Thayer Verschoor would run treasurer’s office like a watchdog conservative

The AZ Capitol Times appears to want to be on the front-end of a breaking news story with today’s coverage of the state treasurer’s race, titled Wide-open race for state treasurer’s job.

The publication acknowledges that “Verschoor would run the office like a watchdog conservative.”

Be sure to vote and make this prediction a reality.

Sen. Thayer Verschoor (R-Dist.22) is a reliable conservative who brings outstanding credentials to the job. 

This is how Seeing Red AZ previously covered flawed candidate Doug Ducey, who also carries the taint of the daily newspaper’s endorsement.


7 Responses to Thayer Verschoor would run treasurer’s office like a watchdog conservative

  1. Mesa Boy says:

    I wish him luck today. He and Barbara L. would do a good job.

  2. Blondie says:

    Thayer gets our vote for State Treasurer! No scandals that the left can pick on like Ducey! Much higher conservative rating than Leff!He’s endorsed by Sheriff Arpaio and Senators Russell Pierce and Sylvia Allen and also Don Goldwater.NRA-A rating. Pro-Life:100%. Pro-Border Security:100%.”Champion of the Taxpayer”.

  3. Sigmund says:

    Barbara L? Are you kidding? What’s there to recommend her? She’s out of work and looking for a place to land. Time to go back to her Paradise Valley enclave and take a rest. She’s a Kyl/McCain person, surely not a conservative.

  4. Ben F says:

    I have never seen an article at 11am on election day calling a race close when it has been the message of the elites that it was a runaway. Seems like someone has exit polling or other information kept from the public.

    This is also true for the McCain Hayworth race. Does anyone else think it a historic fact that there has been NO polling released since July 11. Hayworth must be much closer than advertised and the McCain forces have had the clout to put a news blackout on that possibility.

  5. Blondie says:

    Ben, SO true! Don’t you feel like we are living in a cocoon right now! AZ Republic and even KFYI (deserted their conservative base) with a TOTAL blackout of anything positive about JD (H) and Thayer V. There are tv cameras from around the world recording the JD/McCain race and out-of-staters are praying that McCain loses……….but no Rasmussen polls since 7/11. McCain has gotten to the print , radio, and tv media and no mention of the 20 (major) AZ tea party support, 10 banners hung over freeway passes, and plane flying banner over Phoenix. AZ Rep can understand but KYFI selling out? Very scary. We must defeat McCain in November if JD does not win.

  6. Political Hack says:

    I am just curious if Doug voted today. He has never voted in a primary to select the Treasurer in the last 10 years. Thayer Verschoor all the way. He is Mr. Conservative in my book.

  7. Mesa Boy says:

    I was way off. Ducey is running away with it. JD got owned….I knew that was coming, but there are some tight races out there.