Gov. Brewer keeps embarrassing figurehead in place

Given that Gov. Jan Brewer is the headliner hosting a reception for Republican Attorney General candidate Tom Horne this evening, it remains a mystery that her campaign chair has not been given a well deserved boot.

Grant Woods is a juvenile recalcitrant who specializes in embarrassment — targeting himself as well as others. An iffy Republican, who has threatened to reregister as a Democrat but never made good on his promise, Woods has endorsed the liberal Democrat who is Janet Napolitano’s fast track replacement and the great hope of the radical left.

Even so, Brewer keeps him on in the honorary chairman position.

Tom Horne’s legal experience, defense of Arizona and endorsement list is impressive.  He successfully defended Horne v. Flores before the U.S. Supreme Court and supports SB 1070, which Felecia Rotellini, lacking in familiarity with a court room, abhors. She is supported by out-of-state unions that advocated an economic boycott of Arizona.

Isn’t it past time for the governor to replace Grant Woods, an unruly malcontent who serves only to undermine her?


10 Responses to Gov. Brewer keeps embarrassing figurehead in place

  1. Another LD11 PC says:

    Brewer is, in fact, the embarassing figurehead.

    Yes, I know “she’s better than the democrat.”

    I’m not disputing that.

    But even with that, it doesn’t change the fact that Brewer is a big government (per AZ Federation of Taxpayers) liberal.

  2. Dennis Johnson says:

    What a bunch of hooey. Jan Brewer is not a liberal. She has served this state admirably in the AZ House abd Senate, on the Board of Supervisors and as Secretary of State before becoming Governor. I was opposed to the tax increase and stil don’t believe it will be temporary, but remember that the people of the state VOTED to authorize it.

    Jan Brewer is not just “better than a Democrat.” She’s spent her public service career as an outstanding Republican.

    My only reservation is that she is too tight with McCain and that is how we were force fed the weak-link named Grant Woods. She should have replaced him when he endorsed Felecia Rotellini. He should have been personna non grata in the GOP when his name appeared on the Republicans for Janet (Napolitano) website. Woods is only a thorn in our side because he has been allowed to be by his former boss, McCain.

    • Another LD11 PC says:

      “My only reservation is that she is too tight with McCain and that is how we were force fed the weak-link named Grant Woods. ”

      These are not exceptions. These are more indicators of her liberalism.

      • Seen It All says:

        I disagree that Brewer is liberal. However I do think she sees McCain as one who calls the shots. This is disturbing. But he doesn’t run the state. Most of the people I know who are involved in GOP politics are no fans of McCain’s. Many did not vote for him for president (leaving it blank) and supported JD Hayworth in the senate primary.

  3. Another LD11 PC says:

    Seen It All, then you disagree with the AZ Federation of Taxpayers, the premier conservative taxgroup in the state.

    Frankly, I trust their definition of “conservative” (i.e. someone who opposes big government) more than yours.

    They rated Brewer as a “Friend of Big Government”, that makes her a liberal.

    • Justin says:

      The AZ Federation of Taxpayers gives a high rating to Jeff Flake who wants college tuition for illegal aliens — a costly program, wouldn’t you say? It’s called the DREAM act. He is also supportive of a guest worker/amnesty program although Americans are suffering job losses as never before in my lifetime.
      What a crock you’ve bought here if you think the AFT is anything but a lobbying group.

  4. Tyler M says:

    AZ-7 now rated as a pure “Toss-up” according to the Cook Political Report. Wonderful news. It’s not related to this article. But I wanted to brag about McClung’s momentum anyway.

    According to the Cook Report, the race went from safe Dem to “Likely Democrat” on Oct. 11. Then today, Cook moved it straight to pure “Toss-up” completely skipping the “Leans Democrat”. That’s rocket-like momentum for Southern Arizona’s favorite rocket scientist.

  5. Ginger says:

    While it’s a undisputed fact that Grant Woods is “an unruly malcontent” (adult brat)and undermines the governor with his gargantuan ego, she can’t cross McCain and get rid of him. So although she is a solid Republican with whom many of us can live, her inability to stand up to McCain concerns me greatly.

    • Doc says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more, Ginger. And what a great insight! I never saw that, but as I read it about Woods’ ability to stay…it makes perfect sense. All I can say is WRITE IN JD HAYWORTH!

      • Night Owl says:

        Hey, Doc! Good to see you!

        The only problem with writing in JD Hayworth (my first choice!) is that since he lost the primary, votes cast for him will not be counted. I’m voting for the Libertarian. I’d never vote for a Democrat, so it’s anyone else but McCain!