AZ Republic leans pro “gay,” anti-LDS

Offensive assertion links Mormon Church to increased suicides

Randy Lovely is the Arizona Republic’s chief editor and VP of News. When he arrived, it was “with his partner, “ ensuring his sexuality was front and center from day one.

Noticeable changes were the increasing reports and puff pieces on topics involving homosexuality — whether editorially pushing against the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy,  in favor of same-sex marriage or promoting the gay advocacy group No Longer Silent: Clergy for Justice, which supports leadership roles for gay men, lesbians and others in Christian church services. The daily advocates for same-sex partners health benefits. The Day of Silence solidarity in Arizona schools is given the kid glove treatment.

Recently, the newspaper has been fixated on “gays” in the LDS Church. Articles on fallen-away Mormons such as state Senator-elect Kyrsten Sinema, and former legislator Steve May make news.

But not just any such duos will do.  The focus is now on a specific couple of lovebirds named Flake and Salmon who declare they want to marry and start a family.  Those surnames have a particular resonance since they are not only well known in Arizona’s political community — Republican community.  They are also names that are prominent in the state’s multi-generational Latter-Day Saints arena.

So, via the most recent newspaper report, we introduce you to Matt R. Salmon and Kent Flake, who are now on a mission — of a different sort.  The men are described as “huddled at Pioneer Park across the street“ from the festive Christmas Lights ceremony at the Mesa temple with other members of the Phoenix Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Coalition, to hold “a suicide-prevention outreach and candlelight vigil aimed at preventing gay Mormon suicides in Arizona.”

How odd that the newspaper presents gay Mormons as more likely to take their own lives than others in the homosexual population. Where is the corresponding report on Catholic, Buddhist, Baptist, Presbyterian and Jewish homosexuals? Where are the facts to substantiate such a wild claim?

The Phoenix New Times, a tabloid-style publication, previously covered the Salmon/Flake duo with an attitude and exceedingly flashy photos.

6 Responses to AZ Republic leans pro “gay,” anti-LDS

  1. Kimball says:

    Linking the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to an increased rate of suicide among gays is an offensive leap! This is right in keeping with what I know to be the AZ Repulsive’s constant hammering on the Church. (often referred to as the Mormon religion.)

    As a lifelong member of the LDS faith, I find a skewed report such as this deeply troubling. Thank you Seeing Red AZ for calling this out! I don’t read the newspaper and would have missed this. Now I’m reminded why I don’t.

  2. Kent says:

    Misters Flake and Salmon have been getting more press than they deserve. They have gone out of their way to publicly embarrass their families to promote their own agenda. (Did you click on the deep kissing photos in the New Times link?) That was unnecessary and calculated to provoke.

  3. American Dad says:

    How sad that they would work to advance a negative view of the church they were raised in and that their families hold to be sacred. Flake and Salmon are free to do what they will (or not) spiritually, but this is very demeaning to the those who gave them life, raised and nurtured them as they promote the lie that the church is responsible for suicides in this hedonistic community they unquestioningly accept.

  4. Rambling Rose says:

    Thank you for calling out the newspaper(s) here. They are every bit as agendized as these two young men who are unable to pose without hands on thighs or kissing. If they were with a female, they would no doubt show more restraint. That is why this is so easily seen for what it is…a way of causing pain to family, a means of gaining notoriety for themselves and other homosexuals, and a way of mainstreaming deviancy….all the while degrading the LDS faith in the eyes of others who might be tempted to believe these guys. Very sad.

  5. Realist says:

    Randy Lovely is on a “mission” to place his agenda IN YOUR FACE! Now I know why Steve Benson is still employed at the Republic.
    Is there really any question as to why the Repulsive is in a financial meltdown?