Grant Woods leads RINOs for Rotellini

Grant Woods, an iffy Republican who has in the past not made good on his promise to switch parties, now says he is endorsing radically liberal Democrat Felecia Rotellini for Arizona Attorney General. This action is nothing new for Woods, who has often endorsed leftists.

Showboating Woods, the campaign chairman of Gov. Jan Brewer’s election campaign, should find himself in a sticky wicket since he has announced the creation of a new group called Republicans for Rotellini. Republican Governor Brewer has endorsed Tom Horne.

Woods, no fan of SB 1070, says Rotellini, if elected, will enforce the law but that the time has come to look beyond that law. He and outgoing State Sen. Carolyn Allen, another squishy Republican, say Rotellini’s commitment is to public safety and consumer protection.

The Maricopa County Republican Committee bylaws are specific in stating that no elected precinct committeeman can endorse a Democrat and still retain their voting and proxy privileges. Further complicating the issue is the fact that Woods, Allen and former state senator Sue Gerard, who later worked for Democrat Gov. Janet Napolitano, are all elected precinct committeemen.

A newly released poll shows Republican candidate for Attorney General Tom Horne with a healthy 8-point lead. Democrat Felecia Rotellini is treading water as her PR team has bailed on her, leaving her disheveled campaign in further disarray.

Grant Woods and his team of renegade lifeguards are unlikely to have the necessary equipment to keep her afloat

27 Responses to Grant Woods leads RINOs for Rotellini

  1. T Dodson says:

    It is disturbing to GOP members that John McCain would tote Grant Woods along with him to Town Hall meetings and deflect all questions about SB1070 to Woods who said ” You may not want to hear this but Arizona will lose the Court Case.” Grant Woods should have been stripped of his GOP credibility in Arizona politics long ago.

  2. VoiceInTheWild says:

    And this guy was thinking of running for Phoenix mayor? Thank goodness he can’t afford to do that. It would be more honest if he would re-register as a “PND” – because we sure can’t figure out what he is. I’m not even willing to give him the “R” in RINO.

  3. Wwharris says:

    Grant is dispicable and the Governor is duty bound to fire him. He should be purged from the party immediately.There is no reason for Rob Hany to wait for a special meeting.This is blatant


  4. Sgt. Preston says:

    I have to agree that this action should finally signal the Republican death knell for Grant Woods. Jan Brewer will be unnecessarily damaged by these self-centered actions of her campaign chairman. Although I have to admit that I was dismayed when she first brought this Republican defector onboard in the first place. I figured then that she was taking her marching orders from McCain.

  5. Sam Gerard says:

    Wes, She won’t fire him. S0 if Jan Brewer does NOT fire him, she proves she’s a RINO just as much as any other weak-kneed, cowardly Republican who can’t stand for any real Constitutional Conservative values. McCain and Woods are NOT RINO’s. Instead they are Progressive hypocrites who are ONLY in this party because you are rarely elected to statewide office as a Democrat.

    UNLESS OF COURSE, you are promoted by these Statists, who agree with the Marxists in the Democrat party in wanting to enslave ALL other Americans. The only difference between the Marxists and Progressives is WHO ultimately ends up in control. That is who McCain and Grant Woods are.

  6. Ajo Joe says:

    Woods was McCain’s first congressional chief of staff before McCain went to the senate. They are birds of a feather and this one needs to have his wings clipped by the governor — pronto! Her credibility comes into question by keeping him on her campaign one minute longer. If she doesn’t act after this act of defiance, she appears not only weak, but controlled by the McEstablishment.

  7. Maggie says:

    Look at her list of endorsers! Rotellini is a committed pro-abortion liberal. I believe that issue is as much at play here with these fuzzy Repubs as their opposition to SB1070.

  8. Chuck says:

    I just called the Governor’s office and left a message saying she needs to fire Grant Woods in order to retain even the slightest appearance of being independent of the clutches of John McCain. Grant Woods is an embarrassment to her and every Republican in the state of Arizona. He needs to go. His actions are an affront to us all!

    Telephone (602) 542-4331
    Toll Free 1-(800) 253-0883 (within Arizona only)
    Fax (602) 542-1381

  9. Rob Haney says:

    For those readers who are not familiar with voter registration or election law who might believe that Wes Harris has a point, I will address his comment.

    There is no method to purge anyone from any political party. Each individual submits a voter registration request to the County Recorder’s office. No political party can submit a request to register or remove (purge) a voter from the voter rolls. Only the registered voter can change their voter status.

    When a number of Republican PCs endorsed Janet Napolitano for governor, I introduced an addition to the Maricopa County Republican Committee bylaws which stated that any PC publicly endorsing an opposition candidate would lose their internal party voting privileges. The bylaw change proposal passed overwhelmingly at the annual meeting despite strong opposition from Carolyn Allen and her allies. See bylaw at under the bylaws link. The bylaw is under Article VI, Section 5 B, Endorsement of Non-Republican Candidates.

    I am not a referee with the ability to make penality judgements and rulings on my own. I respect the body of the Executive Guidance Committee of the Maricopa County Republican Committee to make such a decision. They have the ultimate responsibility to make a representative decision for the PCs.

    • Wesley W. Harris says:

      Rob, There is no problem with the Executive Guidance Committee because you can do this with a conferance call and get it done today. Remove his voting rights if that is the only thing you can do…then lets change the rules again and put in a clause that allows us to purge those that do not uphold the rules of the Party. I do not express total knowledge in the line by line rules…what I know is what is right and what is wrong. This guy has been wrong for years and to think that our Governor seeks his advice makes me totally cold. The reason I suggest you do it with a conference call is so that you and the party make a resound statement for what is right!

    • paul marchant says:

      petty rule anyway, especially given that there is little difference between those Rino’s who profess to be Republicans and their Dem partners. With Rino’s like these, who needs a second party, let alone a third.

    • nightcrawler says:


      I am with you 100% on this, so long as you don’t play favorites. A rule is a rule.

      There are several members of the MCRC breaking this rule. For example, endorsing a Libertarian over McCain qualifies as well does it not ?

    • Radical American Patriot says:

      Rob Haney, IF you go to Arizona Tea Party Ning site, to the 2010 Election discussion group; You’ll see someone from Avondale promoting voting for Rodney Glassman. He goes by JPD, and I point out his real name in my response. Here’s the link:

  10. Army Of One says:

    Grant Woods was known on his radio show for giving “woodies” to those who incurred his wrath.
    It’s time he got shafted with his own woodie. This man does not represent the Arizona Republican Party or the majority of those who align themselves with it and devote time and energy to Republican candidates. These folks are traitors to the principles of the GOP. Democrats are represented by an ass for a reason.

  11. VoiceInTheWild says:

    As a case in point, Wes Harris sent out an email telling LD 7 voters to single shot one Republican and one Libertarian in the LD 7 House race. Wes, either recant that and endorse BOTH Republicans, or you need to take a seat with Grant Woods. Or, step down from being a GOP PC and you can single shot all the Libertarians you want.

    • Wesley W. Harris says:

      Not true at all. I sent out a message to single shot one Republican, namely David B. Smith. I never suggested that we support a libitarian for the other seat. It is no secret that I consider Heather Carter a DID, no matter what she calls herself, but that does not mean I need to support her. I am supporting no one running against her except David B. Smith and that is it. You cowards who hide behind false names are of no account. Unless you can come forward under your own name, do not bother writing anything at all.

      • AZ Conservative Guy says:

        Who are you to tell anyone posting a comment that they need “not bother writing anything at all” unless you like the tone? Who made you King?

  12. LD 10 PC says:

    If that is a fact, this Wes Harris is no better than Grant Woods. What kind of primary voting instruction is that? He’s obviously more tea party than Republican.

    • LD 7 PC says:

      It’s absolutely true! And it angered many of us who support REPUBLICANS over Libertarians. Harris doesn’t even live in our district, but he seems to think he rules. Watch out for this guy. With Harris, it’s all about HIM.

      • Wesley W. Harris says:

        Again, another coward…come forward under your own name before you start calling other ‘names’. This is false and you know it. And…it is not about me but I am not so sure about you.

  13. Ellis Baxter says:

    Simple / either use your name of shut up. How hard is that / I believe we have way too many RINOs in this place. Rude people / we are in a battle for the country against Marxist power mad fools. How anyone could look at the facts. Since Jan 3d 2007 the “REAL MONEY” VALUE of the dollar has fallen by 53% So when they say that home value is down 25% in real dollar terms it is down to 32.25 % of the value in 2007 when the democrats took over can you stand any more? / Say what you will but be a man and put your name on it. !

  14. Calypso says:

    Ellis Baxter?
    Who made the rule that posters to a blog have to use their own names or shut up? The newspaper blogs have no such requirement, nor do any of the various AZ blogs I visit from time to time, conservative, liberal or “other.”

    Who verifies your name is Ellis Baxter? What is this, a fiefdom of Wes Harris Kingdom subjects? I’ll post as I damn well please and using the name I choose to use. Don’t like it, Ellis? YOU can “shut up.” I’ve been posting here for about three years and I’ve never seen you here before. Don’t tell me you’ve been using a nom de plume?

  15. Gabriel Ochoa says:

    Wesley and Ellis, (if those are your real names)
    I’ve never seen a blog that required proven identification or disallowed peudonyms. If I leave a comment under the name “Grant Woods,” are you going to take it to the bank that I have given my true identity? You’re both nuts. You want the last four of my SS# next time? Just to verify?

  16. Night Owl says:

    This post is about Grant Woods and his band of turncoats endorsing a liberal Democrat for Attorney General. How did the comment section morph into having anything to do with an egomaniacal non entity named Wes? And who is he to be calling others “cowards” for using names they have posted under for ages and telling others to shut up or leave? There are numerous reasons people chose to use “handles” while posting comments. Many of those reasons are work related. Cowardice has nothing to do with it. It’s called being prudent and responsible when you have a mortgage to pay and children to raise.

    Stick with the subject, stop the name calling or go back to where you came from. We’ve been doing just fine here for a good, long while.

    • Maggie says:

      Good points, all, Night Owl. It’s long past time for Grant Woods to make good on his party switch “threat” and go where he belongs: With the Democrats. If Gov. Brewer keeps him on as her campaign chair she not only loses credibility, but shows herself to all as manipulated by McCain. I sincerely hope she dumps this bum who cares not a whit about embarrassing her.

  17. DeAnn says:

    I tried to call the governor, but there have been “an unusually high volume of calls” and they asked me to call back later.

  18. Sam Gerard says:

    Night Owl and Maggie you both make great points! We need to focus on Grant Woods, who’s to the left of John McCain (if that’s even possible for any Republican!) Calling either of them a RINO insults all the honest RINOs who are well meaning but weak Republicans. I call them “Rodney King (Can’t we all just get along?) Republicans. Not the same for the Progressive (Statist) Woods and McCain.

    Brewer really needs to demand his resignation, I doubt if she will though. She’s too close to McCain.