Jack Harper: Multiple endorsers withdraw support

Within days of former Maricopa County GOP chairman and current District 4 chairman Lyle Tuttle rescinding his support of Jack Harper in the District 4 House race, Sen. Russell Pearce (R-Dist.18) has withdrawn his endorsement of Harper.

Pearce and Tuttle join the respected conservative PAChyderm Coalition in terminating their support of Jack Harper.

 “We believe Senator Harper’s irresponsible, indeed, irrational attacks have caused untold collateral damage to the conservative cause across the state. We believe these actions cannot be ignored or condoned, and the Pachyderm Coalition cannot be associated with this type of behavior regardless of Senator Harper’s past outstanding conservative voting record and leadership. Due to all of the aforementioned factors, the Pachyderm Coalition Executive Committee regretfully announces the rescinding of their endorsement of Senator Jack Harper for the House of Representatives in LD 4.”

In his statement Pearce wrote: “In order to endorse someone I must be able to vouch for both their ideological backbone and their personal integrity. While I have appreciated Jack’s [Harper} voting record in the past, his increasingly nasty and personal attacks on his fellow Republicans make it impossible for me to continue to offer my endorsement to him at this time.”

Harper, who is term-limited in the Senate, is seeking the Republican nomination for a seat in the House. He is in a four-way primary race for two seats. Former state senator Scott Bundgaard, is garnering widespread support in the district. He is running in opposition to Nathan Sproul client, Sean Kohner, and the infamous Tony Bouie. Sproul has ventured around the outer edges of ethical behavior for years.

Bouie it will be remembered was a lifelong Democrat who opportunistically registered as a Republican a mere five days before filing his documents to run for a GOP legislative seat in Dist. 6 and lied repeatedly to cover his actions. Now he has carpetbagged across town in an attempt to con the voters in District 4.

Sean Kohner carries the taint of his disreputable association with Sproul’s Lincoln Strategy Group and his increasingly apparent connection with Jack Harper, as seen in his recent mailings.

23 Responses to Jack Harper: Multiple endorsers withdraw support

  1. West Valley PC says:

    Jack Harper has gone off the deep end. As a former supporter, I’m sorry to see it.

  2. Janelle says:

    I kind of wondered if Tuttle was wrong when I saw his statement, but with Pearce and the Pachyderm Coalition following suit AND Harper now connected to Nathan ‘the snake’ Sproul, I am convinced.

    To say that I am disappointed in Harper would be an understatement.

  3. LD 4 Voter says:

    Scott Bundgaard is a decent guy with a proven legislative track record. I have no trouble giving him my vote. In fact, I am proud to do so.

    Jack Harper needs to take a rest. He seems to be very troubled at having to run for the House and give up his exaulted Senate title. That is when things become problematic. This is, after all, supposed to be public service, not royal standing.

  4. RJ says:

    This problem of long term conservatives going postal against their own seems to be a real epidemic this year.

    Harper attacking Bundgaard, Lesko working against Douglas, Farnsworth working against Hendrix, Weiers and Montenegro teaming up against Silver, Martin endorsing Ducey against Verschoor.

    Anyone who works with Sproul has already gone around the bend. Harper can no longer be considered a friend of conservatives.

  5. Joy Hanover says:

    I’m really ticked off with Harper – run on your creditials but don’t tear others down- what a disappointment!

    It seemed like what Harper was saying and doing was so unkind and improper. I emailed some people from our district, but nobody seemed to know the answer about him.

    Well, no matter what, at least we have some people in the party who are going to stand for what’s right and to set a higher standard. Thank you.

  6. Really says:

    LD 4 Voter: I’m glad you’re proud of Bundgaard’s record. Which one? His delinquent tax history? His failure to pay his fines to the FEC for campaign violations in his last failed candidacy? His extensive court history?

    Better think twice….looks like the last three paragraphs of this piece were written by Bundgaard.

    • RJ says:

      How about his adult voting record in the legislature AND his personal adult success?

      I am surprised that he has not responded in kind to Harper, I do not think that I could have had such restraint.

      Harper, unfortunately, fits the time tested model of being his own worst enemy. Any loss of respect by other leading conservatives is of his own doing and very sad.

  7. Ricky Lujan says:

    Sen. Jack Harper stood valiantly for defense of traditional marriage. Harper’s talent and dedication in safeguarding that conservative principle in Arizona cannot be forgotten. If there were a hall of fame for conservative Arizona legislators Harper would be among the first inductees.

    PAChyderm Coalition, Sen. Pearce and Chairman Tuttle
    can’t all be wrong or acting without cause.

    Whatever all this turmoil is about this election cycle, let’s bury it on Aug. 24.

    • Joy Hanover says:

      Stood valiantly? Isn’t Harper’s claim to fame pulling the plug on the microphone while two people were debating? That’s valiant? Sounds like poor judgment and a lack of decorum.

  8. Claire Skye says:

    I would suggest voters from district 4 cast their votes for for any body but Jack Harper. They are all conservative and I think we deserve some new, fresh representation without the drama Harper brings to the job.

  9. ron says:

    I like a legislature without Mr. Harper.

    • Vagabond says:

      Harper has his problems, but he’s not a liberal. That’s precisely what grates on you, ron.

    • RJ says:

      Exactly. And Harper’s unfounded attacks on Bundgaard have made Bouie more viable. If Bouie wins, it will only be due to Harper.

      • Really says:

        Hey RJ:
        I’m still waiting for you to explain Bundgaard’s “personal adult successes”

      • Joy Hanover says:

        All you have to do is look at Bundgaard’s resume and compare it to Harper. Harper graduated from high school. Bundgaard graduated from Thunderbird with an MBA. Harper was a used car salesman and was fired from that job, while Bundgaard was a Vice President for J.P.Morgan. These items are so easy to find on the internet. I do not understand why you guys do not just look for yourself.

  10. David Finlayson says:

    Several years ago, the State Legislature voted on and passed term limits. Now many of them are termed out in either the Senate or House and want to simply swap seats and keep on going. There are good valid reasons for term limits. Let’s not vote for anyone who falls in this category. We need some new people and new thinking!

  11. Joe says:

    Did Russell Pearce ever withdraw his endorsement of JT Ready when he ran for Mesa City Council?

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  13. Carl J. Elitz says:

    I am deeply saddened by the actions of Jack in this primary and the friction those actions have caused. I will be voting for Scott and am still struggling about Jack. Jack please, please “come home”.

  14. not a puppet says:

    Say what you want about Harper, maybe he is childish, but I would take childish over CORRUPT anyday. Why are these guys all turning on Jack? He tried to get in the way of Scott’s private sector interests being served by Russell Pearce’s legislation. Russell has too much political momentum right now with all the national attention for anyone to dare call him out on anything, well, except, the crazy Jack Harper. Maybe it wasn’t principle that caused Jack’s actions, it may have been his lack of education, but it still stinks less than Scott’s self serving actions while in and out of office. Oh yeah, what happened with that rock or gravel business on 75th Ave & DV? Hmm, think I’ll vote for the newcomer Kohner.

  15. GOPJet says:

    There is clear evidence and documentation of both State Senator Harper & State Senate Shawn Kohner lies.

    Harper has lost MAJOR Conservative endorsements.

    He and Kohner have dug up ancient history on Bundgaard, going back into his childhood. And have made nasty allegations that they cannot provide any evidence of.

    I challenge Harper & Kohner to defend their proven lies.