Ninth Circus with ringmaster Sandra O’Connor guts AZ voter law

In an outrageous  move that should make Arizonans rethink the name on the state’s  Federal Court building, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals — with former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra O’Connor temporarily sitting by designation — has arrogantly overturned the voter approved provisions of Prop. 200.

Giving the green light to voter fraud, a split decision by a three-judge panel determined that the requirement to show proof of citizenship is not consistent with the National Voter Registration Act.

Read the decision here.

Arizonan Sandra O’Connor and Circuit Judge Sandra Ikuta — with Chief Judge Alex Kozinski dissenting — said Prop. 200 creates an additional hurdle, while the national act is intended to reduce “state-imposed obstacles” to registration. But the court determined Arizona’s polling place photo identification requirement is a minimal burden and does not violate the Equal Protection Clause in the Fourteenth Amendment.

The Ninth Circuit is the most overturned court in the nation. Read the Reuters News account here.

Arizona’s citizens whose voices have been silenced by judicial caveat should be Seeing Red.

23 Responses to Ninth Circus with ringmaster Sandra O’Connor guts AZ voter law

  1. T Dodson says:

    With 22-30 million illegal alien’s in the United States, With thousands more coming in every day due to a complete lack of responsibility by the Obama administration and the agencies paid to secure our nation from foreign invasion, with rampant ID theft, the Courts should applaud and confirm any attempt by state legislatures that are working to secure the voting booths from fraud. This is an OUTRAGE. Why are we spending money on campaigns and donating our hard earned money to get restoration of responsible government if activist judges can destroy our country from the bench by surrendering our sovereignty to foreign Nationals who have no right to get near our elections. Senator Pearce continues to LEAD us when others FAIL us. God Bless Senator Russell Pearce.

  2. Army Of One says:

    You speak for me, T Dodson. I am enraged that voter fraud is being given a pass by unelected judges who have lifetime appointments. If these out-of-control and powerful elites can overturn the will of voting American citzens in favor of illegals casting ballots, what recourse do we have?

    • Another LD11 PC says:

      Funny. Even if there are a few or “THOUSANDS” (yikes!) of illegal aliens voting (which I dont believe, but even if there are, you can’t prove that your vote was counted as you cast it on the completely 100% unverifiable voting machines you vote on.

      So, if no one can even verify the results of ANY vote, what’s you’re worry about how 1 or 2 illegals vote?

      Keep your eye on the ball. It’s the machines stupid.

  3. Mike Richardson says:

    A pox on anyone who still holds this rancid woman [O’conner]in high esteem. She is and always has been an activist judge. A miserable progressive elitist who gets way too much credit. She is not a smart woman, nor has she demonstrated much comprehension of our Constitution.
    Every time I have ever heard her in an interview, she sounds like a clueless high school sophomore.
    Arizona needs to break away from the clutches of the Ninth District Court. We as citizens must start pressuring our politicians to begin the process of establishing an additional Circuit Court of Appeals for the non “nuts” states of the west.

  4. Joe Evans says:

    Try to find time to read this article in National Review online titled, Is Justice O’Connor Really Still a judge? written by Ed Whelan. It’s quite good.’connor-really-still-judge-ed-whelan

  5. Blackbeard says:

    In 2004, Prop. 200 passed by a whopping 55.6 percent vote of the people. When did that stop being a determiner?
    Check the election results out here:

  6. No guts, no glory says:

    Am I just paranoid or is the judicial branch doing the three man lift on Arizona?

    1 – 1070
    2 – Arizona Voter law
    3 – Arizoan’s attempt to execute a monster KILLER

  7. Kathy says:

    Another horrible decision stripping away at the foundation of this Country by renegade Judges – yes Sandra I mean you too.

  8. Realist says:

    I have never been “shocked” by any decision that O’Connor has rendered. I have a dear friend who was a classmate of Sandra Day – who was in total dismay and shock when Goldwater asked Reagan to nominate her for the Supreme Court. Sandra was and always will be a liberal in sheep’s clothing. I hope this election cycle will turn out to be the beginning of the end for the elitest RINO’s who have helped destroy this great nation of ours.

  9. angee says:

    Nothing I would like better than to send Sandra O’Connor to good old Mexico. She needs to learn what their laws are in that country. They send their citizens to the USA to demand rights and benefits their own government refuses to provide them. Why? Because the stupid neighbor to the north will provide them with all their needs, and, in the process; they get big remittances from US! Nice arrangement Calderon! Yes, we do have some senile judges who lack common sense and loyalty to
    their own nation. We’ve been profiled!

  10. Outrageous Court Decision Demands Arizona Appeal

    Two judges set aside entire 9th Circuit Decision, Ignore Will of People

    (STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX)—A 2-1 decision this morning at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco overturned Arizona’s requirement that people show proof of citizenship to register to vote. That requirement was passed overwhelmingly by Arizona voters in 2004. The three judge panel let stand the state’s polling place photo identification requirement, and in-person voting on Tuesday will not be affected by this ruling.

    “Once again, we have activist judges ignoring the rule of law and the voters, that is citizens, they apparently are ok with illegal votes or non-citizens voting. This absolutely flies in the face of common sense,” says Sen. Russell Pearce of Mesa the author of Proposition 200 in 2004.

    “The Justice Department gave Proposition a thumbs up and found no conflict with the voting rights act. I also had 7 court rulings, including a 9th Circuit Court all upholding the law just 3 years ago. Judge O’Connor has also violated the canons (#5) about political activity when she did a robo call in Nevada on the Proposition to merit select of Judges, apparently another example of her lack of trust and respect of We The People.

    Judge O’Connor apparently has no respect for the rule of law, the people of Arizona who overwhelmingly passed Prop. 200 in 2004 or the integrity of our elections and states rights. This is an activist and nakedly political decision that is almost certain to be overturned. It should go without saying that states have the right to ensure that only citizens vote. It is particularly disturbing that retired Justice O’Connor, who seems more and more like a politician these days, signed onto a decision that could undermine the integrity of our elections. This is a clear example of out of control Judiciary and destroys the balance of power on the legislative branch and the We The People that our Founding document The Declaration of Independence and Constitution make it clear government gets its authority from the “consent” of the people. Ethic charges should be brought against her. The appeal must be made. Again the entire 9th Circuit upheld Prop. 200 just 3 years ago.” This must appealed to the Supreme Court.

    Apparently like Eric Holder she has not read Prop. 200 or the previous rulings or the Constitution or simply does not care about the integrity of our elections or the citizens of Arizona that voted for Proposition 200.

    Circuit Court Judge Sandra Ikuta and Associate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor voted to overturn. O’Connor, the retired Supreme Court Justice, is serving on the panel after being assigned by the Chief Justice.

    Chief Judge Alex Kozinski of the 9th Circuit dissented from the opinion, describing it as “unprecedented” and flatly stating that the majority “makes a mess of the law.”

    “Justice O’Connor has no business sitting on the court, and this odd interpretation of the rule of law is another example,” says Pearce.

    Ikuta and O’Connor ruled the proof of citizenship requirement was not consistent with the National Voter Registration Act of 1993. They held that Arizona’s requirement of proof of citizenship violated the federal statute. While voters may have to attest to their citizenship, requiring proof falls outside the law.

    “So what is the message from these judges? If an illegal alien is trying to register to vote, it is okay to ask them if they are a citizen, just don’t make them prove it. You have got to be kidding!” says Sen. Pearce.

    Is Justice O’Connor Really Still a Judge?

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  11. sherriaz says:

    What I want to know is if Governor Brewer is going to see that this is appealed to the Supreme Court. Once again, the Ninth Circuit deserves to be overturned.

  12. Villanova says:

    Lifetime appointments in the federal judiciary were conceived when life expectancy was much shorter and with the idea that the judges would not be answerable to anyone and thus not corruptible. With the changes of circumstances, it’s clear we need to change the policy.

  13. Truth or Consequences says:

    And who is the biggest booster of Sandra Day? That’s right…….McCain’s sidekick Amnesty Jon Kyl. Course remember that Kyl also had a fund raiser last year for another great friend of his….Maine Senator Susan Collins. And we wonder why people believe there is not a dimes worth of difference between the parties?

    • Doc says:

      I believe we had an opportunity to begin a rebuild of Arizona’s ?senatorial? representation…& the voter’s of Arizona apparidently were looking through ‘rose’ colored glassas…AGAIN!!! Maybe we can get it right in our next opportunity when Mr. Kyl’s up for relection. Meanwhile, our Liberty & FREEDOM are being dismantled. Kyl supporting this moron judge is no suprize. Sandra’s proof that the T.E.A. Party needs to keep on pluggin’ away @ socio-dems AND R.I.N.O. politicians!

  14. bill says:

    President Reagan must be rolling over in his grave !! He appointed Sandra Day to the court. She of course was the swing vote in the first Supreme Court challenge to McCain’s ‘Campaign Finance’ bill. His bill was the most flagrant attempt by a U.S.Senator to stifle ‘freedom of speech’ in American history. (Congresss shall make no law abridging freedom of speech)! I realize this tenet of the Constitution is complex and difficult for ‘little people’; (you and I) to comprehend. You might think a mighty Senator and brilliant Justice would have the brains to figure out the meaning of that sentence. Not so fast!!! In her infinite wisdom she swung with the LIBERAL Justices, allowing this outrageous bill to become law. Fortunately, the law has now been ruled “uncontitutional” by the Court. Now, again in her infinite wisdom, she rules a law requiring a person to prove who he is in order vote is unconstitional !!!! You and I have to provide photo ID to register in a hotel!!!!! ARE WE NUTS !!!!!!!!!! We are about to elect McCain to another term. Looks like the answer is “YES WE ARE”!

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  16. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    I expect to see this reported any day now:

    “Buses of “voters” who don’t have to establish that they are US citizens have already started to line up at the Arizona-mexico border. Each rider gets $10, a free chimichanga for EACH vote they cast, plus an “appropriate” ID. Each bus will take their phony voters to at least three polling places, so each can cast three votes for the d-crat socialists. They will get free transportation back across the border after they vote. Lunatic-left d-crat socialist members of congress who are in border districts, goofy gabby giffords and Arizona’s bearded marxist boycotter grijalva, have both reduced their expenditures on tv ads to pay for this this new and improved way to capture the vote. This is lunatic-left d-crat socialist “democracy” in action.”

  17. AHARD says:

    Carolyn Gerster, the pro-life stalwart and I both objected to the appointment of O’Connor. We knew then that stare decisis was her only operative legal

    We were proven correct about the woman, but for many years suffered much criticism for our early position.

    I subsequently went to law school and after that experience have even less regard for O’Connor, her brains or her legal skills.

    Read the dissent on the case though. It will give you hope.

  18. American Dad says:

    O’Connor is EIGHTY, for God’s sake! She retired. For the good of the citizens of this great nation, this old fool needs to stay OFF the bench, any bench. She needs to sit in a rocker since she has obviously gone off her own.

  19. Mike Now says:

    Sandra Day O’Connor is a joke, she was horrible when President Reagan appointed her and she is even worse today.
    How can that law even be questioned…you need to show proof of citizenship before you can vote. I have my ID ready everytime along with my voter’s card and anything else they might want to see.
    Add Sandy to the list with Rose Mofford, Mary Rose Wilcox, J-No and Ann Kirkpatrick as wonderful women who represent Arizona.

  20. […] of apologizing for disruptive post-midnight robocalls to Nevada voters, Sandra Day O’Connor should have apologized to Arizonans for her vote as a panelist on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals earlier this week in which she saw […]

  21. […] this past week, a 2 – 1 decision  by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals invalidated parts of Arizona’s Proposition 200, a 2004 voter-approved initiative limiting benefits to illegals and requiring proof of citizenship […]