While we were sleeping state government was hard at work

We barely blinked and overlooked the news that our state Department of Commerce has morphed into the much more powerful and certainly more globally influential, Arizona Commerce Authority.

This “significant” name switch was made June 29.  We missed it entirely, but Jerry Colangelo, Board Vice Chair and Partner of JDM Partners and Chairman of USA Basketball was in on the ground floor of this momentous decision. You’ll remember him as much for mounting a counterattack to the employer sanctions law (Legal Arizona Worker’s Act) as for his mega sports persona — joining with open borders businessmen in 2007 who announced plans to target Republican state lawmakers who were instrumental in guiding the employer sanctions law to passage.

Donald E. Cardon, the newly renamed department’s director declared that this change at his agency “raises the bar in ways unseen in Arizona’s history.”  He said, “I am greatly encouraged to be part of such significant changes. It is now time to compete globally for Arizona’s economic future.”

With unemployment at staggering highs, home foreclosures still at peak levels, bankruptcy applications logged-jammed, city and state taxes raising and Mayor Philly Gordon even imposing a tax on food purchases to deal with budget deficits, this governmental action tells us — in no uncertain terms — how fortunate we are to have our current leadership.

Wink, wink.

5 Responses to While we were sleeping state government was hard at work

  1. Sideliner says:

    There’s more going on here then a mere department name change. This appears to be tied in to the pro-open borders, cheap labor exploiters to me. Is this Brewer’s thank you to McCain? Seems to me she did plenty by traveling the state with him and helping get the old dog reelected?

  2. Sgt. Preston says:

    Thanks for the reminder about Jerry Colangelo. He is certainly more than just a sports mogul. When he became part of the threatening throng coming out against Republican legislators and in favor of the cheap labor crowd pushing for McCain’s amnesty and an influx of workers to compete with our own citizens, he infuriated me. Time made me forget the magnitude of his involvement. I do appreciate the reminder.

  3. Another LD11 PC says:

    This Development Authority makes the Prop100 tax increase look like an ant staring at Squaw Peak.

    You haven’t seen debt yet. 1 billion/10 billion will be nothing to these folks. They have a license to spend with NO ELECTED OVERSIGHT, subject only to restriction based on how many bond sales the market can bear…


    Thank you John Kavanaugh for contributing your intimate knowledge of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to this launch of a similar authority in Arizona.

    It will fail and be just as inefficient as the PAoNYNJ is.

    However, it will give you and Kirk Adams plenty of cover while enriching your buddies at the Arizona Corporation Commission.

    We need the FBI in here to investigate the organized crime going on between the state legislature and Arizona Corporation Commission.

    • Another LD11 PC says:

      Yes, it is that bad and that corrupt. Andy Tobin said that it’s “Republican” because so many Republicans voted for it last time. Corruption is not Republican so Andy Tobin is WRONG and HE is corrupt.

  4. Walter W. says:

    Under the guise of “shrinking government” Gov. Brewer turned the duties of the Department of Commerce over to a hand picked “private sector.”

    Colangelo is a master of profiting by sticking it to the taxpayer. We learned that when he conspired with the County BOS to override the voters of Phoenix to build the multi-million dollar white elephant currently known as Chase Field.