Sheriff Arpaio endorses Tom Horne for AZ AG

In the key race for Arizona Attorney General, Republican Tom Horne has received the endorsement of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

In his announcement today Sheriff Arpaio said, “Tom Horne is the best candidate for this important job. He will vigorously defend Arizonans and their interests at a time when the federal government is encroaching upon our rights and priorities.”

“Tom Horne will enforce our laws against illegal immigration, will oppose amnesty and support SB1070. Tom is an experienced attorney who will be a tough Attorney General that Arizona needs. I strongly encourage voters throughout the state to join me in voting for Tom Horne for Attorney General,” urged Arpaio.

Seeing Red AZ has previously reported that Democrat nominee Felecia Rotellini has the support of unions that are backing the boycott of Arizona in an attempt to harm the state‘s economy. Rotellini has accepted a campaign donation of $4,176 from the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, a group that intends to use economic coercion to oppose SB 1070Arizona’s popular anti-illegal immigration law.


5 Responses to Sheriff Arpaio endorses Tom Horne for AZ AG

  1. T Dodson says:

    Might as well start building a bridge. Horne made some campaign promises about strong support for SB1070 and he had better keep them.

    • Pima Pal says:

      Build a bridge to where or what?

      I have no doubt whatsoever that Horne will keep those promises. He has shown his mettle as AZ Superintendent of Public Education, as he went after the La Raza (“The Race”) Reconquista studies programs in Tucson Unified School District where they taught Hispanic youngsters that the American southwest was land that will go back to Mexico and there was no need to become Americanized or learn American history and study English. Horne also took the Flores English Language Learner case to the US Supreme Court and WON. Additionally, Horne is on record as declaring that Mexican native resident children should not be bused to Ajo, AZ distinct schools.

      He has an excellent record on issues directly relating to SB 1070. You might not have been paying close enough attention, or maybe you believed the misinformation that was spread by his primary opponent.

      Horne spent a lot of time down here in southern Arizona. I had the opportunity to hear him speak and ask him questions. I never once saw his opponent and it wasn’t for not trying.

  2. Calypso says:

    This endorsement is very good news! I have great expectations for Tom Horne as Arizona Attorney General. He will be a marked improvement over Terry Goddard. And how nice that Goddard will be finally be unemployed and no longer being paid for dispensing his leftist views at taxpayer’s expense.

  3. Jack Wurth says:

    No question it’s important to get behind Tom Horne. I didn’t support him in the primary, but I understand how important it is to have a Republican as Attorney General.

    I have a good feeling that Horne will come out on top.

  4. Scott says:

    Tom Horne has a fine record on the issues that matter to Republicans. The chances of him charging judges who disagree with him as criminals would be nil, unlike his primary election opponent Andrew Thomas. He started out as a wonderful change from the liberal Rick Romley who ran as a Republican but acted like a Democrat, even endorsing them at every turn. Somewhere along the way, Thomas lost his bearings and his ego took hold of the reins. He needed to go.