Same sex “marriage” given editorial nod by AZ Republic

Not surprisingly the Arizona Republic editorially extols the recent overturning of the vote of over 7 million Californians by an openly gay federal judge.

Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker’s decision came by way of a lawsuit brought by homosexual couples after the state Supreme Court created same-sex” marriage” in the state. By an overwhelming margin, voters tossed it out just months later.

Today the Republic’s editorialist Kathleen Ingley opines: “If this generation of Americans doesn’t move forward, the next one will. Young people just do not share their parents’ hang-ups about gay marriage. The facts on the ground are undeniable. Gays and lesbians are forming families. They’re having children. They need the full rights and framework of family law.”

Read that to mean that the government schools are doing a bang-up job of indoctrinating American children to the point that the values they are raised with within their homes and churches will fall in favor of the agenda-driven propaganda they receive inside the classroom setting, away from parent’s prying eyes.

Gay issues have stepped front and center with the newspaper since January 2008, when Randy Lovely took over as chief editor and VP of News at the daily newspaper. The topic, however, has been one near and dear to the editorial board even under the reign of Ward Bushee, who left to become editor of the San Francisco Chronicle.

12 Responses to Same sex “marriage” given editorial nod by AZ Republic

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    More of the agenda being pushed at our children and down our own throats. If you abhor the illegal invasion, you’re a nativist. If you don’t want your children indoctrinated with homosexual ‘alternative lifestyle’ garbage, you’re a bigot and homophobe. There is no winning with these people. And how dare anyone have legitimate doubts about the actual birthplace of Barack Hussein Obama — especially after he steadfastly refuses to dispel such concerns by producing his birth certificate or any other authenticating documents. If you wonder about the truth, you are the ultimate nutcase: A Birther!

  2. Kent says:

    Here’s more:

  3. Pablo says:

    What a tragedy. We have taken prayer and Judeo Christian principles out of the classroom and replaced them with the perverted homosexual agenda. There has never been a society that has embraced homosexuality that has prospered. Why? Because God clearly considers this deviant sexual behavior abhorrent. How much longer can we sit on the side lines and allow these perverts to indoctrinate our children with this immoral garbage. Homosexuality is sin and that’s it!! God condemns its practice and so should we. If we want to get America back on track, we need to get right with God and return to the priciples that made this the greatest nation the world has ever known. Have we made mistakes you bet. However, there has never been a more compassionate and giving people. Somewhere amongst us are those who will have the courage to stand up against those who are taking us down the path to destruction.

  4. pgillenw says:

    I really do not think that we need to be frightened of same-sex unions. Each are responsible for instilling the beliefs of the parent to the child. Job well done then your kids grow up to be just like you.

  5. Goin4it says:

    My neighbors happen to be lesbians who have two children. The boy and girl are happy, delightful, smart and respectful, as are their parents. You were saying? If you are a true Christian, you do not judge.

    • Vince says:

      Oh come on now. Exercising good judgment is not un-Christian, it is the means of discerning right from wrong. As to homosexuality, Scripture is quite clear that it is a sin. Tolerance of everything is what is wrong with popular culture today. We were given the ability to making wise judgments on what is acceptable and what is not. All of us do so each and every day. That is as it should be.

      I will add that teaching acceptance of perversion to innocent children makes my blood boil.

    • TOLL FOR THEE says:

      Wrong is wrong Goin. You will recall that Jesus spent much time with sinners, in fact it was His ministry while on earth. But to each he said, “go your way and sin no more.” While I don’t think you should hate your neighbors, you should love them and serve as a Godly example, I do believe it is ok to disapprove of their sin. Jesus says he does not judge because the Word of God already does, which of course teaches that homosexuality is a sin. And for a more complete reading, check out the American Academy of Pediatrician’s statement on sexuality in schools. They do not condone teaching that homosexuality is healthy, the opposite in fact.

  6. sherriaz says:

    Do not judge? If that isn’t twisting Scripture to uphold an agenda, I don’t know what is. God has clearly laid down societal norms throughout the Bible and Christians cannot pick and choose which to follow. Christians are expected to show their brethren the errors of their ways: hate the sin, love the sinner. It does NOT mean, accept any sin that the sinner wishes to engage in and look the other way lest you become labeled “intolerant”.

    Allowing same sex marriage creates the slippery slope of adult consent dictating what society should allow. Bigamy, polygamy and pedophilia with kids 15-17 will be next. Say it can’t happen? 50 years ago the small segment of society occupied by gays and lesbians
    began to push for political power disproportionate to their number. Not only did they come out of the closet, they came into our living rooms and schools pushing a dysfunctional lifestyle onto us and our kids. Bisexuality is now “cool” and homosexuals are pushing for complete acceptance as “another normal”.
    Thank you, Hollyweird.

    The right to marry is NOT contained in the Constitution. Stretching “the pursuit of happiness” until it snaps is not in the best interest of a healthy society. Equal protection under the law was never intended to legitimize gay marriage. It is a complete misread at best and shows a subversive agenda. Gays should no more be allowed to marry than polygamists should be allowed to have multiple wives.

    America will live or die based upon how we raise our children and the standards we insist upon. Becoming a hedonistic country where anything goes as long as the people involved are consenting adults (or for NAMBLA members, teens are close enough)will give us more in common with Sodom and Gomorrah than any other societies.

    • Pablo says:

      Well said Sherri. Your remarks will hopefully inspire your readers to re-evaluate their position on the dangers of allowing radical homosexual activists unfettered access to the minds of our innocent children.

  7. pgillenw says:

    Keep in mind that homosexuals are children of heterosexuals. Many were from God fearing parents. Cast your disapproval however when your finger is pointed at others remember one is pointed at you.

    I am not an advocate for gay marriage. I am for civil unions. Marriage is wrought with disappointments, a all to hight percentage fail. The institution of marriage and the courts who must mitigate their failures need to be rethought. Heterosexual’s marry within the church yet, they fail. Children of these marriages are victims. Many suffer great mental harm as parents separating put them through hell.

    If there be two people, straight or gay, who love each other we should celebrate not condemn.

    • sherriaz says:

      And what if there are three people? If they love, are we supposed to celebrate? Polygamists loved their plural wives and children-at least according to those practicing it- but many children have been harmed by this practice as well.

      So homosexuals are children of heterosexuals? (despite their desire to have it otherwise, it still takes an egg and a sperm to make a baby. If that doesn’t pretty much sum up Gods design plan, I don’t know what would ) That does not mean their parents don’t love them or that they will not have relationships. What it means is that they have no fundamental, Constitutionally guaranteed right to MARRIAGE.

      History shows that the best unit for raising children is marriage of one male and one female. Perfect, nope. Designed by God, yep-and that’s good enough for me.

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