McCain laments loss of Democrat ally

Arizona’s perennial aisle crossing Sen. John McCain, took to the floor of the U.S. Senate today to deliver an emotional farewell to three-term Wisconsin Democrat Sen. Russ Feingold, who lost his November reelection bid to Republican Ron Johnson.

“Without intending it as a commentary on his successor, I have to confess I think the Senate will be a much poorer place without Russ Feingold in it,” McCain said. “I know that in my next term I will experience fewer occasions of inspiration because of the departure of Russ Feingold, a man whose courage and dedication to the principles that guided his Senate service often inspired me.”

Feingold is probably best remembered for his 2002 co-authorship with McCain on the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act — better known as McCain-Feingold — which was ostensibly crafted to limit the influence of money on campaigns, but in fact, severely and unconstitutionally constrained free speech.

Human Events provides an excellent insight on the direct attack of McCain-Feingold as it relates to one of our most fundamental constitutional rights — freedom of speech – especially unpopular political speech, the very speech our Founders sought to protect.

In his lengthy oratory, McCain said Feingold’s friendship and wisdom would be “irreplaceable,” the Wisconsin State Journal reports.

“In his time in the Senate, Russ Feingold, every day and in every way, had the courage of his convictions,” McCain said. “And though I am quite a few years older than Russ, and have served in this body longer than he has, I confess I have always felt he was my superior in that cardinal virtue.”

Russ Feingold held to the convictions he had in common with John McCain but had the proper designation after his name: Democrat.

10 Responses to McCain laments loss of Democrat ally

  1. Sigmund Freud says:

    John McCain can forge closer relationships with Democrats than with any forthright Republican who has a moral compass. It’s who he is.

  2. Blackbeard says:

    With his fellow waffler Arlen Specter replaced, Ted Kennedy gone and Russ Feingold kicked to the curb by angry voters, who is the liberal Mr. McCain going to cozy up with now? How about those disappointing babes from Maine who hide their liberal leanings under the guise of being Republicans?

  3. Attila the Hunny says:

    The question is: Why did the say-anything-to-get-elected McCain survive when others of his ilk didn’t?

    Then answer is: $THIRTY MILLION left from his failed presidential campaign. That buys a lot of mailers and airtime, (By the way, that is the closer, newly revised figure, up considerably from the $22 Million we’ve heard)

  4. American Dad says:

    Fine summation here:

    “Russ Feingold held to the convictions he had in common with John McCain but had the proper designation after his name: Democrat.”

    You made my day…well, at least my late afternoon.

  5. just me says:

    American Dad – You are correct…….

  6. BillyBob says:

    John McCain – or is it Jon McKyl? Or is it John McFlake? If he is a symbol of Democracy, then why the shutting up of LD 11?

    • Doc says:

      LD-1 “YAVGOP” Meeting Sat., Dec. 11th. I’ll be reporting on the outcome of THAT meeting here immediately following.


      …hell, th’ $22million figure was obscene as well, DAMMIT! We’ve got HONORABLY DISCHARGED VETERANS sleeping in cardboard boxes…QUICK…let’s help illegal aliens get an education…

      • Seen It All says:

        You’re right on target again, Doc!

        My unwavering question is how Arizonans allowed themselves to be McSnookered again.

        Are we that foolish and ill-informed? Feingold and other long termed liberals were given the boot by fed up voters. It’s clear McCain bought himself an election. I wonder what that came to per vote. It must be among the most expensive per vote expenditure in American history.

        Also, why didn’t McCain spend that money in putting forth a real effort to defeat Obama? He worked a hell of a lot harder to defeat Hayworth.

  7. Calypso says:

    In his near weepy accolades, Juan McAmnesty was probably thinking that this could have been him who was unceremoniously discarded by the voters. Had it not been for all of the money he squirreled away instead of mounting an actual 2008 presidential campaign, this could well have been him. Then the Democrats would have sung HIS praises as he took his leave. If only…..

  8. LD 7 PC says:

    McPain will no doubt find some other Democrats to partner with and ultimately bring down by virtue of their unsavory associations with him. I’ve been involved in Arizona politics for years and have never known a more deceitful politico. Quite frankly, I think that long and close relationship harmed Jim Waring in the past congressional election. He should have done much better than he did.