Republic calls Clinton’s UN report on SB1070 “cheap shot”

In a surprise move, the left-leaning Arizona Republic — a relentless critic of Arizona’s popular anti-illegal-immigration measure known as SB1070 — has editorially taken on the Obama administration and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s report to the United Nations Human Rights Council. In it Clinton specifically names Arizona’s law as evidence of human rights violations in the United States.

On Sunday Seeing Red AZ covered Gov. Brewer’s strongly-worded response to the report rightly terming it “internationalism run amok.”

Today the newspaper calls the report a “cheap shot,” acknowledging that the authors of Arizona’s law went “out of their way to forbid” racial profiling and conceding that even “the federal law upon which SB 1070 is based does not explicitly address” the issue.

The editorial asks and answers the compelling question : “Why, then, is Arizona’s law even mentioned in a brief intended to be part of the assessment of the world’s maltreatment of humankind?

The plain fact is, the Clinton State Department is inclined to throw Arizona under the bus “early and often” for having had the gall to pass SB 1070. In May, a State Department official used the recently passed law as evidence of U.S. “racial discrimination” comparable to human-rights violations in China.”

WARNING: Be prepared to choke on your coffee while reading this editorial. Sip slowly. Then call your congressional representatives and Sens. McCain and Kyl and ask why they have remained so silent in the face of this outrage.

2 Responses to Republic calls Clinton’s UN report on SB1070 “cheap shot”

  1. American Dad says:

    I agree that this is a rare editorial shocker from the Repulsive. But even that rag knows that there is nothing in SB 1070 that is repressive or an affront to human rights. The Obama administration and its gal pal Hillary are so committed to the leftist agenda that they will shamefully compare a state in the United States of America — Arizona — to actually repressive nations such as Libya, China, Cuba, Venezuela and any oppressive Muslim nation. Instead our US President bows to Muslim Saudi Arabian monarchs and the Chinese Premier and gets away with those acts of betrayal. He should be impeached.

  2. Kent says:

    Seeing Red AZ:
    Our entire delegation has remained silent in the face of this outrage because they are no different that the Dems. As a lifelong Arizonan and Republican voter who has never missed an election, I am so disgusted with our delegation I won’t go to hear any of them speak again. I could stand in front of my own mirror and tell lies to myself if I was so inclined. Why get in the car and drive anywhere to hear any of them do it. The final straw for me was when Trent Franks endorsed Vernon Parker, and two others (that were surely much better) and then said none of those words counted as an endorsement. And John Shadegg skipped out of the district he is retiring from to endorse a multimillionaire, Jim Ward, who carpetbagged into the state, simply because his former chief of staff was running the campaign. Fortunately both Parker and Ward bit the dust. Now we are faced with another carpetbagger and the adolescent-type son of a former VP, named Ben Quayle. The jerk didn’t vote in primaries, job hopped from three jobs within a couple of years, has never been involved in the GOP, wrote for a raunchy blog and denied it before he admitted it. Come to think of it, he’ll be right in his element in DC!

    Thank you, John Shadegg. I’ll be voting for Jon Hulburd. And he supports SB 1070. That’s more then we actually get from Kyl, McCain, Shadegg and Flake who are good at giving lip service while acting differently once back in Washington.

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