Dean Martin signals lack of future aspirations for public office

Republican State Treasurer Dean Martin has spent his entire career in public office. He was first elected as a state senator, where he came in as a 26-year-old young buck and stayed for three terms. He then won election to the office of Arizona State Treasurer in 2006. Most recently he decided he was ready to run the state as governor, until he withdrew after realizing his campaign was stalled and powerfully overshadowed by incumbent Gov. Jan Brewer’s signing of SB 1070.

But most politicos saw a future for Martin. Until today, when he inexplicably endorsed Doug Ducey as his successor in the Treasurer’s office.

In endorsing Ducey — a John McCain sycophant who was a financial bundler of at least $100,000 for McCain’s campaign, and integral in the Twelve in ‘10 fundraiser, seeking high dollar donations to benefit liberal Republicans and Democrats — Dean Martin has thrown away his conservative credentials.

Many who were infuriated with Martin’s endorsement of establishment candidate Lisa James for GOP State Chairman gave him a second chance to rehabilitate himself. This endorsement of Doug Ducey over reliably conservative Sen. Thayer Verschoor guarantees he has no chance of restoring his previous luster with the platform conservative Republican base.

21 Responses to Dean Martin signals lack of future aspirations for public office

  1. Kent says:

    What’s going on with Dean Martin? After holding government jobs all of his life, he seems to be saying that’s not good. Maybe I shouldn’t have voted for him for treasurer?

  2. AZ Conservative Guy says:

    Have you read the post on Andrew Thomas written by Greg Patterson over at Espresso Pundit? Since the topic here is “Disappointing Republicans,” Patterson has hit the nail on the head. I have consistently supported Andrew Thomas. But after years of using his office as a vehicle for petty vengefulness, he has proven himself to be out of control and unworthy of conservative votes. Patterson declares he is voting for Tom Horne for Attorney General. So are all of the members of this conservative family. Ditto for Dean Martin. He has bitten the dust as far as we are concerned. Thayer Verschoor gets our votes!

  3. Kimball says:

    Bummer. Dean turns just like the worm. What has Doug Ducey done to inspire confidence other than give aid and comfort to McCain? JD Hayworth gets my vote. Thayer Verschoor gets my vote. Dean? Eat my dust!

  4. No Name Please says:

    Dean Martin is showing his true allegiances more often. I was shocked when he supported Lisa James over Randy Pullen. Looking back, I realize that speech of his should have turned on some lights for me, but I really thought that day that maybe it was me who was missing some of the subtle nuances. I blamed myself for not being more attuned. I thought there was a giant piece of the political puzzle I was missing. It turns out I was just fine. It was Dean Martin who had it wrong, but I couldn’t see past my own nose. Glad I know better now. Shame on him!

  5. BarnStormer7 says:

    Dean will get a job with Ducey dishing out ice cream.

    • Political Hack says:

      Not hardley – Ducey was fired when the company was sold. Dean is looking to work in government after Brewer is reelected.

  6. Pablo says:

    Like many, I was duped into believing Dean was a true conservative and a man of principle. Today Dean revealed this is not the case. His actions reveal he is unwilling to stand for the conservative cause if it is not politically expedient. Unfortunately,Dean is nothing more than a self serving opportunist. He has turned his back on the conservatives who supported him and seccumbed to the allure of political power. He may think the liberal element and the McCain supporters in the party will reward him with politcal favor, but, he greatly underestimates the bubbling caldron of frustration that is within the Republican party. If not this election, it will be the next. The conservatives are coming and we will restore our party. Adios Senor Martin. When your moment came to demonstrate some real character, you failed the test. Consequently, you will never get my vote in any election.

  7. nightcrawler says:

    Lets look at the facts folks.

    Ducey was the founder and CEO of Cold Stone Creamery. Verschoor is an admirable fellow with an impressive military and political background, but no finance experience. This is an overreach for this particular position. As a businessman with a finance background, it makes me nervous to place an ideologue in that position. Too much can go wrong.

    Ducey contributed $100,000 to McCain’s 2008 election, not the primary against JD.

    I supported Martin for Governor as did many of you. He has always been a staunch conservative, too much so for my taste, but worthy of support nonetheless.

    I like Randy Pullen and have always respected his business accumen. I also know Lisa James quite well and she is much more conservative than you folks realize. I was there when Martin gave his speech, which admittedly got a little personal. That took a great deal of courage. He must have known the backlash it would create.

    The one thing I have learned about “platform” Republicans is that you don’t forgive and you don’t forget, which is fine until it is your turn under the microscope.

    • Ben F says:

      First, you are wrong in your underlying assumptions. Ducey has dozens of franchisees who were bilked by his questionable business practices. To require franchisees to use a specific vendor is pretty standard, but to require that vendor to skim a percentage off the top of the payments from the franchisees to Ducey without the knowledge of the franchisees is unethical and considered in most places as kick backs.

      Second, he has hidden ALL of his stocks, bonds, business interests, partnerships, etc from the public. How can the publid be assured that the decisions on where to place the state billions will be to the best interest of the taxpayers instead of himself.

      Third, Verschoor has owned and operated his own successful business, met a payroll, but that is really ancillary for both of them. The job of treasurer is not as a broker or a technical trader but as a banker who establishes the parameters and keeps the public informed. For the job of Treasurer, I want a person who has established an unblemished record of fiscal, ethical and moral actions in the cauldron of public service. Ducey does not meet that standard.

      Fourth, you say that Ducey contributed $100,000 to McCain, well, that money has now been returned to Ducey in the form of McCain backers giving to this campaign. Do you really believe that Ducey will be free to do what is the best for the taxpayer, or will he be more than a little influenced by the McCain forces?

      McCain taking over another statewide office is wrong for Arizona. For Dean to break his word on who he would represent and work with is not only unfortunate, it is outright wrong.

      See the open letter to Dean Martin at for more specifics.

  8. igaveup says:

    dean has had a really hard time this year, with his wife and child. i cut him some slack.

    • Ben F says:

      What does losing his wife and child have to do with violating his word of honor? I lost my wife, that did not mean that I had free reign to lie to people.

  9. telemoonfa says:

    That’s too bad. I was going to vote for Dean Martin for Governor. Oh well.

  10. LD 10 PC says:

    The tragic loss of his wife and newborn were horrible events that no one would want to endure.

    It was after the tragedy that he decided to enter the race for governor. He is now dating again and everyone wishes him luck. He is a young man who has a full life ahead of him.

    But political aspirations are quite aside from the sad family events. He makes the decisions he does based on calculated premises. He is a McCain/Kyl guy through and through. That is what drives this endorsement.

  11. Jane says:

    Things aren’t always as they seem. This is a good lesson for voters to learn. We have a long way out of this hole, and it we need to learn as we go. Here’s to improved discernment and smart voting for all of us.

  12. Bill M says:

    Dean Martin was a phony from day one. He used his famous name to get elected in 2000 against Tom Horne. In the Senate he turned his ofice into a profit making entity by skiming campaign funds into his own pocket. Supported Lisa James over Randy Pullen because he couln’t control Randy. Then he kicked the governor from his own party when she was down. Dean Martin was a nasty punk and I’m glad to see him go.

  13. Another LD11 PC says:

    This is not necessarily a bad thing. Simiar to Jim Waring, Dean Martin has never had a real job.

    It’s time for Dean to have to go out, get interviewed, get a real job in the private sector and learn what that means.

    Unfortunately, I’m sure Brewer promised him a job for his endorsement. Tit for Tat, Scratch each others Back, that’s how The Chamber / McCain candidates work in AZ.

    So, if Brewer wins the General election, expect to see Dean as a paid appointed board member of some board or as a full-time staffer in her Administration somewhere.

  14. Vince says:

    Ducey wins the praises of another piece of work besides Dino Martino. The Arizona Repulsive endorsed him, too. What a coincidence! Dino Martino becomes an instant has-been.

  15. Fed Up says:

    Don’t count Dean Martin out so soon, folks. If Jan Brewer doesn’t bring him on, either Jon Kyl or John McCain will find a soft spot for their boy to land. Don’t forget that BOTH of their camps were involved in his campaign. He’s an opportunist who has no real life employment experience, but plenty as a suck-up to the high and mighty.

  16. Maggie says:

    Dean Martin’s political career is over unless the entire population of the state simlutaneously developes amnesia. He has the arrogance that comes with attaining too much too soon. Many of us were conned by his fresh faced charm. It has now soured. He simply looks like a JB (formerly Bob’s Big Boy) mushy guy with a pompadoure who never lost his baby fat.