GOP AG nominee Horne calls on Rotellini to return AZ boycott supporters’ donations

Democrat Attorney General candidate Felecia Rotellini has said she was unaware that one of her major campaign contributors is actively working to harm Arizona’s economy by calling for a boycott of the state.

Rotellini has accepted $4,176 from the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW), which supports a boycott due to their opposition of SB 1070 Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration law.

Republican Attorney General nominee Tom Horne said, “Now that she knows, she should return the money. We’ve seen the effects of these boycotts: business travel has slackened, conventions have been canceled, various groups have refused to come to Arizona, and many Arizona jobs have been lost. My opponent opposed SB 1070. That cannot be changed. But, the least she can do is return the money contributed by a group pushing to boycott Arizona.”

The question Rotellini should be asked is why she is in concert with out-of-state unions that are committed to influencing Arizona’s laws through economic coercion?


8 Responses to GOP AG nominee Horne calls on Rotellini to return AZ boycott supporters’ donations

  1. Xyooper says:

    I guess I’ll have to vote for the guy but has Horne ever had a stance on the “multi-state” Obamacare suit? I know its a political football but hey, show me the energy. The world doesn’t need any more do-nothing tax-jockeys in charge of Big Things. Just my opinion.

  2. AZ Conservative Guy says:

    I’m a native Arizonan and a lifelong Republican who began veering away from the mainstream GOP and calling myself a conservative several years ago. Our party is filled with people like Flake, McCain and Kyl. You can add Shadegg and now the shell of what was once Trent Franks to the mix as well. I did not vote for Ego Thomas for Attorney General and will be supporting Horne. He’s smart, means what he says about the border and is not the terror some misguided Republicans believed. I watched last night’s debate between Horne and Rotellini on Ch. 10, and was even more impressed with his command of the issues.

  3. Frankly Speaking says:

    I was nosing around her donor links (THANKS!) and found some interesting names. She’s heavy with far left lefties, pro-aborts, homosexual advocates and her campaign chariman is AZ’s most rare bird–the single-term congressman, former Dem state chair and the former head of Arizona Planned Parenthood: Sam Coppersmith. That tells the full story about Felecia Rotellini as far as I’m concerned. Check it out.

  4. Gary says:

    Did you see the debate between these two on Channel 10 a couple of nights ago? Horne stayed on topic, answered the questions forthrightly and consequently made her look like a fool. She refused to answer or dodged around important issues such as whether it was OK to abandon your home if the homeowner was “upside down” in their mortgage or the issue of busing children from Mexico to Arizona schools. Rotellini showed herself to be a grand scale liberal in the mode of Janet Napolitano. She gave obviously pre-rehearsed answers that had nothing to do with the question being asked, or refused to address John Hook’s questions at all. And although Horne pledged that he was not interested in the governorship down the road, she would not commit to that. She clearly is on a mission. If you liked Napolitano, you’ll love Rotellini!

    Beware of this woman, folks.

  5. DGN says:


    Horne has said several times that he will join the various states in legal action to vigorously oppose Obamacare. Among other things, Horne notes the federal government cannot compel citizens to buy something they don’t want.

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