AZ CD 1: Gosar vs. Kirkpatrick race presents clear choice – Dr. Paul Gosar

Paul Gosar, the conservative Republican candidate in Arizona’s First Congressional District has caught the attention of Townhall’s Brian Walsh. His column 2010 Race of the Day: Ann Kirkpatrick’s Failed Policies in Arizona unmistakably delineates the differences between freshman Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick and Dr. Paul Gosar.

Out-of-touch with the residents of the district and ineffective, liberal Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick has sponsored 30 bills since Jan 6, 2009 of which 20 haven’t made it out of committee. Adept only at flim-flam, she has been a staunch supporter of the leftist policies of the Obama administration, consistently voting with Nancy Pelosi.

Kirkpatrick is perhaps best known for walking out on her constituents (click link for video) who had the temerity to ask her questions she didn’t want to answer. She has even ticked off the Apache tribal chairman. Backing from the tribes is significant in Arizona’s 1st House district; Native Americans make up roughly 20 percent of the population, one of the highest concentrations in the country.

Ann Kirkpatrick is a favorite of the unions — making significant donations to her campaign — while advocating a massive boycott of Arizona based on their opposition to SB 1070. She previously displayed her disconnect during her initial 2008 race where her top campaign contribution was $167,876 from employees of the pro-abortion EMILY’s List.

Do yourself a favor and read this outstanding articleIt clearly presents the differences between liberals and conservatives, showing the importance of taking back the congress from Democrats who have worked to steamroll American citizens in concert with President Obama and his acquiescing liberals House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate President Harry Reid.

The future is in our hands. Vote Republican.


4 Responses to AZ CD 1: Gosar vs. Kirkpatrick race presents clear choice – Dr. Paul Gosar

  1. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Both Paul Gosar – AZ CD1, running against Kirkpatrick and David Schweikert – AZ CD5, running against Mitchell are both designated “Young Guns” by Cantor, et al. The RNCC has recently announced it will run ads in CD1 supporting Gosar.

    Apparently left out of all this is Jesse Kelly in AZ CD8. A cynic would say that maybe it’s because this outstanding, true conservative bucked the ESTABLISHMENT candidate Paton. I certainly hope the Repubs are NOT that petty, stupid and short-sighted, but I honestly wouldn’t put it past them.

    In addition to Kirkpatrick and Mitchell, we MUST REMOVE gabby giffords, who is even more of a mindless pelosi pawn than the others. CD8 actually has Repubs outnumbering d-crat socialists, and the latest poll shows gabby and Jesse tied, even though Jesse really hasn’t yet started his general election campaign ads in full force.

    The RNCC and the rest of the Repub establishment needs to be encouraged to give Kelly the support he needs to help us throw out giffords.

    • jackson says:


      Actually, Jesse has been part of the NRCC’s Young Gun program since early on in his campaign. While both Gosar and Schweikert were just recently recognized by the program and are on the first tier “On the Radar”, Jesse was recently promoted to “Contender”. He is actually a step ahead of the other 2 in the program. I don’t know why the NRCC hasn’t bought ad space in CD8 yet but they definitely still may. The Young Gun’s top guy, Rep. McCarthy was actually just in town and did a fundraiser for Jesse. If I ever get the feeling that they are neglecting Jesse, they will hear from me! :)

  2. Pima Pal says:

    Remember what the RNCC did to former state legislator Randy Graf when he had the nerve to run against their anointed candidate? They were ready, willing and able to sabotage this good man — and did so. And thanks to our own party elite, led by Tucson money man Jim Click, we were “blessed” with the liberal Gabrielle Giffords.

    Reagan said it best, “Trust but verify.” The longer I’m around the political scene, the more I realize there are few who are trustworthy.

  3. Steve says:

    Go Gosar!!!