GOP elected officials beware: Keep your powder dry

The frost is barely off the AZ GOP’s pumpkin before we witness the far reaching internal squabbles, begun by the vindictive McCain supporters.  The upshot is the organized coup which rendered Republican chairman Randy Pullen ineligible to retain his chairmanship. Pullen, McCain and Kyl all reside in Distinct 11, as do their unwavering nemeses Maricopa County Chairman Rob Haney and County Executive Director Tom Husband.

And like water oozing from a pipe fissure, the applicants for his post are not only pooling up, but seeking endorsements with which to wow the crowd of state committeemen at the upcoming January meeting to elect Pullen’s successor and other state party officers.

The candidates are vying for the big kahuna:  Being able to waive a banner declaring the support of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Such an endorsement implies the candidate, like the sheriff, is a strong defender of a truly secure border, not hypocritical campaign blather in the mode of McCain.

Yet one who is doing just that is perennial candidate Vernon Parker, who is keeping the phone lines sizzling by calling conservative lawmakers and other elected officials touting Arpaio’s support.

Arpaio and Parker employ the same strategist.  But former PV appointed mayor Parker is solidly in McCain’s camp — an integral piece of information not forthcoming from Parker. In fact Parker was instrumental in taking out Tom Husband as a precinct committeeman when he was County Chair, disqualifying him to continue in that role.

The election is weeks off.  Other candidates are sure to enter the fray. An early endorsement has the potential of locking in support one might later regret.  It also can sway others in a direction they might not have taken if all facts were known.

Let’s take a reflective step back and hold off on endorsements that could bring on a major case of buyer‘s remorse. 

There is plenty of time.

8 Responses to GOP elected officials beware: Keep your powder dry

  1. BillyBob says:

    Let’s have some real talk here. Parker maybe a McCain guy. Hermanson down in Pinal is definitely his guy. Chris Derose and others from the McCain camp have been scouting votes for him for a few weeks. Maybe the McKyl Flakey strategy is to run two clones?
    What happened in LD11? The dummy up of the district. They ran a slate in and got a slate of folks, two of whom work for political consultants, one the right hand child of a career bureaucrat and another a tired old used car dealer in the form of a short, jovial ambulance chasing lawyer. Haney did not run an officer slate in 11, yet the control freaks had their way. More fun ahead as two US Senators try to lock down total control over the party, making the place look more like North Korea and less like something about democracy.

  2. LD 7 PC says:

    Parker is not a “Maybe” McCain guy. He’s the real deal.

    Here’s the clear evidence he jumped right onboard the McCain Double Talk Express:

    • Doc says:

      As I documented here on this very blogsite, Vern Parker & I had a phone conversation in which he backpeddaled in his support. He NEVER outright DENIED it, he just sorta danced all around the topic. He then said he had a “big suprize” for us (statewide Republicans? PC’s? Whoever…I don’t know…) This guy’s suprize to me is how he’s still claiming to be endorsed by Sheriff Joe, running for office after office, McKyl supporter, on&on&on but he remains a HUGE hypocrite involved with our party. People like this only hurt our situation, & strive to make true conservatives look bad. In my opinion, this kind of BOOLSHEET is exactly why good people don’t want to become PC’s & get involved. Mr. Parker just simply needs to go to the Democratic party where he belongs.

  3. Ricky Lujan says:

    Vernon Parker endorsed John McCain in the Primary. Even if McCain is pushing Marty Hermanson, we already know both Hermanson and Parker would run the AZ GOP the way McKyl tells them to.

    Help Wanted! Dependable conservative for State Party Chairman!

  4. Jill H says:

    Sheriff Arpaio, Yes, please keep your powder dry on this one.

    • Doug Johnson says:

      I share your hope that Arpaio will stop endorsing Vernon Parker. It makes no sense given that McCain and Arpaio are not what one would call chums. More accurately they could be described as acrimonious foes. Vernon does nothing to enhance Sheriff Arpaio, but he does plenty to leave Arpaio supporters mystified and more than a tad ticked off when there are much better candidates to back, as in CD 3. There will still be entrants in the chairmanship contest. Please Sheriff…keep your powder dry.

  5. paul marchant says:

    Question to Parker Leavitt? Is your employer muzzling you from telling about what REALLY happened last week or is it your buddies who work for Flake and McCain?

  6. RINO Hunter says:

    So what I hear everyone saying, is the True Conservatives in the Party need an ally to run, JUST ONE Constitutional Conservative to be nominated. Now the obvious choice would be Russell Pearce, but he’ll be FAR too busy as President of the Senate.

    Logic would dictate that we find someone else from Maricopa, Pima or Pinal County. Perhaps a Sam Crump, or why not, JD Hayworth!? NOW, THAT would be a huge snub to McNasty!

    But, IF there were a solid conservative, even from Cochise, Yavapai or even Mohave County, where all the conservatives could rally around, wouldn’t that be great?