Having our Phil of Mayor Fool Gordon

Phoenix police officers assigned to provide security for Mayor Philly Gordon have testified in Maricopa County Superior Court that the mayor could be placed in danger if their activity logs are made public through an ongoing lawsuit.

The team’s “unscheduled worksheets,” provide glimpses into Gordon’s favorite restaurants and the names of people he meets with in between public appearances. Release of such records, they say, could leave Gordon vulnerable to increased threats if they publicize information about recurring patterns.

Now we read that Judge John Rea has ruled that Phoenix did not violate state public records law by withholding Gordon’s “unscheduled worksheets,” and has denied the request by Judicial Watch, a Washington-based government-watchdog group. 

The organization sought three years of records through a public-records request, suing Phoenix after being denied access, saying the sheets could contain information relevant to his role as mayor.

Odd that Gordon has suddenly become so circumspect. Last year, the still-married Gordon spewed, via “abundance of caution” letters written to City Attorney Gary Verburg and former Chief Justice Thomas Zlaket, intimate details of his romance with his girlfriend, Elissa Mullany, who does triple duty as his high-paid employee and frequent traveling companion. In a fit of candor, the mayor did note: “We do not share bank accounts.  We do not live together.”

The letters, complete with trite banalities, can be read here.

Earlier, the mayor’s sartorial redo, was given splashy coverage in the daily, complete with posed glam shot.

Now, he’s gone shy on us. What gives, Philly?


9 Responses to Having our Phil of Mayor Fool Gordon

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    How about that phony break in at Gordon’s home, (while he was there!!), when only his laptop was stolen? His wallet and other valuables were left untouched. It was obvious he hoped to hide information that could be damaging to him. Phil has probably seen enough reruns of Forensic Files to know he needed to get rid of every shred of evidence of his loosy-goosy shenanigans.

  2. Kathy says:

    Harris and Philly are tied at the hip – the “break-in” was more than likely set up & done with the help of Harris & his FOJ’s. There must be a lot of incriminating evidence on Philly’s computer that he had to get rid of it by a “break-in”. Phoenix citizens voted for this corrupt man & it’s costing them.

  3. Sigmund says:

    This guy is an embarrassment. There was a photo of him in the morning paper showing him “sporting a doctor’s coat” as he made a speech about the UofA/Phoenix College of Medicine. He’s a showboater on top of being a fool. Not a great combination!!

    BTW, the headline on this post is priceless!!

  4. Jane says:

    This case needs the help of Phoenix residents. This judge’s ruling is as phoney as that “stolen” laptop. Phil Gordon has done enormous damage to the city’s economy and reputation. He should be brought to justice and so should his accomplices.

  5. Seen It All says:

    Couldn’t agree more, Jane. Phil and his overpaid not-quite-a=police-chief Jack Harris are in collusion. How do you think the officers from PPD happened to testify the way they did in this matter? Gordon gets elected with the solid votes of the unions: Firefighters, police and teachers. That’s the whole story. They all have a finger in perpetrating this pie. He sure doesn’t get elected on his wit, charm or brilliance.

  6. MacBeth says:

    Phil Gordon can’t leave office soon enough to suit me. And I hope we get some fresh faces to run to replace him. The city council is deeply entrenched in the politics as usual game.

  7. BarnStormer7 says:

    Here’s a log — city hall rumor — Wes Gullett walking around saying he will raise $1 mil by Jan to run for mayor. If you thought Phil was fun …

    • LD 7 PC says:

      Please tell us you think today is April First and you’re merely pulling a prank. Phil Gordon is a bumbling liberal and bona fide moron, unable to help himself as he makes an ass of himself simultaneous to declaring sanctuary city policies for illegals.

      Wes Gullett is an treacherous McCain operative who will make us all long for this current joke of a mayor. He could probably raise an easy million from McCain himself. The fact that there are campaign limits shouldn’t be an issue. McCain was the one who talked a good game with Democrats about “campaign finance reform” UNTIL he needed that $22 million from his disastrous presidential race to use against JD Hayworth.

      Reform? What reform?

      Seriously, I hope this Gullett rumor doesn’t come to pass.

  8. Capt. Marvel says:

    Wes Gullett’s wife Deb was a one term state legislator, who tried to pull a fast one with her petitions and got caught. Then this supposed Republican went to work for Phil Gordon as a top aide. What a shock!

    Wes Gullett was a signer on the Republicans for Janet (Napolitano) website when she was running against a conservative Republican. That should tell the whole story in a nutshell. These two should have reregistered as Democrats years ago. They both originally worked for McCain. This is an insidious package. Beware!