AZ AG’s race: Arizona Right to Life disappoints again

Those familiar with Seeing Red AZ are well aware of our unequivocal support of pro-life issues and candidates. Last May when Arizona Right to Life sold out to the green waved under its nose by John McCain we called the organization out for its deceptive endorsement. Others, with deep involvement in the organization‘s PAC and Executive Board, left with heavy hearts. We print an open letter of explanation here.

Now AZRTL PAC has issued its endorsement list for the November 2, General Election. And once again, it brings shame upon itself — this time for its glaring omission in the Arizona Attorney General‘s race.

PAChyderm Coalition, the reliably conservative organization, has a blog site called Growing Our Party. We urge you to click on this link to read their assessment of the latest irrational decision made by the John Jakubczyk-led group.

By failing to endorse the well qualified Tom Horne in the crucial race, AZRTL has effectively given the nod to liberal Democrat Felecia Rotellini, whose endorsements included abortion industry giant Planned Parenthood, Emily’s List,  Arizona List  and others who stand in direct opposition to sanctity of life issues. Rotellini proudly displays the support of Sam Coppersmith who was the longtime President of Planned Parenthood of Central and Northern Arizona.

In stark comparison, as a legislator Tom Horne voted to restrict abortions. As AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction he was successful in bringing Horne v. Flores, the English Language Learner case, to the U.S. Supreme Court, where it was decided in favor of Arizona citizens who were being fined millions of dollars a day by a federal judge. Horne also has won strong statewide law enforcement support.

Arizona Right to Life should hang its head over this lack of backbone and John Jakubczyk should resign.

14 Responses to AZ AG’s race: Arizona Right to Life disappoints again

  1. Proudly ProLife says:

    Thanks! This is a great exposé of a once exemplary organization which is now dancing to the tune of political expediency rather than supporting life issues. Give the AZRTL PAC a call (602) 285-0063 and tell them this is unacceptable behavior for an organization that was once known for supporting life and now is known for following the McMoney.

  2. American Dad says:

    After years of supporting Arizona Right to Life, we withdrew our support after the group endorsed John McCain. If he’s truly prolife, I’m a monkey’s uncle. Listen to these words carefully and decide for yourself.

    He opposes repeal of Roe v. Wade, calls abortion an “unpleasant procedure” and wants to drop the pro-life plank in the GOP platform while including “people with whom we have specific disagreements” but share our same goals. What a bunch of doubletalk and BS.

  3. Fed Up says:

    McCain and Arizona Right To Life are tied at the hip through lawyer Jakubczyk, who worships McCain. It’s a sad commentary that he is able to pressure the PAC and ultimately bring such a worthy group to its knees. Can’t the PAC Chair Walter Opaska, wield any influence on his own? Is he merely a tool?

  4. No Name Please says:

    Opaska is not known for acting independently of King John J.

  5. catsclaw says:

    I can understand AZ Right to Life’s lack of endorsement on Horne. He is pro-choice.
    I remember WISH honoring him on their website several years past. I still plan to vote for him, Rotellini’s a disaster, but if AZRTL’s position is about life, they did get this one correct (they blew the McCain endorsement though).

  6. Quinn says:

    Horne is Pro-Choice.

    I really don’t know how in good conscience the AZ Right To Life can endorse a pro-choice candidate (even if Horne is MUCH better than the Democrat on the issue).

    I personally am a pro-choice Republican (but not pro-abortion), and think conservatives obsess over the abortion issue WAY too much.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Tom Horne voted for parental consent for abortion requested by minors and against partial birth abortion during his years in the state senate. That hardly seems radical to me. I am a strong pro-life conservative and will surely support Mr. Horne.

  8. Doug Johnson says:

    AZRTL PAC is obviously bought and paid for. And I take it, catsclaw, that you’ve never heard of people coming into the fold though Horne was never a pro-abortion vote. Get your facts straight. Did you vote for “inclusive” McCain who calls abortion “unpleasant?”

  9. Realist says:

    You can bet John McShame had his hand in this! The anti Thomas & JD crowd just received a back hand from the ole’ shamester. Of course they are too timid and weak kneed to ever say anything to “liljohn”.

  10. Cathi Herrod says:

    I suggest everyone take a breath and read what RTL wrote about the AG race:

    “In the Attorney General race, neither candidate meets AzRTL PAC requirements for an endorsement. However, Tom Horne has publicly pledged to vigorously enforce and defend all pro-life laws and while in legislature, he voted to ban partial birth abortion (HB 2113 4/8/97) and supported a parental consent law (SB 1238 2/23/00). Democrat candidate Felecia Rotellini has refused to answer our questions regarding her position on abortion but is strongly supported by abortion provider Planned Parenthood, and the pro-abortion groups Emily’s List and Arizona’s List. AzRTL PAC recommends that voters consider which candidate will enforce laws that protect women and unborn children.”

    AzRTL clearly laid out the rationale for voting for Horne over Rotellini. Give them some credit for that. If they had endorsed Horne, then some on this blog would have been criticizing them for the endorsement when Horne remains pro-choice.

    There’s no shame in how RTL has handled the AG race. Horne doesn’t meet the RTL guidelines for an endorsement. The organization, however, clearly stated why a vote for Horne would be justified. While technically it’s not an endorsement, it is as close as you can expect RTL to be to an endorsement in this race.

    The criticism of John Jakubczyk here is totally uncalled for and out of line. What RTL did in the AG race is NOT about the McCain endorsement.

    Note: I am not affiliated with AzRTL nor was I aware beforehand of how they intended to address the AG race.

    • Proudly ProLife says:

      I read what they wrote and don’t need the deep breath you suggest. This is a crucial race, and the limp rationale given by AZRTL is absurd. There are those who will see this and vote for the Libertarian and skew the election to the liberal pro-abortion Felecia Rotellini. This makes no sense. I’m appalled by the shallow thinking behind this illogical decision and your equally foolish embrace of giving aid and comfort to a Janet Napolitano clone.

    • Clementine says:

      Sorry, but McCain IS influential in Arizona Right To Life because he purchases a couple of tables at their events, which he never atttends! That way he keeps John Jakubczyk as his boy and the endorsement is ensured. Now that he’s got another six years and is probably going to hang it up after that, lets see if the table purchases continue.

  11. Maggie says:

    Thank you for your informative comment, Ms. Herrod. However I’m confident I can read and discern what I’ve read minus your interpretation. Since I‘m unequivocally convinced that AZRTL has erred in this non-endorsement endorsement, maybe I’ve convinced you?

    If this entrenched foolishness helps elect Rotellini as Attorney General, all of you inflexible zealots can congratulate yourselves that you stuck it to Horne.

  12. Ann says:

    Who gave what to whom is relevant but the race before us is the one we must focus on…electing Tom Horne and diminishing any chance a shorter, flirting, less experienced version of Janet returns to destroy our state. Her pro-abortion stand and financial support from the pro-abortion groups speaks volumes to her real belief system.

    As a woman, I am insulted by Rotellini’s policy and her demeanor. She marginalizes women with her disregard to issues of life while using her signature head-tilting sideways smiles, hair flips, and juvenile charm techniques. All meant to deflect attention from her abysmal record and inability to deal with the reality of what the AG’s office requires.