Hold that early ballot! Revealing candidate info emerges

Not that long ago, State treasurer candidate Doug Ducey was given a glowing endorsement by the daily newspaper.

Today the newspaper admits that Ducey failed to pay the taxes on his Paradise Valley home for more than two years, risking the loss of his property — until he paid the outstanding bills just prior to entering the treasurer’s race. The 10,200 square foot residence sits on a 2-acre golf course lot in Desert Fairways Estates. In 2009 the taxable evaluation, less than the actual value of the home, was $1,735,500.

Ducey, the former CEO of Cold Stone Creamery had a $15,000 lien placed on his property after the non-payment of property taxes in 2008 and 2009.

Yet Ducey has inexplicably been endorsed by the current state treasurer, Dean Martin, and to date has raised $480,665 — nearly 14 times as much as his next-closest opponent,  GOP state Sen. Thayer Verschoor — the conservative favorite endorsed by the PAChyderm Coalition.

Despite the negative information swirling about Ducey, his donor list is filled with establishment heavy-hitters and replete with those with strong connections to John McCain and Jon Kyl.

Adding to the confusion are the candidates who have withdrawn from their races too late to be removed from the ballot — among them are gubernatorial candidates Dean Martin and Buz Mills, Maricopa County Attorney candidate Boyd Dunn and Dusti Morris seeking a House seat in District 11.

There is no rush to fill out your ballot. Get all the information first. It could change your vote and alter the outcome of important races.  Primary election day is August 24, 2010. Voters can mail their early ballots ensuring they are received prior to that date, or take their ballots to their neighborhood polling place on Election Day.

24 Responses to Hold that early ballot! Revealing candidate info emerges

  1. Ajo Joe says:

    Technology has so advanced that mailers containing revealing information, stop after you’ve voted. I want to see what’s being said, even the lies that are worse this cycle than I have ever seen.

    What concerns me is that too many voters won’t know the facts from the fiction.

  2. vagamundo says:

    this is going to sound petty… but, I was so completely turned of by Cold Stone when they gave my son (after winning a little league game) a ‘free Sugar cone’ gift certificate. I went to the store to redeem it (with the understanding that i would be paying for my wife and other kid’s ice cream) and was informed that i would be paying $4 for the ‘ice cream’ but that the sugar cone was ‘free’. And i thought, what kind of person conjures up a marketing plan like that? maybe Ducey had no knowledge… but like the author says… no rush in mailing in the ballots. Let’s learn a little more.

  3. boo says:

    MIlls did not withdraw from the race. He is on the ballot and the votes will count. Lots of people want to air their dissatisfaction with Brewer. Voting for Mills is a great way to do that.

  4. Joe M. says:

    Thayer Verschoor is the principled choice for State treasurer. Come August 24th, I will be voting for him.

  5. Rambling Rose says:

    Many of us are still hoping that Jimmie Lee Deakin does the right thing and drops out of the US Senate race. That would change the landscape for the positive. It’s too bad that little man has such a colossal ego.

    I wonder what kind of payoff McCain offers him to stay in. It probably began at the front end of the election, so I should say I wonder what kind of payoff was offered by McCain for Deakin to get in.

  6. Steve says:

    What in the world happened to Dean Martin? Has he been taken over by the RINO Zombies? I expect Jan Brewer will provide him a cushy job for his numerous good works on her behalf. She won’t be doing him a favor. He needs to actually have to look for a real job like the majority of us do. It’s time to give government a rest, Deano.

    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      Be advised there weren’t any zombies that grabbed your boy Dean Martin. It was McCain and Company whispering sweet somethings in his ear. I join you in your disappointment!

  7. LD 10 PC says:

    For a brief moment I was livid when I read that the Arizona Republic endorsed Double-Dip Ducey over Senator Thayer Verschoor. I was soon brought back to reality when I realized that many of the endorsements the newspaper bestows go to committed liberals and comparatively few of their selected candidates actually win.

  8. Seen It All says:

    There is a strategic plan afoot here. You can be assured of that. The Repulsive endorses Republican Ducey. Then they “discover” he’s a bum and abandon him. They would never endorse a true conservative such as Sen. Thayer Verschoor, so what do they do next? Why they come out BIG for Democrat Andrei Cherny, of course. Is there any other route for the Republic to take? This was planned well in advance of the Ducey endorsement editorial. People were talking about Ducey’s problems months ago. This is award winning farce!

  9. Jon Altmann, PC, State Committeeman LD11 says:

    In the STATE TREASURER race, there is also BARBARA LEFF who has a good conservative voting record.

    • Tomfoolery says:

      Jon Altmann:
      It sounds as though your confusion comes from the fact that you missed the story about Barbara Leff:

      God was very busy the day Barbara Leff came through and he forgot to put the “T” on the end of her name. He mistakenly gave her two “Fs” instead.

      • Jon Altmann, PC, State Committeeman LD11 says:

        Cute, Tomfoolery, but Barbara has done a great job for us in the Legislature.
        You’re free to make other choices, but if S.R. is going to be fair, it should have at least said she was in the race, too.
        When one holds elected office for as long as she has – survived competitive contests and achieved leadership positions in the Legislature, I think that’s a decent resume.

      • Ben F says:

        Jon, That sounds like the resume for John McCain also. I suppose you think we should support him too, huh, JOn?

      • Mesa Boy says:

        My family just voted for Barbara. She is a fantastic candidate. As far a Jon Altman. He is a great guy and an asset to our party. Why do people act so intolerant towards people in our party who we disagree with? It is good to be passionate, but to call people who are clearly conservatives, not conservavite-come on! We need to stick together and fight liberals and not just in fight….we have too much work to do to turn back the damage Napolitano and Obama have done.

      • John Q says:

        Mesa Boy,

        Leff clearly conservative?? Where do you get that from, surely not from her voting record.

        Leff finished 31st on the Americans for Prosperity ratings, 36th on the Pachyderm Coalition ratings, tied for 40th in the Goldwater Institute Report Card, and was the sponsor of the bill that gave us the largest tax increase in the history of the state. That record is one that cannot be a record of a conservative.

        It seems that every Republican, including Tom Horne, Rick Romley, John McCain, Bill Konopnicki, Rich Crandall and Tony Bouie, says they are conservative, but their voting record tells a different story. Leff is grouped with these people by her voting record.

        Thayer Verschoor is the ONLY candidate for Treasurer that has a conservative voting record. Next time, be informed before you make decisions. We will have a chance to elect true conservatives if the electorate will take the time to know the record of the candidates they are voting on.

    • ben f says:

      Jon,It is nice to see you being loyal to your state senator, but don’t lose your credibility by calling her conservative. She is at the bottom of the ratings by AFP, Pachyderm Coalition, etc AND she was the sponsor of the bill that gave us the largest tax increase in the history of the state.

      Sen. Pearce will tell you that she was not a player in supporting 200, employer sanctions or 1070.

      Barbara Leff has Kyl’s support and she is no conservative!

      • LD11PC says:

        Ben: You got that right!
        I would only add that not only is Barbara Leff no conservative, neither is Jon Altmann.
        Fortunately perennial candidate and prolific word spewer Altmann has been dismissed by the voters in his district who are on to him and his pomposity.

  10. Capitol Watcher says:

    I find it appalling that State Treasurer Dean Martin would endorse this seriously flawed man for Arizona’s banker. The only reason I can see for such an action is the indisputable and direct link Martin has with the Johns…McCain and Kyl. I agree with Steve that Brewer will have a job waiting for Dean Martin at the first of the year — his gift for stepping out of the governor’s race. If I were the state comptroller, the deputy director of Risk Management or the chief of the Budget Office, I’d be getting a bit nervous about now. Or maybe Brewer would take a giant and regrettable leap and put Dean Martin in as deputy director as Department of Administration. The able fellow serving in that capacity now is the interim director, appointed by the outgoing director upon his retirement. Someone is going to have to move to make room for Dean. You watch.

    • Ben F says:

      I believe that Dean has been promised a job, but I have seen those thugs make promises in the past and fail to keep those promises. What a shock.

  11. Ben F says:

    Just researched Ducey and discovered that he also did not pay his property taxes in 2006 as prescribed by law.

    It also is evident that he has hidden other financial interests that are supposed to be disclosed by our financial disclosure laws.

    Putting this all together with his GPL and Amnesty connections seems to be a particular problem for someone who wants to be in charge of 60 BILLION in taxpayer funds and has stated that the next job he wants is Governor.

    He needs to be stopped now or the state will be the loser.

  12. Janelle says:

    Just watched the Treasurer’s Debate held in Tucson with Bill Buckmaster. http://ondemand.azpm.org/videoshorts/watch/2010/8/9/1432-republican-candidates-for-az-treasurer-square-off/

    At the 9:15 mark Dirtbag Ducey was asked about his regular lapses in paying his taxes. His slippery answer was to hearken back to his parents admonitions that when he did something wrong he should own up to it and not commit the deed again.

    Well, Doug, you did not own up to your failures. You shifted the blame to “someone else” who did not do their job. Even then, you only confirmed the occasions that you were confronted with by the reporter. You kept quiet about the third occasion in 2006 because you thought you had a pass on that one.

    Going back to your parents’ admonitions, you also failed to keep the part about not repeating your transgressions, since you committed these offenses three times in the space of four years. It seems your failure to pay attention to important items like paying your taxes is habitual and, if criminal, you would qualify as being recidivist and an on-going danger to society.

    The Treasurer of the State of Arizona should not have such a checkered past as you have lived.

  13. Political Hack says:

    I see a pattern here:

    2006 Failed to pay property taxes

    2008 Failed to pay property tax

    2008 Wall street Journal article stateing that information provided to investors was misleading

    2009 Failed to pay property tax

    2010 Failed to correctly file his finaancial disclosure statement

    2010 Campaign finance reports inaccurate

    Failed to vote in a primary for a State Constitutional Officer for the last 10 years.

  14. Steve Calabrese says:

    I don’t understand this.

    Really, it’s baffling.

    Thayer, quite frankly, understands the Arizona budget better than anyone in Arizona with the possible exceptions of Dean Martin himself and Ken Bennett.

    And, his conservative record is incredible.

    Why would Dean do this?

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