Jesse Kelly gets the Republic’s treatment

So it begins.

The Arizona Republic has already switched into General Election GOP candidate abuse mode, giving a Sunday double whammy to Congressional District 8 victor Jesse Kelly.

First out of the hatch in the Viewpoints section was the outlandishly biased headlined article from the Republic’s Washington Bureau: GOP’s Kelly can’t win, Giffords’ camp says.

Unsuspecting Arizona newcomers are left wondering what kept this so-called purveyor of news from running a header that read: Dem’s Giffords can’t win, Kelly’s camp says.

They need to be educated as to the liberal bent of the newspaper, which clearly hoped for the McCain-anointed Jonathan Paton to prevail in the primary. The fact that conservative newcomer Jesse Kelly outdid Paton in fundraising and outpaced him by over 6,000 votes left the Republic editorial board in stunned silence.  When they finally were able to speak, it was derisively. Paton, who was himself targeted by Democrats, gave this unseemly assessment declaring the Democrats’ assumptions about Kelly are correct:

“The Democrats want Kelly to win because they see the same polls we do: I beat Giffords in November; Jesse loses,” Paton boasted in a brash news release shortly before he lost the election. However Paton never released his complete polling results which would have backed up his statement and the relentless campaigner Kelly unceremoniously showed him the door in the primary.

Giffords, of course, is vulnerable Democrat Gabrielle Giffords, the out-of-touch, two-term congresswoman, who is a Nancy Pelosi acolyte.

The farcical Kelly bashing continued in a piece by Doug MacEachern. Ostensibly using his allotted column inches to go after the recognizably flawed CD 3 GOP candidate Ben Quayle aka “Brock Landers,” MacEachern was unable to resist sticking it to a genuine conservative such as Kelly for holding true to his principles.

Expect more of the same between now and the November 2, 2010 General Election. And expect the forthright Kelly’s message to resonate with the district’s voters.

14 Responses to Jesse Kelly gets the Republic’s treatment

  1. Colin says:

    Kelly actually has a decent shot at knocking Giffords off. AZ will be a blowout year for Republicans, with several of the top of the ticket statewide offices going 20 plus points.

    Add in the backlash against Obama and the Democrats for SB1070, and mix that in a Republican district, and I can see Kelly being dragged over the finish line.

    Lincoln Strategy and Nathan Sproul blew an easy win, Paton should have trounced Kelly.

    Both Kelly and Paton would have had an identical voting record once in Congress. Republican voters should have been smarter about who they nominate. Paton would have easily beat Giffords.

  2. Kathy says:

    Kelly needs to play Giffords idiot statements she made to Petraeus (who is fighting 2 wars) on how he was going to input green-energy on the Afghan bases – let alone her votes on Obamacare & the Pelosi agenda!

  3. Karen S. says:

    If Kelly is already drawing pot shots from the AZ Repugnant, then you already know he is doing something right.

    Go Jesse. And this time with Pullen as treasurer, at least he should have better funding of his campaign from the AZGOP, unlike what happened to Randy Graf in 2006.

  4. catsclaw says:

    Conservatives for Congress are already running an ad with Giffords and Petraeus. And being the balance paper that the Arizona Daily Star is, they are calling it heavily edited. Too bad the Star also does not mention Giffords ad against Kelly which is very heavily edited, saying Kelly wants to do away with Social Security. But this is the local media we have to deal with and overcome.

  5. Army Of One says:

    Here it is for all to see. Gabby Giffords speaks glibly about the deaths of two young Fort Huachuca based servicemen who died, in the same breath in which she jokingly lectures Gen. Petraeus about the importance of “staying hydrated”…ending with “very sad.”

  6. Pima Pal says:

    Well Colin, you appear to be all over the place with your opinions. First you say Kelly actually has a decent shot at knocking Giffords off — a point with which I agree. Next you declare he could be “dragged over the finish line” as though he would need to ride the coattails of others, which is preposterous, given that he knocked off the McCain endorsed Jonathan Paton without any help.

    Can you name any major candidate or issue that should have won easily that wasn’t creamed by being in league with Nathan Sproul? Hire him and his Lincoln Strategy Group and you are guaranteeing a loss. Paton got what he deserved by bringing this snake onboard his campaign.

    As to Paton and Kelly having identical voting records, I had to laugh when I read that. Are you a prophet who sees into the future to make such an inane statement? Kelly hasn’t as yet held elective office so where do you get your “facts?” Sounds like Nathan Sproul is your source.

    Republican voters WERE smart enough to nominate Jesse Kelly over the AZ Republic and McCain endorsed lobbyist Jonathan Paton. You should be a comedian.

  7. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Tuscon’s socialist rag, The Daily Star (aka The Daily Insult) has been running “news” articles promoting the great accomplishments of gabby giffords all year long. Like the Republic, they will soon start their attacks slamming Kelly, which will continue unabated through election day.

    Giffords, with her MEGA-MILLIONS in union money and paybacks from BIG PHARMA for her obozocare vote, has already begun negative TV ads against Kelly. In slime attack #1 she implies that Kelly will immediately destroy Social Security. It is certain that not one of her ads will present her “accomplishments”, like voting 100% in support of everything crazy pelosi wanted, her past support for the STRIVE AMNESTY bill, her votes for obozocare, her votes for the d-cra socialist bailouts, etc.

  8. TruckerJohn says:

    CD-8 Will not forget how Gifford hid from the people she is supposed to represent at town hall meetings, and how Jesse stepped up. Who cares or reads whats in those rags anyway? Who would spend .50 cent to read one?

  9. Colin says:

    Pima Pal,

    I’m a pragmatist, and I want the candidate that has the best chance to beat Giffords. Paton was more electable than Kelly, every poll I saw had him outperforming Kelly in a matchup against Giffords, and there’s no question the Democrats were far more worried about Paton.

    In a close race, I’ll take my chances with ending up with a “ultra-leftist” Republican like Paton if he can beat Giffords, especially since Jesse is a blank slate who’s only claim to fame is serving in the military (which Paton also did) with no track record. Just saying “I’m the REAL conservative” isn’t enough.

    Please tell me a major issue these candidates disagreed on and would vote differently when the issue came to the House floor, I would love to know. If I can’t make a judgment like that because it’s too “prophetic”, how can you make a judgment that Kelly would be the more conservative Republican when he gets to Congress? It’s a catch-22.

    I disliked Paton, and disliked him even more when he hired Sproul and the incompetent Lincoln Strategy, but I want to see Giffords beat. ANY other election cycle, Kelly would be toast, if he wins it will be purely on coattails, but I’m hoping he’ll get lucky one more time.

  10. Chris N says:

    I hope Jesse Kelly gets lucky too, but I think that Jonathan Paton had a much better chance at knocking off Giffords in the General. I was surprised the Primary voters chose Kelly, it seems like bad strategy if the goal is to knock off Giffords.

    It reminds me of how Nevada Democrats had a real shot at knocking off Harry Reid and then they chose Sharon Angle in the primary and then Reid immediately rose in the polls because General election voters won’t vote for her.

    I hope I am wrong and Jesse wins, but the odds aren’t looking as good.

  11. suan says:

    Whomever, thought Jonathan Paton had a chance to beat Gabby, must have been drinking some strange “koolaid”.

    She beat him twice, and she knew she could beat him again. She is not a “boring” speaker, and she knew she could walk all over him. She wanted him to win and was shocked and disappointed that he lost. She could have had a field day with his voting record and his lobbying activities. Painting the “poor” seniors and Military, who he had TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF all over on her TV commercials. All you had to do was watch him speak, as one individual remarked he was a like a “rainbow” changing colors and he “tap danced” around a question ala Chicago style.

    Funny he never published that poll, where it showed he could beat Gabby by 1%. If that poll had looked bad for Kelly, you can bet your “bottom dollar” he would have published that. So……I am thinking that Jesse did better than he did.

    So the primary is over, Jonathan doesn’t have a job, he needs to find one. I would bet he will be back at his Lobbying activities. THIS time, he might look forward and think about what lobbying job won’t ruin his Political future.

    From what I have seen and heard, Jesse is coming from a different prospective than Jonathan, one that on many occasions, Jonathan started copying.

    Well, the Primary is over and it is time to get over Paton and look forward to the General. Gabby has made many mistakes on Utube, so that is why she is lying now. Just wait…..she is in for a big surprise that only Kelly could deliver.

  12. TOLL FOR THEE says:

    I live in CD8 and will vote for Kelly. Based on my water cooler conversations, I really believe Kelly has a strong chance. Gifford lost my vote when she voted for health care against the desire of her constituency. Health care was literally rammed down America’s throat and I cannot forget those responsible.

  13. ColinisWrong says:

    Colin – I’ll give You THREE Prime Examples of Areas Where Jesse Kelly Would Vote Differently from Jonathan Paton. Border Enforcement, Tort Reform and School Choice.

    JONATHAN PATON “expressed outrage” that his own anti-human smuggling law (SB-1372, 2005) was used to prosecute illegal aliens.
    “Jonathan Paton asked me for his endorsement…but he doesn’t want to follow through with arresting the low level guys.”— Sheriff Joe Arpaio (Tucson Citizen, 3/21/2010)
    “I gave the governor (Janet Napolitano) and other lawmakers my word that the law was only to go after the smugglers.”— Arizona Republic (1/21/2010)
    “…going after those being smuggled was not part of my plan.”— Jonathan Paton (Phoenix New Times, (12/27/07)

    Next Tort Reform:
    Jonathan Paton VOTED NO THREE Times Against Tort Reform!
    (In 2009 on SB 1018, In 2007 on SB1032 & in 2005 on SB 1036)
    Prove Me Wrong.

    Last is School Choice:
    Jonathan Paton VOTED NO THREE TIMES AGAINST School Choice in 2006. (HB 2676, SB 1164 & SB 2782)

    Jesse Kelly’s Border Enforcement Stance.
    We must secure the border now! District 8 contains three border counties. The trafficking and violence in these areas are having a very negative impact on the district. We must address this issue in order to reduce the threat to our domestic security and to protect our sovereignty. I have earned endorsements from Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Hon. Duncan Hunter, Hon. Tom Tancredo and Bay Buchanan because of my consistent position on border security.

    I am a strong advocate for completing the double-layer border fence along the US-Mexico border. I do not support public benefits for those who are here illegally. I strongly support employer sanctions and Arizona’s new law, SB 1070.

    I will fight to dramatically increase the number of Border Patrol agents. Until they can be hired, I support deploying 10,000 troops in an active enforcement mode among the border. The troops would be drawn down as the fence is completed and more Border Patrol agents finish training.

    It is premature to discuss any kind of guest worker program until the border is fully secured but I can clearly state that I will never support amnesty for those who have illegally entered the United States. They should return to their country of citizenship.

    Jesse Kelly on Health Care & Tort Reform.
    I opposes Obama-care and the rationing of health care. We must reform tort laws to lower health care costs for all Americans. I support a “health care court” in lieu of the current lottery system that encourages egregious lawsuits in order to stop defensive medicine and rising malpractice costs.

    Jesse Kelly on Education.
    The purpose of an education system should be to teach our children the knowledge and skills they will need to live as free and productive citizens. We should start focusing on how to best accomplish this and worrying less about whether the building is publicly or privately owned. I support school choice efforts and home schooling in addition to a well funded and effective public school system.

    You Were saying Colin? I Think this Clears up Any and All Confusion. Thanks.

  14. JW says:

    I for one disagree that Paton had a better chance to defeat Giffords with one exception. The GOP seemed to be very split up over who they wanted to back. McCain liked Paton because “he” could control Paton’s votes yes…McCain…Get over it…I have supported you for years.

    But Kelly is the better choice for Southern AZ. It is a disgrace that Paton has decided to keep the money he raised for his general election for his future use and not return it to his supporters so they in turn can donate those funds to the Kelly camp.

    It is time to get “united” as a party and beat the liberal, socialist Giffords and keep her from doing more harm to citizens of Southern AZ. I am calling for all GOP supporters to swallow their pride and do the right thing and throw 100% of your support to Jesse Kelly and his team. I have maxed out what we can do “by law”.

    The only thing left to do is to donate money to Conservatives for Congress, as it appears they are the only local organization determined to defeat Giffords and Grijalva. I hope everyone can put aside their petty differences and take this CD 8 seat back.

    By the way, CD 7 could swing to RM as well if the wind blows a little more in her favor. Grijalva is a sitting duck too with his boycott of AZ business over 1070 and his awful record as well. Let’s go now GOP and take back these 2 seats in the House.