Why Vernon Parker lost the CD 3 race

Remember the story of the kid who came home from school with grades of four “Fs” and a “D” on his report card? When he showed them  to his reproving father who demanded to know what went wrong, he responded that he had spent too much time on one course.

And so it is with Vernon Parker.

After briefly tossing his hat in the ring for governor and then deciding to run for congress, he was apparently so busy focusing on defeating specific conservative Republican precinct committeemen in his home precinct of Camelhead that he ended up losing the big kahuna.

The results of the precinct committeemen races were released today by the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office

22 Responses to Why Vernon Parker lost the CD 3 race

  1. PVer says:

    What pettiness. It just proves to me that Parker is a McCain lackey, busily working to oust conservatives on the precinct level.

  2. LD 11 PC says:

    Parker’s priorities were varnished with a thick coating of McShellac. There is a lesson to be learned here. Trusting in anyone who is bonded in anyway with those forces deserves what they get. In his case it was an ass-kicking much the same as he worked to serve up to Tom and Marilyn Husband once again.

  3. charlotteW says:

    Vern, you listened to McNuts who is always out for himself, you McFool you were promised that primrose path but McMadMan forgot who you were in the end.

  4. Jack Q says:

    I think another MAJOR reason Vernon Parker lost so badly was he hired Lincoln Strategy and Nathan Sproul to run his campaign.

    I’ve never seen a firm lose so many races.

  5. NightOwl says:

    Vernon Parker hung out with the wrong crowd. He wanted sympathy for his tough childhood, but as an adult he has no problem going out of his way to make life tough for people who actually work diligently on behalf of the AZ GOP. What has he ever done?

  6. Cassandra says:

    What a swell guy for Congressman Trent Franks to endorse. Oops. I misspoke. It wasn’t an endorsement. It was just a nice statement.

  7. VoiceInTheWild says:

    How about the fact that Vernon just did not have the money that Boy Wonder and Moak had?

  8. Capt. Marvel says:

    THIS is the “tale-of-woe” guy. Don’t make me laugh. When was the last time YOU wore a white linen shirt and dined in ambiance on the patio, sipping wine and eating rare ahi?

    What he DOES have is good PR.


  9. LD 11 PC says:

    Vernon Parker was indeed hard at work for Team McCain trying to unseat conservatives. A lot of good it did him.

    My question is why would Joe Arpaio endorse Parker when there are such raw feelings between Pro-amnesty McCain and (REALLY)Secure-the-border Arpaio?

  10. Fed Up says:

    Joe Arpaio endorsed anyone who asked or who his handlers told him to endorse. In some races, he endorsed adversaries. An endorsement is only worth something if it’s a rarity. When everyone else has the same thing, it becomes worthless. Trent Franks does the same thing. He even endorsed slimeball Tony Bouie! This primary election has been a major turn off to me.

  11. MaskedTruthman says:

    Does this mean that Tom Husband won’t be able to run for County Chair against Rob Haney? If anyone thinks that he intended to challenge Haney for the seat, they are clueless. Husband works for Haney as Executive Director. Puppet Parker was too clever by half.

    • MacBeth says:

      I hope that’s not what it means, Masked Truthman. The Haney/Husband team work harder than any I’ve previously seen and I’ve been around the political scene quite awhile.

  12. sam says:

    Rob Haney and Tom Husband should run the entire state for the party. They know who the real Conservatives are, and support them.

  13. Give Me a Break says:

    Are you people crazy? Do you really think Parker spent one second on a campaign for PC? He was running for Congress.

    What worries me is the rumor I heard that McCain was using all of those field offices to quietly recruit PC’s. After looking at the list it seems like they might have done this right under our noses.

    So, look up, verify that there are no black helicopters circling, then look back down and get to work blocking McCain and Kyl from taking over the state party.

    • PV Voter says:

      Indeed! I don’t only think so, I KNOW so. He has been a willing worker on behalf of ousting conservatives in PC slots.

    • Chickaboom says:

      One question GMAB:
      If Vernon was so busy tending to his congressional campaign, why didn’t he win?

  14. Realist says:

    Hey, Give Me a Break & PV Voter:

    It is no secret that McShame operatives have been challenging conservative PC’s for years. A nasty crew for sure and if you know some of them, you can attest they are as ugly on the outside as on the inside.

    As for Parker, the McShamesters put him up to running against Husband 2 years ago. They loved him for participating in their dirty deed, then betrayed him with a kiss for his congressional run.

  15. Chris N says:

    I don’t understand why people think that Vernon Parker shouldn’t run for PC? There are 5 seats in his precinct. 8 people ran. Tom Husband came in last place. Vernon probably didn’t walk his neighborhood asking voters to elect him as a PC, but he did have name ID. Did the Husbands campaign at all? Should the people of their precinct elect them just because they put their name on the ballot and they were elected the previous election? Those seats aren’t reserved for incumbent PCs. Do people really think that?

    Using that thinking, if someone wants to be a PC, but they find that someone else is already a PC in their area, they should chose not to run because they might beat an incumbent.

    I think Vernon ran for PC because he wanted to get involved and had a desire to run for higher office. If he wasn’t a PC, people would use that against him when he ran for Congress because they would think he wasn’t involved. Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. I do not buy the conspiracy theories that Vernon orchestrated 6 people in a race and saw to it that voters did not vote for Tom Husband and his wife.

    I also think that Vernon is his own man. It would be impossible, according to the reasoning of people on this blog, that he is joined at the hip with both Arpaio and McCain. Selective guilt by association is ridiculous and it happens too often in Republican circles.