Political comedy: Grant Woods plays the clown, loses vote

In a letter oozing sarcasm and hypocrisy, iffy Republican Grant Woods, attempts to give credibility to another one of his cross-party endorsements. Recently, he called a press conference to announce that he and a group of other liberals masquerading as Republicans endorsed Felecia Rotellini, the radical, open-borders proponent, union-backed Democrat running for Attorney General.

Conservative Tom Horne has incurred their wrath due to his promise to enforce SB 1070, Arizona’s popular illegal immigration law.

In making the endorsement, Woods,  an elected precinct committeeman, falls under the Maricopa County Republican Committee’s by-law provision which removes voting and proxy carrying rights from a precinct committeeman publicly endorsing any candidate running against a Republican.

This type of activity comes naturally to the left-leaning Woods. Once serving as John McCain’s congressional chief of staff, Woods was among the throng of McCain operatives and cronies whose name appeared on the Republicans for Janet’ website (now removed, but which we captured below*) when Democrat Janet Napolitano ran for Governor in 2006. He has previously threatened to leave the GOP, but has never made good on the promise.

A lawyer, Woods should understand a thing or two about the county governing procedures.  If he does, he gives no indication, preferring instead to insult Maricopa County Chairman, Rob Haney, who was required to inform him of the results of his transgression.

In his letter, Woods plays the court jester in snidely and erroneously referring to the county-wide GOP passed bylaw as “Haney’s Rule.”

“According to you,” he wrote to Chairman Haney, “if there was a hypothetical race between Thomas Jefferson, Democrat, and Lindsay Lohan, Republican, I could not endorse Jefferson over Lohan.”

Last evening the Maricopa County Republican Committee Executive Guidance Committee met to discuss and vote on the issue. The resolution to remove voting rights passed by an overwhelming  vote of 21 – 2. Prior to the meeting Chairman Rob Haney sent this letter to the members:

Dear EGC Members:

Since Mr. Woods implicated me as being responsible for the position in which he finds himself, I think it necessary to give you some background information from which you can make a more informed decision.

Mr. Woods responds with the standard liberal rhetoric when caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He obfuscates, misdirects, ridicules, uses analogies which do not fit and blames someone else instead of taking responsibility for his poor judgment.

The facts are Mr. Woods, as a Precinct Committeeman (PC), endorsed an opposition candidate in the general election in 2010 as he had done previously when he endorsed Napolitano for governor over the Republican. And how did Mr. Woods’ unerring political sense work out for Arizona and the country?

As a result of the actions of Mr. Woods and other Maverick PCs, the whole body of the Maricopa County Republican Committee at their annual meeting overwhelmingly saw fit to add a bylaw change which addressed the unethical situation of a Republican PC endorsing a candidate of an opposition party. The endorsement of an opposition party candidate is entirely different than a PC supporting one Republican candidate over another in a Republican primary and Mr. Woods well knows it, but he chooses to obfuscate.

Mr. Woods is perfectly free to endorse Democrat Thomas Jefferson over Republican Lindsay Lohan, but it would only be ethical for him to resign from his position as a Republican PC to do so, and I feel sure Tom would agree. Since Mr. Woods made the decision not to resign, the MCRC is obliged to rescind his internal party voting privileges as mandated by our bylaws.



* Here is the list of RINOs. Click to enlarge:


15 Responses to Political comedy: Grant Woods plays the clown, loses vote

  1. Justin says:

    What a surprise that a McCain sycophant would endorse Democrats! McCain does it all the time, partnering with Kennedy, Lieberman, Feingold and others. He couldn’t even bring himself to campaign hard against Obama and went nuts when Obama’s middle name was used by a talk-show host even though it is Obama’s name and he used it himself when being sworn into office.

  2. MaskedTruthman says:

    Woods has railed about “divisiveness” in the party and fails to see that endorsing a Democrat is the height of divisiveness. What a hypocrite!

  3. Ajo Joe says:

    Agreed, Truthman. Not only is Woods a hypocrite, he is arrogant and rude. Must’a learned those qualities while under McCain’s tutelage.

  4. Kathy says:

    Love it, love it, love it – go Mr. Haney – the light of truth RINO’s can’t stand, especially when it holds thm accountable for THEIR actions.

  5. LD 7 PC says:

    Chairman Haney’s message is clear and factual. His class shows Woods for the petulant bully he is.

    We’ve had a longtime McCain ally as a legislator in my district. He lost the congressional race even with the big, bad senator’s endorsement. Maybe he’ll get a job now. He’s never had one outside of the state legislature.

  6. Doc says:

    Anybody connected to this imbecil needs to go as well. And what a wonderful prospect our soon-2B-re-elected senior senator is what with his undoubtedly ongoing relationship with the socio-dem supporting “woody”…

    Remember to write in the Consistant Conservative Mr. JD Hayworth on November 2nd!!!

  7. VoiceInTheWild says:

    Wondering – No where did I find Woods endorsing Rotellini as a Republican (like the Republicans for Janet deal of 2006). While I read the news accounts of the endorsement, I did see where Woods mentioned himself as a Republican or PC.
    On the other hand, I think Woods should go home. Thank goodness he has decided he cannot afford to run for Phoenix mayor.

  8. Attila The Hunny says:

    At his press conference, Woods made a point of saying he was a Republican, as were the other RINOs standing with him. As an elected precinct committeeman and lawyer, he certainly knows the rules, but has always chosen to skirt them and jab his thumb in the eye of Republicans. He once said he was going to reregister, but gets more mileage out of these antics than by becoming a legit Dem which is what he’s always been. He never just speaks, but always has to call press conferences at which he cites his long ago credentials. He has a type of attention deficit disorder: The type that craves attention. Maybe he was ignored as a child…..

  9. Seen It All says:

    Attila got this right. Grant Woods was able to get cameras trained on him once again. That’s his angle. He misses the limelight and will do whatever it takes to bask in the short lived glow. The guy is pathetic.

  10. SuzanneC says:

    Good Bye Grant. Maybe we shall rid our selves of the R.I.N.O.’s once and for all soon enough. Thank you Rob Haney..

  11. Gabriel Ochoa says:

    Grant Woods = Woods Construction. Construction industry = illegal labor. Grant Woods has long positioned himself as the unofficial lobbyist for illegal labor profiteers. The Democrats don’t need any convincing so Woods and McStain have stayed in the GOP to battle for border INsecurity from within. All Woods and McStain are after is higher profits for businesses making campaign contributions. Brewer named Grant Woods her campaign co-chairman – that’s how committed to real border security Jan Brewer is.

    Same ‘ol story.

  12. ZOO says:

    Why hasn’t Woods been run out of Arizona? Has everyone forgotten that he was the point man behind the NO ON PROP 200 campaign back in 2004? The $2M TV lie-fest ran commericials with actors portraying police and firefighters, begging voters to vote NO. The ads touted that if your neighbor’s house catches fire, and they cannot prove citizenship or legal residency, they (fireman) could not put out the fire. Woods was convicted and fined in the 1990’s for breaking U.S. immigration laws by hiding an employee he KNEW was here illegally. As far as I’m concerned, Rotellini has confided to this piece of garbage that she will be a monkey wrench in upholding Arizona’s illegal immigration laws – thus his endorsement. As good as Brewer may or may not be, she has damaged her image by having anything to do with this slimeball. This Dracula Republican needs a stake through his heart.

  13. Colin says:

    Why do Republican politicians play these games?

    Clearly, Woods is more comfortable with the Democrat Party. Why not just leave? It’s not that hard? Just say you’re a “moderate” Democrat (even though Woods endorses LIBERAL Democrats) Or just become an independent.

    It would be like a board member of a company constantly bashing the company and telling people to support their competitor. That will get you fired in no time, in which case you can then fill out a job application for the company you so admire.

  14. Steve Calabrese says:

    Woods is a disgrace.

  15. Doc says:

    So, as ‘woody’ runs our future Governor’s campaign…who SWEARS she’s REALLY going to do the right things…& I’m not sayin’ there’s any other choice, ‘cuz there AIN’T…the following was in Saturday’s Prescott Daily Courier:


    Make sure you have an emesis basin handy while reading this drivel…