Republic’s Kathleen Ingley: Sanctimonious hypocrisy abounds

Kathleen Ingley’s Quick Hit in today newspaper is titled: Is GOP now the party of nattering negativism?

In it, the editorialist  grouses that “Cynics claim Republican members of Congress have a single goal: Defeat Barack Obama. They aim to thwart, embarrass and undermine the president. It’s the party of “no, no, no.” Doing anything constructive for the country is secondary and undesirable if it might reflect well on President Obama. Sound outlandish? By their fruits, we shall know them.”

Ingley is one of those “cynics,” a term she uses to provided herself a deceptive cover of impartiality. Substitute the words ‘George W. Bush’ for ‘Barack Obama’ and rewind. It’s impossible to recall her or her colleagues at the leftward-slanted newspaper defending the previous president.

By your fruits, we know you, Ms. Ingley.

6 Responses to Republic’s Kathleen Ingley: Sanctimonious hypocrisy abounds

  1. Matt DeGennaro says:

    It’s easy to see why she’s so angry. She mistakenly turned on the light when she walked in the bathroom.

  2. American Dad says:

    What a hoot! Now liberals have taken to quoting the bible to make their points? I know a lot of liberals and NOT A SINGLE ONE quotes bible passages. This particular one she somewhat mangled is from Matthew 7:20.

  3. LD 7 PC says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  4. Kent says:

    How often has this mud fence come to the defense of a Republican? Ever? Here’s her sentence with a couple of words juxtaposed: “Democrat members of Congress have a single goal: Defeat George W. Bush. They aim to thwart, embarrass and undermine the president. It’s the party of “no, no, no.”

    Would those words have raised Ingley’s ire? Not a chance!!!!!!

  5. Samuel Adams says:

    Well Said Kent. In fact, I’ll go one better. Throughout the period from late 2002 until late 2008, the Press deliberately targeted GW with consistently negative, completely slanted reporting, the goal of which was to drive down Bush’s approval ratings. For example, all over the country there were front page stories showing funerals of military personnel killed in Iraq. There was a clear goal to create a negative attitude about the war in Iraq.

    Just think of the 87 Front Page stories about Abu Graib in the New York Times. EIGHTY SEVEN STORIES!! All about a little embarassing of some sleazy, slimy terrorists thugs, who’d gladly blown themselves up in a group of American Soldiers. The Propagandist Press and Marxist Media should die a quick and painful death!

  6. Night Owl says:

    Kent and Samuel Adams:
    Thanks for your insights! The liberal press is completely onboard with the Marxist takeover of this great country. Woe unto us all if we allow it.