McCain forces attempt to wrest AZ GOP control

The Republican intra-party activities playing out in legislative district meetings around the state are anything but benign. Precinct committeemen, who were elected on the August primary election ballot, are now engaging in the important elections for their own district officers and state committeemen posts. They in turn, will elect state party officers.

The normally routine elections are fast turning into a referendum on McCain‘s influence. Last evening, in McCain’s home District 11, the long knives were out as the liberal wing of the Republican Party took out conservatives in a bloodbath that included keeping state Republican Chairman Randy Pullen from serving as a state committeeman. This means he is not able to run for reelection as the state chairman.

Pullen is currently Treasurer of the Republican National Committee.

This McCain power grab is stunningly inconsistent with the citizen activism witnessed in the retaking of congressional seats being reclaimed by conservatives in CD 1 and 5, as well as the exceedingly close races waged by GOP Platform-based newcomers against entrenched liberals Grijalva and Giffords. The Arizona state legislature is solidly in conservative hands.

The McIdeologues are beholden to the open-border business interests desirous of a continued flow of exploitable, low wage illegal workers. American citizens should come first, particularly in these difficult economic times, but when you’re married to an Anheuser-Busch beer distributorship heiress and have millions left from a failed presidential bid, fiscal policies take on a different hue.

We are watching another dose of top-down politics, pushed by the McCain/Kyl establishment.  It matters not that it has resulted in grand losses in the past. This is being foisted by an angry contingent who should ply their trade in alleys rather than in the inner circles of respectability.

 One bright note is the state committeeman slot won by Tom Husband.


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  1. South Mountain Conservative says:

    I’m given to understand there are still a couple of other ways for Randy Pullen to become a state committeeman. Does anyone know if Randy actually wants to run for Party Chairman again? I can’t imagine he would leave us in the lurch without telling us in advance that he didn’t want to run.

  2. DeAnn says:

    I wonder how long it will take for the Tea Party to leave the “McCain Party” and form their own party? The McCain RINO’s don’t get it. They will finish off the Republican party if we let them.

    • LD 18 Voter says:

      You’ve got that right, DeAnn.
      This is disgusting but not surprising. Instead of working within the party structure, McCain has always tried to create havoc for those who support the Platform. He is a petty and vengeful man intent on destruction of those he considers his foes, even if they are the hardworking backbone of the Republican Party.

      • theprecinctproject says:

        DeAnn and LD 18 Voter:

        The “Tea Party” have sufficient numbers to fill up EVERY vacant precinct committeeman slot and TAKE OVER the Republican Party in the 2012 election cycle if they would just UNITE inside every local LD committee meeting. Go here to learn how and why this is doable: http://www.theprecinctproject.wordpress.comI have been preaching this since the first tea parties formed. Do the math. HALF the PC slots in Arizona are vacant. The filled slots are split, ON AVERAGE, 50-50 between conservatives and RINOs. Fill up the 50 per cent that unfilled with conservatives from the tea parties and, presto, change-o, you are IN CONTROL of the Republican Party. Yes, there will be some in LDs where this can’t be done (LD 11 has 436 slots with 405 filled). But, for example, LD 17 has 273 PC slots with only 111 filled. Most of the LDs are like that.

        The Party is THERE FOR THE TAKING BY CONSERVATIVES if they would just put down their tea party signs and go to a LD committee meeting.

        For Liberty,

  3. Calypso says:

    Don’t you all remember how McCain didn’t even have the courage to show his face at Arizona’s presidential preference meeting when he began his failed campaign? The word was that he shunned the meeting and his own delegates because he was concerned about being booed by the crowd, many of whom did not support him. We have more class than that, but a guy like McCain would judge us by his own actions. He has always treated the elected precinct committeemen and state committeemen as if we were dirt under his Bruno Maglis.

  4. Dennis O'Brien says:

    Thank John McCain for giving us Barack Obama. McCain’s ego couldn’t bear not being in the race, even though he could never have won. Party affiliation was not even the front burner issue for young voters and blacks, who voted overwhelmingly for Obama. But nobody wanted mean ol’ Granpa.

  5. Kevin Myers says:

    I’m told by a very reliable source that is Tom Husband Jr.

  6. Doc says:

    McCain continues to be re-elected by sheeple, so his onslaught of havok & destruction continues as well.

    In light of his actions & disrespect of his own party members, this alone gives pause for concern…

  7. Overtaxed1 says:

    The fools that voted for McCain only have themselves to blame. The mighty power hungry elitists do not care about conservatives or citizens. The power grab in District 11 is a terrible shame. We lost two good men, the RINOS should be ashamed of themselves. I am a PC in LD6, a Republican but I will not work for RINOS. If they can’t support the platform they should not be in the party.

  8. Ricky Lujan says:

    “I’m running for Chair because I believe that I can best unite the Republican Party,” Hermanson said. “To stop Barack Obama, re-elect Senator Kyl, and build on our successes this year, we will need to be totally united.”

    “Unity” to these establishment Republicans means get on board with amnesty and our push to turn the Republican Platform into moderate mush or get out.

    No thanks Hermanson!

  9. Kathy says:

    McCain will never quit until every Republican becomes a Dem (just like him). After all he has get those in line to secure Kyl’s re-election. I mean McCain needs his amnesty buddy Kyl to join him in the destruction of this Country.

  10. Wright2B says:

    I am here at LD19 meeting right now. They infiltrated and made a huge spectacle. Held up the line and filled out ?? how many ballots , all write in and the had an hour and half to complete the voting process and made our Chair hold it open for an additional 20 min (at least). They had about 3 people filling out all the write in and still complained. Rules do not take away rights, Rules protect RIGHTS ! Then, they still made a HUGE ruckus saying their voting rights are being violated. It will be interesting to see how this shakes out.

    • PV Voter says:

      Wow! Thanks for the update Weight2B. Keep us posted if you are able. This is great, having on the spot information from our own conservative PC’s!!

    • Wright2B says:

      LD 19 has been Hi-jacked!

      • Night Owl says:

        Thanks for the sad news. I’ve been here at the computer checking in every few minutes to see if you had reported back. Your updates are very much appreciated, although the news you relay certainly isn’t. McCain is out to slice and dice the AZ Republican Party and purge us of conservatives. After all, we were the ones who supported JD Hayworth. That action which he considers treachery, was a national embarrassment to the old jerk.

    • wright2vote says:

      The real facts are that many of the nominating forms that were submitted on time to get on the ballot for state committeeman never made it to the ballot. Additionally the crazy bylaws were contrary to county bylaws in that the call letter sent out stated that 63 of the 99 state committeeman spots had already been filled which were titled “guaranteed seats”. Multiple requests for clarification were completely ignored. Upon arrival at the meeting a person with 12 proxy votes was handed 12 ballots and due to several of the names not being on the ballot (see above) they were required to write-in 40 names on each ballot (480 names total) in order to vote for those whom they desired. This is only 7 seconds per name without any breaks. A motion was made to extend the time to allow for write-ins which was denied and not even allowed for discussion or vote. Then a gentleman went to Rob Haney who was present at the time and asked for more time. He said he should ask the Chair and see what she wants to do. Pat Oldroyd repeated what was stated earlier that if you get into the ballot submission line by 8pm then you can continue to fill out the ballots in the line. This was then reneged and the ballot boxes were taken away which is where a large number of PC’s were upset and vocally outraged. Ultimately some ballots were allowed to be cast but many votes were still refused due to the silly time constraints.

      Funny how the story changes when the facts are laid out. Not giving someone a reasonable amount of time to fill out their ballot is ridiculous.

  11. Realist says:

    It is becoming increasingly obvious that Kyl/McShame are interested in nothing but perpetuating their elitism. The majority of sycophants who rally around these despicable senators are also feeding at the public trough! They talk about capitalism and live off the taxpayers while unwitting promoting a fabian socialist form of government. These unprincipled individuals are participating in the downfall of our Republic. Their motto of divide and conquer is practised at the expense of freedom. I’m sure Jon Kyl is familiar with the old saying “be careful what you wish for”. Well Jon, now that you have drawn a line in the sand…think about this one for 2012, “pay-backs are hell”!

  12. Tyler M says:

    Conservatives will need to unite around a conservative now for State Party Chairman. I hope that Randy Pullen can help in this process of unifying the base.

    I can’t stand the lib RINO elites & their antipathy toward all conservative values. They were most upset because Randy Pullen stood tall when he took a stand against illegal immigration. Senator Kyl is apparently getting his payback now against Randy Pullen for Pullen’s open letter from the State Republican Party opposing the amnesty proposal that Senator Kyl wrote.

  13. theprecinctproject says:

    Wright2B, please keep us posted.

    Realist, you and PV Voter are spot on.

    Go and recruit more conservatives to come into the Party as ball players in the real ball game of politics — party politics — as precinct committeemen. Go into the tea parties and other grass roots conservative groups and RECRUIT. That’s what I do.

    Go here to learn more:
    For Liberty,
    Cold Warrior

    • Wright2B says:

      That is AWESOME, because if the people are not aware that they only have POWER when they are actually involved with the Maricopa GOP, then all they will EVER do is to to the once a week tea party and DO NOTHING else. I was one, and was lucky enough to find East Valley Tea Party on my first hit. Greg spoke about PC’s (never heard of em) and the next thing I knew i was one. There are Other Tea party groups that are for profit and do not encourage that the first and most important meeting to go to is the district meeting and be a PC. Those are the ones that need a little pruning!

  14. Night Owl says:

    State Party Chairs traditionally have the time and the money as well as the ability to travel and pay their own expenses. It is not a small job. Neither is it inexpensive. Qualifications include first and foremost fundraising acumen, excellent communication skills including the ability to persuade and of course referee and herd cats. This is not a job for the faint of heart. We have a legislature full of egos and our congressional contingent makes theirs look miniscule by comparison. Anyone can become your enemy on a moment‘s notice. Still think people will be breaking down the door to take this post? We should put a sign above the sign in table that reads: “Only loonies need apply. If you’re not crazy now, wait a short while.”

  15. Van the Radio Man says:

    Well it’s begun and now we have to decide just how to handle these RINOs once and for all or we’ll lose all the gains we’ve made both in Reps and Credibilty welcome to the big league. If anyone has a any valid plans you have an open invite to come on one of our shows and discuss them with our listeners/viewers as we started our shows to keep the public informed and intend to do just that so please let us know. God Bless You; Van the Radio Man

    • Wright2B says:

      yes my friend I have a plan- The Tea Party and other conservative groups have to held accountable. If they are not promoting involvement at the PC level they need to be exposed. It is important that people are getting educated in the Tea Party – but what good is it if you do not become a PC and DO something??? I am on a mission to expose and speak at Tea Party groups to ensure their members are aware how much POWER they just gave away because they were not involved in their Legislative District meetings!How’s that for a plan!

  16. Van the Radio Man says:

    We’ve forgot to put the web address in our response. This is not a good thing as in LD-4 we just elected a whole new board of conservatives and also the same to represent us at the next meeting to elect state reps we all need to get together to form a united front. God Bless You All; Van the Radio Man

  17. Average Joe says:

    McCain has been an abject failure most of his life. Graduated near the bottom of his Naval Academy class. Crashed 5 planes in total. Lost in a terrible rout by Obama.

    It seems that only in the inner workings of the AZ GOP does his millions of $$$s and his minions carry the day. Oh, and with the voters of AZ whose decisions are determined by slick, 30 second TV ads (“build the dang fence”) and the hundreds of smiling faces of old John lining the billboards along every highway in AZ at election time.

  18. Bick says:

    I am glad to see from the responses that I am not alone on our liberal senator and what he has done and will do in the future to conservatism in Az.
    Now the problem is as I see it: 1. Will Randy run again?
    2. if not who? and 3. How can we all best get Randy or the other person elected. So basically what I am asking is ,”stop the whining” and lets get the job done. What do we do from this point on? Has anyone any suggestions? We know the problem but does anyone have the solution?

  19. Another LD11 PC says:

    Well, Randy thought he was buying some street cred with McCain by extending his hand out to him, supporting Prop 100 tax increase and other, what could easily be viewed as little sellouts by conservatives.

    Randy just got burned. McCain rolled him.

    There is no negotiating with McCain.

    McCain is Sherman and will burn EVERYTHING to the ground – EVERYTHING – to get his way – EVEN IF IT MEANS McCain ends up with NOTHING – as long as McCain wins.

    Dealing with McCain is like dealing with a 3 year old.

    • Tyler M says:

      Very true indeed. Just remember how childish McCain acted during the debates against Romney. The old saying with McCain is that “John McCain doesn’t hold grudges; he nurses them”. He is like a child with a very bad temper.

  20. Doc says:

    I see a ton of conservative views here on this thread…yet we end up on the losing end @ each Precinct Meeting discussed. LD-1’s meeting is in December. I’m bringing a camera.

    The question that comes to my mind is, “if there are so many true conservatives involved…why do McKyl’s minions keep getting the slots?”

    Of course, with the Consistant Conservative JD Hayworth getting the loss in the August Primary, how th’ hell did THAT happen?!?! McCain lied on his own TV ads…& he STILL won! I just don’t get it. But it’s damned discouraging…sumthin’ damned sure smells rotten to me tho….

  21. LD 10 PC says:

    John McCain and his senate chum Jon Kyl detest the conservatives within the Arizona Republican Party. That is raw fact not supposition. But they are not alone. The Arizona congressional delegation perhaps with the exception of Trent Franks, although he has done some mighty odd endorsements this last cycle, are all either beholden to, or fearful of, McCain. We need to keep a close watch on Quayle, Schweikert and Gosar, all who ran as conservatives, and make sure they stay on the reservation.

  22. theprecinctproject says:

    Doc, go look at Wright2B’s post above. He’s on the right track.
    Some numbers. Maricopa County has about 700,000 registered Republicans. Let that sink in.
    In 2008, the Maricopa County Republican Party was allotted 6,231 PC slots for the approx. 694,000 registered Republicans then. Guess what percentage of the PC slots were filled.

    I said guess.

    31.9 per cent. We only had 1,989 PCs.

    Now it’s 2010. We have 6,241 allotted PC slots. Guess what percentage is filled.

    I said guess.

    A “whopping” 47 per cent. We’re up to 2,936 elected PCs.

    Want to revolutionize the Arizona Republican Party? Recruit conservatives to become PCs.

    Two more examples.

    LD 11 has 436 PC slots. 405 of those slots are filled. Obviously, the RINOs did a better job in getting PCs elected. I’m told that even if all 31 vacancies had been filled with conservatives, the leadership elections would have turned out the same. But, 21 of the 135 state committeemen elected were conservatives. So those 31 extra conservative votes might have helped increase that number.

    By contrast, LD 17 had about 65 elected PCs in 2008 for 262 slots. Over one third of the precincts has ZERO precinct committeemen. Now, LD 17 has an allotment of 273 PCs but only 111 filled. That’s pathetic, no? Imagine if all of the vacancies were filled with conservatives? You can’t tell me that there aren’t an additional 162 hard corps conservatives living in Tempe and south Scottsdale. But you can tell me that we’ve done a horrible job of identifying them and then communicating to them that (a) there’s a urgent need for them INSIDE the Party and (b) how basic civics works and how easy it is to become an elected PC.

    While recruiting conservative PCs at tea parties and other “conservative” gatherings and meetings, the usual response from these good, decent Americans who want to “do something,” when I told them they needed to come into the Republican Party as elected precinct committeemen, was, “What’s a precinct committeeman.”

    Find ’em.
    Teach ’em.
    Recruit ’em.

    For Liberty,
    Cold Warrior

    • Doc says:

      Cold Warrior-So, I went back & re-read, slowly, “Wright2B”‘s posts. Thanks! I see exactly whatchur sayin’!

      There’s very few conservatives who are interested in getting stabbed in the back, but I DO see your point as well about recruiting PC’s. As with yourself, I didn’t know what one was…

      I’ll work harder to get some conservatives involved. If we get enuff people…we might stop the McKyl juggernaught…

      • theprecinctproject says:

        It’s a pure numbers game, just like every election. If you are a conservative and want a more conservative leadership WITHIN the Republican Party then YOU need to get INSIDE the Party and get everyone who you think will vote like you to FILL UP EVERY VACANT precinct committeeman slots.

        Do the math. If 50 per cent of the PC slots in the Party are currently vacant (that’s a fact) and split about 50-50 between McCain/McKyl RINOs and conservatives, and conservatives were to fill up all the vacancies, the ratio goes to 75-25 in favor of conservatives.

        You end up with, instead of a half-strength, ideologically-split party, a FULL-STRENGTH, solidly conservative Party. In other words, we’d go back to the winning ways or Reagan Conservatism instead of the namby-pamby, wishy-washy “moderate” Republicanism which, as we saw with McCain’s horrible candidacy, loses every time. Why vote for the guy who promises only half the goodies for free when you can vote for the other charlatan who will give you ALL the goodies for free (and promise to not raise your taxes and cut spending out of the other side of his mouth, too)?

        I tell conservatives HOW to take over the Republican Party by becoming PCs at my blog. Please go there and spend 13 minutes watching the videos:
        The real ball game of politics is played by precinct committeemen. Not at tea party rallies. But at boring, mundane monthly Republican Party legislative district committee meetings. It’s not hard and not rocket science, just good, old-fashioned, basic American civics. I was taught it in junior high.

        When the constitutional conservatives in the tea party and other grass roots conservatives figure out that they could EASILY take over the Republican Party just by becoming precinct committeemen, then conservatives will be on the path to returning our country to government that is constrained by our Constitution, because they’ll be in a position to elect to office servants who will take their oath of office to support and defend the Constitution, and to only pass laws “in Pursuance thereof”, as Art. VI commands, seriously. Or they’ll tossed out in the next primary election. Like the grass roots conservatives accomplished in Utah with RINO “conservative” Sen. Bob Bennett.

        All we have to do is get sufficient numbers of constitutional conservatives involved in the real ball game of politics — party politics — inside the Republican Party instead of shouting at the Party from the sidelines.

        For Liberty,
        Cold Warrior

  23. Karl Schill says:

    We saw the McCain machine at work last night at LD19,
    if they keep this up we will have to break from the Republican Party and start a third party.
    We saw lots of new people for the first time. We will see what happens, I hope I’m wrong.

  24. Ricky Lujan says:

    Wright2Vote Nov. 19 12:26 AM
    If this is accurate then we have a game changer. PCs followed the prescribed course to get on the ballot for State Committeeman and were left off the ballot. If this can be proven (and it should be easy to prove with email records, etc.) then we need leaders to step forward and take legal action against this very flawed election.

    At a minimum there were obviously unreasonable time constraints involved.

    Even though Chairman Pullen announced he has no intention to run again he may react differently to a draft effort.

    The LD11 Organizational Meeting elections need their day in court. No Arizona Republican should stand by and let this apparently crooked election stand unchallenged. Your district may be next.

  25. Entre Nous says:

    What I find so revealing about these posts is the complete lack of outrage over the way LD 19’s meeting was handled last night. The person conducting the meeting was running for chairman (can we say “Conflict of Interest” people?) The individual who won the election had submitted his paperwork to be on the ballot on time, but for some reason wasn’t included. In spite of being notified several weeks before last night’s election that the way LD 19 was conducting it’s SC elections (by precinct) was out of compliance with the county by-laws and state statutes, no steps were taken to correct this until the night of the election. This created an unusually large ballot of write-in candidates, and people carrying multiple proxies did not have enough time to fill out all of the ballots so they could submit them. When a request was made to extend the voting time-frame it was denied out of hand without even being debated or put to a vote. The “powers that were” in that district knew they were about to get rolled and did everything they could to stop it by creating obstacles for the people who were still filling out proxy ballots. (And even their own C&T committee had to acknowledge that they were held by legitimate, duly elected PC’s) That was a raw and callous abuse of power and any thinking person should have been absolutely outraged. Thankfully they finally realized that they were abusing their authority and “benevolently” allowed a few more votes to be cast. The people who “won” last night did not do anything illegal. They were legitimately elected PC’s acting within the scope of party by-laws and state statutes regarding elections and proxies. Were the tactics they used to be heard unorthodox (and even downright rude)? Sure, but they were being denied the opportunity to vote. Would we think better of them for just letting their rights be trampled on? I may not agree with the group that took over District 19, but the way last night’s meeting was handled showed that the former leadership of that district was at the very least grossly incompetent, or at the very worst as grasping and devious as they believe their antagonists to be.

  26. Ricky Lujan says:

    There are county bylaws for recalling district officers. Last I looked they were posted at If not, they are certainly available by requesting them from an MCRC officer.

    Is part of the problem that some PCs took no interest in district functions until the night of district elections? You have to get interested much earlier than that to affect district election results.

    True though, no district officers should be off the hook for running incompetent elections.

    • theprecinctproject says:

      Here are the MCRC bylaws:
      Those rules govern the removal of the MCRC officers.

      The bylaws of each Legislative District govern the removal of the officers of the LDs. For example, the LD 17 bylaws provide:

      “An officer, [sic] may be removed at any time by two-thirds (2/3) vote of those present and voting at any meeting provided a notice of the proposed removal has been given in writing to all members at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting at which the removal is voted upon.”

      Thank you.
      Cold Warrior

  27. Mal says:

    When and where are LD 19 meetings held?

  28. azmesan says:

    PC that have been recuirted to fill vacant slots have been used by David Johnson and others in his group to prevent PC that do not support McCain or Jeff Flake from becoming State Committeemen for the soul purpose of removing a voice of opposition to McCain.

    Unfortunitly, what they have done is removed those that work to get local Representative and Senators elected to office. They removed those that would knock doors, make phone calls and ATTEND the organizational meetings.

    The Tea Party people who got involved to make a difference got taken, they trusted people and gave their proxies to firends and family people they trusted now we see the results.

    A chairman who got local people elected to offices is not longer going to be chairman, working PC who would attend the meeting no longer will attend. Pior to the Randy Pullen, the majority of the money went to the delegation and not the local canidates. Who need our help more the local or the national canidates?

    These new state committeemen need to be help accountable, they need to attend the meeetings and they need to be called upon to serve, they wanted the offices, now they have them, lets see what they can really do.