Mexican ingenuity

No great medical or scientific advances, but THIS major technological breakthrough features such a sophisticated system, it even made the news in Japan, the New York Times and points in between.

8 Responses to Mexican ingenuity

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    Whatever genius might be possessed by Mexico’s citizens appears most often to be put to ill use. Why criminal endeavors instead of mastery of science, the arts and technology?

  2. Vince says:

    I challenge you to ame any advances, Frankly.

  3. RINO Hunter says:

    Vince, In Mexico and expression of “capitalism” really IS an ‘Advance’! LOL That is movement in the right direction. If only the crooks and the elites didn’t put a stranglehold on the people, and instead, give that same freedom of opportunity to all. Now THAT would a phenomenal advance!

  4. Jill H says:

    More good people coming to do the jobs Americans won’t do, right McKyl?

  5. Ricky Lujan says:

    John Shadegg:
    “We need a guest worker program”

    Another intolerant xenophobe

  6. Villanova says:

    Sure thing, Ricky. The “guest workers” could be recruited to construct tunnels for mass transit in U.S. cities. Why hire those damn demanding taxpaying American citizens who think they’re entitled to a living wage and benefits? Shadegg was right, if we don’t acquiesce, we’re intolerant xenophobes.

  7. sam retort says:

    Build the fence, put teeth in a bill to stop employers from hiring the illegals, stop birthright citizenship, no social services for illeglals or their anchor babies. Put the criminals in jail, and deport them immediately after serving their sentence. See how fast they stop coming.

    • MacBeth says:

      Right on, Sam!!

      Lawful immigration is not even remotely akin to ILLEGAL immigration, which is no different than a stealth invasion. Those who make excuses for this costly incursion intent on undermining our national sovereignty should be ashamed of their complicity in savaging their own country. The political left, desirous of harvesting new voters, and the churches hoping to fill pews, are the worst offenders. Watch as John McAmnesty, newly elected to another 6 year term after nearly 30 years at the public trough, will be back at work doing what he does best. Lying to get elected and then working with the other liberals on issues such as the DREAM Act and amnesty.