Republic offers shocking endorsement in CD 8 race

Who would ever have imagined the liberal Arizona newspaper would write such a no brainer” endorsement?

In this crucial southern Arizona Congressional District race, Seeing Red AZ has offered this opinion. And this.

And especially this and this.

Check them out and let your voices be heard on Election Day.


5 Responses to Republic offers shocking endorsement in CD 8 race

  1. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    Notice what the Arizona Repugnant “accidentally” left out of their endorse for lunatic-left d-crat socialist giffords:

    1. NO MENTION of her total support for obozocare
    2. NO MENTION of her total support for CAP-AND-TAX
    3. NO MENTION of her total opposition to SB1070
    4. NO MENTION of her 92% pelosi-puppet voting record (NB: the 8% of the votes she missed is because she was using taxpayer money to visit her husband in Huston, who is supported – surprise! – by taxpayers, like she is.)
    5. NO MENTION of her support for unlimited federal and state money for UNIONS.
    6. NO MENTION of her support for the DREAM AMNESTY nightmare.
    7. NO MENTION of her support for TARP and each and every penny of federal BAILOUT waste.
    8. NO MENTION of her support for the lunatic-left d-crat socialist MARXIAN RE-DISTRIBUTION OF OUR WEALTH
    9. NO MENTION of her support for the lunatic-left d-crat socialists’ “The Employee Free Choice Act” – which eliminates the SECRET BALLOT and will force millions and millions of Americans to join unions – with union dues going to the d-crat party, like-it-or-not
    10. NO MENTION of her support for the lunatic-left d-crat socialist plan to eliminate FREE SPEECH via a government mandate banning conservative talk radio.

    Vote to correct these “accidental” omissions on November 2nd.

  2. Doc says:

    Giffords, Grijalva, Kirkpatrick, Mitchell, & that other schmuck from Tucson who’s been in office 4ever…all of these socialists…they want domination over US & HATE Liberty & Freedom. Why? Who can guess? BUT…they were all “elected”. Time to do 2 (TWO) things. 1-DON’T VOTE FOR ANY OF THESE SOCIALISTS!!! 2-STOP BUYING THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC; STOP SUPPORTING THEIR ADVERTISERS; STOP GIVING THIS DISGRACE OF A RAG ANY CREEDANCE. Of course, we here already know this stuff. Time to get th’ word out.

    I’d say lets take a collection, & run a full page ad in th’ rag, tellin’ Arizonans dumb enuff to BUY it that the aforementioned socialists need to go…but it wouldn’t do any good. Talkin’ to sheeple always seems to never work.

  3. […] help itself as it commends “Boxer’s reliably liberal voting record.” Today, the Arizona Republic showed itself as even more liberal as it editorially recommended Nancy Pelosi’s protégée Gabrielle Giffords over […]

  4. Radical American Patriot says:


    I would suspect any candidate who received such an endorsement. There is nothing good about that “financially troubled” propagandist rag.

    If you applied their reporting and editorial standards to the sports pages, you would be led to believe that the politicallly correct PHX Suns won the NBA title. After all, they support the right of illegal aliens undocumented immigrants to come over our borders whenever they desire. I’m sure they would be just as gracious with “undocumented ticket holders” attending their home games, don’t you think!