She’s ba-a-ck: Mayor Philly Gordon rehires girlfriend’s business partner

Taking over the City Hall reporting duties from Scott Wong, Lynh Bui is doing a fine job of cutting edge reporting. This desk has been dependable in getting to the core of issues and not slavishly pumping up the lame-duck liberal and extremely flawed Phoenix Mayor, Philly Gordon.

Here Bui reports on the rehiring of controversial aide, Sue Lindmeier.

Seeing Red AZ has previously written about Lindmeier, a “consultant” at MullanyWunder, the consulting and fundraising firm co-owned by Gordon’s girlfriend, Elissa Mullany and Lindmeier’s sister, Cate Wunder.

Lindmeier has acknowledged being paid privately by Gordon last year to manage the renovation of his Phoenix home. On occasion she would confirm appointments and meet with home-renovation contractors during city work hours, but said she puts in more than her required 20 hours a week in the Mayor’s Office.

Among her duties at City Hall are managing the mayor’s calendar, booking his endless travel arrangements, submitting his travel reimbursements and coordinating Phoenix’s bid to land a national political convention in 2012.

Marchelle Franklin, Mayor Philly’s co-chief of staff says bringing Lindmeier back on the payroll would be a cost saving, since a current employee is leaving to be deployed in Iraq, allowing them to pick up Lindmeier’s old contract: $4,000 a month for 80 hours of work.

Franklin said Lindmeier left to pursue other career opportunities but offered to return after learning about the departure of the other employee.

How thoughtful.

Despite the controversy in the past, Franklin said, it made sense to bring Lindmeier back. “It’s hard to get someone to come work in the mayor’s last term when they know they won’t have a job at the end of 13 months.”

They could always hire on as comedy writers for Jay Leno.

8 Responses to She’s ba-a-ck: Mayor Philly Gordon rehires girlfriend’s business partner

  1. Angie says:

    The corruption in the City of Phoenix under this Mayor will go down in history as one of the most tolerated, overlooked, ignored and enabled by the city council members, the citizens, and of course the corrupt Harris who benefits from looking the other way.

    The citizens should have insisted on removing Gordon, but of course we are all too busy working to pay the higher taxes so he can hire his girlfriend, travel to the Middle East to try to sell out our city which is already sold out to the cartels!

    Just look who is buying many of our businesses. From landscaping companies to Blood testing laboratories. Anything that helps launder drug money -appearing legitimate.

    Our elected leaders have indeed sold out the USA; one city, one county at a time. Gordon has done his share as have the Maricopa CBOS.

    What we need to do is to limit terms and not allow these thugs to attain the power to do as they please. After being there for too long, they feel immune to the rule of law. Two terms is enough! No more buying and selling of our taxpayers futures.

    City Council:Do not vote for Gordon’s corrupt deals or you too will suffer the consequences of a big citizens law suit against all of you! You were elected to listen to the Taxpayers: Your employers, not to do as you please.

    Each one of you will be evaluated on the next round of City elections. Gordon is finished. It’s up to you to go with him or with the taxpayers who hired you! We know who is doing the right thing for the city -but we also know those who cater to his dishonor’s whims. Stop this corruption. Gordon, enough is enough!

    • Kent says:

      Good points, angie. Although I am not a fan of term limits (we have them by exercising our voting privleges)a creep like Gordo reinforces your position. All of the city employees and the unions (police, teachers and firefighters) get out to vote to retain the status quo. That’s why he was reelected. The other reason is that the big money people and their contracts are in bed with the city power brokers: The Mayor and council. Gordo is corrupt. His family and girlfriend have made huge financial gains through his position. He taxes our food and protects illegals. Wonderful guy.

  2. Sally Forth says:

    Why does this clown need a co-chief of staff? That means he has more than one!

  3. Doc says:

    “MullanyWunder”…REALLY?!?!? That’s th’ actual NAME of th’ gang?!?!? Oh My GOD!!!

    I’m mullin’ & wunderin’ how these people remain unjailed…

    I’m mullin’ over any wunder why the citizens of Phoenix tolerate gordon & his shenanigans…

    I crack myself up!!!

    • Night Owl says:

      I join you in your thoughts, Doc. This blatant excessive spending is typical of the high-flying globe trotting mayor, who views himself as untouchable. This goofus will finally have to find a real job once he’s out on his ample ass. Wonder which of his big donor/lobbyists will hire him? Maybe he’ll find a job as an emissary with his favorite country of Dubai.

      By the way, have any of you ever noticed that Phil Gordon looks demented?

  4. Kathy says:

    Now the Phoenix residence know where their 2 cents are going. They should’ve voted NO, but alas were fooled again. Phx PD will have lay-offs in the future. To date they are replacing paid positions with Reserve officers – very telling.

  5. Sigmund says:

    So who are the Republicans grooming to take over as mayor of the nation’s fifth largest city? I hope it won’t be one of the current crop of council members. We need to clean this tainted (supposedly non-partisan) slate.

  6. MuddFlapp says:

    Angie is right-on with so many of her points it is a shame to balk at one, but the following needs to be said: term limits are always enticing when the “bad buys” are in office. They are an automatic way to oust whomever is your opposition without even showing up to vote. But that mechanism can backfire when your favorite incumbent is running out of time and you want him/her to stay in office. If the office holder is good, you can keep him in office simply by voting, a novel idea.
    Plus, read the Federalist Papers and you’ll realize the wisdom of our Founding Fathers was dead set against the folly of term limits.
    Besides, term limits do not in any way guarantee that the newly-elected politician will be any less corrupt. Look at the presidency. It has been term-limited for half a century, time enough to assess its real value, and we are now looking at the most corrupt, anti-american sitting president in our history.
    Wake up.
    We all have the ability to limit terms by GETTING OUT THE VOTE. That’s the American way. Don’t rely on a government rule to do your thinking for you.