putting up signs, helping me to get my message out, and giving me advice and support at every step. I want to thank every one of them, because they made this victory possible.”

“We now look forward to the general election in November, where I am confident my message about securing the border, strengthening consumer protection, and creating a positive legal climate for jobs will resonate once again,” Horne added.

Democrat Felecia Rotellini will face the Republican in the November 2 General Election.

ABC News 15 carries this report.

Brewer rightly condemns report to U.N. as “Internationalism run amok”

August 29, 2010

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is demanding that a reference to Arizona’s SB 1070, the law making it a crime to be in the state illegally, be removed from an Obama administration report to the United Nations human rights commissioner.

The U. S. State Department lists its legal challenge to Arizona’s immigration enforcement measure on a list of ways the government is protecting human rights in a report to the United Nations.

In her letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Gov. Brewer wrote: “Simply put, it is downright offensive that the State Department included the State of Arizona and SB 1070 in a report to the United Nations Council on Human Rights, whose members include such renowned human rights ‘champions’ as Cuba and Libya.

The idea of our own American government submitting the duly enacted laws of a State of the United States to ‘review’ by the United Nations is internationalism run amok and unconstitutional. Human rights as guaranteed by the United States and Arizona Constitutions are expressly protected in SB 1070 and defended vigorously by my Administration.”

Score one for Brewer here.