So much for “indefinite suspension:” Olbermann’s baa-ack

Well, whadda ya know? MSNBC has decided that a few days of being sacked were long enough for their favored liberal television host, Keith Olbermann.

Far left groups had taken on Olbermann’s suspension as a raison d’être. Progressive Change Campaign Committee ran an online petition they claimed exceeded 200,000 signatures, calling for his reinstatement. The site now gushingly congratulates Olbermann for his coup. Uber leftist, Michael Moore even tweeted his support.

The question remains why Olbermann would engage in actions he undoubtedly knew would be provocative. This could have been a planned assault on NBC’s policy prohibiting employees from making political donations unless an exception was made in advance. Such was not the case with his donations of the max amount of $2,400 each to the campaigns of Democrats Jack Conway who lost a senate race to Rand Paul in Kentucky and Arizonans Raul Grijalva and Gabrielle Giffords, who barely clung to their congressional seats in squeaker campaigns. Both incumbents were taken on by impressive Republican newcomers Ruth McClung and Jesse Kelly.

Olbermann’s “indefinite suspension without pay” lasted from Friday until Tuesday. The publicity will far exceed any harm. With a yearly salary estimated to be $10 million, a few days off work will hardly be noticed.

Read Politico’s account here.

6 Responses to So much for “indefinite suspension:” Olbermann’s baa-ack

  1. Kathy says:

    Ratings stunt – how else are they going to get viewers?? I guess Olbermann had to recover from last Tuesday tsunami! On to the finale in 2012!

  2. Joe Evans says:

    I think you captured this scenario brilliantly, Kathy.

  3. TeaPartyPatriot says:

    America: get ready to hold your nose again – the stench of “the Worst Person in the World” is about to return after the M(ore)S(ocialism)from N(itwit)B(iased-socialist)C(lowns) network ends its brief “indefinite” ratings publicity stunt.

    TAX CHEAT olbermann has put BOTH the ‘Corrupt” and the “B-tard” in “Corrupt B-tards of the lamestream media”.

    Let’s hear it for the blatant bias of the lunatic-left media!

  4. angee says:

    As for Grijalva and Gifford, we should have
    filed for an investigation of voter’s eligibility.
    Many people crossed the border to vote according
    to a candidate from Douglas, AZ. “People who reside
    in Agua Prieta voted in Douglas”. The candidate has already filed for an investigation into the illegal

    The GOP must be more proactive in these matters!

  5. Scott says:

    I am no fan of Olbermann, but I thought this was a good call out of blathering Joe Scarborough slobbering over John McCain: