Backdoor amnesty DREAM Act vote tomorrow: Action needed today

Numbers USA reports that Speaker Pelosi and the lame duck Democrat congress plan to hold a vote on the DREAM Act (H.R.1751) tomorrow, Thursday, December 2nd. Please call your U.S. Rep. NOW and ask him/her to vote NO on the DREAM Act.

Capitol Hill switchboard: 202-224-3121.

Seeing Red AZ has been covering this outrageous action that puts illegal aliens in a position to receive in-state tuition that American citizens are denied —  by gifting them a taxpayer-financed education. In contrast, out-of-state American students pay the full cost of their education. This absurd and costly legislation encourages, rather than discourages, further illegal immigration.

Passage of the Dream Act also places illegals and their foreign national family members in a prime position at the front of the line, before those who have actually legally applied for U.S. citizenship. 

Arizona’s Proposition 300, which specifically bars Arizona universities from giving in-state tuition rates to illegal immigrants, passed in 2006 with a stunning majority of 71.4 percent.


31 Responses to Backdoor amnesty DREAM Act vote tomorrow: Action needed today

  1. Jana Simmons says:

    Providing in-state tuition rates to illegal aliens amounts to giving them a taxpayer-financed education. Ethnic Mexicans who are American citizens understand that. Out-of-state US citizen students pay the full cost of their education. Why should I provide a tuition free education to illegals? A perfect case in point is my own nephew who attends ASU and pays out-of-state tuition even though he lives with us instead of on campus, which he can‘t afford. This is infuriating!

    • Ashley says:

      First of all, it is a false statement to say that the Dream Act would provide in-state tuition to undocumented students. If you have kept up with current changes of the Dream Act you would know that the Dream Act does not provide in-state tuition nor does it make them eligible for financial Aid. It is incorrect to say that they would be leeching from taxpayer dollars because they would be paying the out of state tuition demanded by Proposition 300. It is simply incredible to see how people are easily misguided with information. I really advise you to read up on the Dream Act and get the facts before making accusations. On another note, the Congressional Budget Office just released a report stating the the Dream Act would reduce the deficit by $1.4 billion dollars!

  2. American Dad says:

    This outlandish gift to illegal aliens would cost taxpayers countless millions at a time when tuition rates are rising across the country. Most importantly, it’s backdoor amnesty and ignores the Arizona law passed by over 71% of the CITIZEN voters as Prop. 300 which disallows AZ universities to give in-state tuition rates to Mexican nationals here ILLEGALLY. Does our vote and voice mean nothing?

  3. Steve says:

    Call! Call!! If it’s after hours, leave a message. Call first thing in the morning. Just call.

  4. Standing Tall says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  5. Kent says:

    This is the left’s way of increasing the voter rolls with grateful new Democrats so they never again suffer the humiliating nationwide defeats we just witnessed. Don’t let that happen. Your chidren and theirs need you to be pro-active. It matters. CALL!

  6. sherriaz says:

    Or use NumbersUSA fax system to get in touch with your representatives. Hopefully the GOP will stand firm and Dems facing upcoming elections will get onboard. This is another reason that the Dems lost: they don’t listen to the people.

    From everything I have read, any of the 4 DREAM acts that Reid has calendared include chain migration and the ability of illegals to skip out on either military service or college and STILL get amnesty.

    Hopefully, even if just one of these nightmares pass, the new Congress can gut it and place the emphasis where it belongs- on militarizing the border.

  7. Kimball says:

    Right, Sherri! The Fax system is a great way to communicate.

    Also, be aware that included in the new version is this gem: “Dream Act applicants would be ineligible if they have committed one felony or three misdemeanors.”

    THREE MISDEMEANORS? Why not seven?

  8. Capt. Marvel says:

    This version of the DREAM Act is nothing more than disguised amnesty legislation that would grant citizenship to approximately 3 million, then eventually an estimated 25+ million illegal aliens in America. All ready to register as Democrats (if they haven’t already done so!)

  9. Hoosier Patriot says:

    This is one of the Dems’ last gasps of political breath left and they must be stopped. Apparently they haven’t gotten the message from Nov. 2nd so perhaps we’ll need another 60 or so House Dems terminated 23 months from now as well as half the Senate Dems up in Nov. 2012.

    Supposedly all 42 Senate Republicans will filibuster this legislation, at least until all the Bush tax cuts are extended to all, so that is good.

  10. Another LD11 PC says:

    Keep your eye on Washington DC’s senatorial delegation to Arizona, Kyl and McCain.

    Both were supporters.

  11. Hadley (HS Science Teacher) says:

    I would highly recommend all who are against the DREAM Act to read the proposal itself and not believe all that panic-stricken “patriots” have to say about it. Nowhere in the newest version does it state that in-state tuition will be required, this is still a state decision. It also does not provide amnesty for the students or their families. By not passing the DREAM Act, you are punishing students for their parents’ decisions to give them a better life. These kids have only known the US as their home and have provided much to our communities.

    • Doc says:

      Hadley…please…budging on this 1mm is a BAD idea, & if you’ve been paying attention…I don’t need to go any further except to say that “moderation” got Arizona & America into the current mess we find ourselves in. SHUT TH’ NIGHTMARE (dream) ACT DOWN, & REID & SOCIALISTS WITH IT.

  12. Teller Of Truth says:

    The DREAM Act is a nightmare we ought to wake up from. Its intent is to give legal status and voting rights to illegal aliens who were brought to the U.S. before they were 16, who have earned a high school diploma or certificate, and who are still under 30 years of age. It paves the path to citizenship for those who go on to attends college — with in-state tuition paid by Gringo suckers — or joins the U.S. military.

    And, how does one prove age on someone living here without a legitimate birth certificate? What they have as documentation is either stolen or forged. These people snuck into the United States like thieves in the night and now want rewards by virtue of a sob story. It doesn’t touch my heart. There are too many people who have taken the proper route to citizenship and are still waiting in line while these marauders are given a free ride as payment for their deceit. No wonder Democrats see them as a perfect voting bloc.

    Mexican nationals are no different than anyone else who break into another’s home or in this case “Homeland.” They should be prosecuted, NOT REWARDED.

    • jose dreamer says:

      I am not a Mexican National for I was raised in the United States. Its not a sob story, its about a person overcoming great challenges although being told he can’t. Thats the American DREAM Act. Sales and Property Tax fund education, everyone pays them. Stop the hate. Home is where your heart is. My heart has roots in the United States of America.

      • US Citizen says:

        Sorry, Jose. You are indeed a national of another country, not the USA. I assume you are Mexican, so that would make you a Mexican national.

        Blame your criminal parents for bringing you here against our laws. The “American Dream” is attained by law abiding citizens, which you are not, making good in their own homeland. Your homeland is Mexico.

        That is not “hate,” it is a fact. If home was where the heart is, everyone’s heart would be in the United States. Unfortunately, we cannot take in everyone who wants to partake of our great land and all it has to offer. Go to Mexico and work towards making it great. Take it back from the drug lords and corrupt government and military officials. Make your mark towards the betterment of your homeland: MEXICO.

        “Home is where the heart is” makes a nice sentiment embroidered on a pillow. It has nothing to do with breaking and entering. My heart may be in the Ritz Carlton hotel or the Phoenician Resort, but I can’t make them take me in without having a legal right to be there, which in those cases would be paying the tab. I can’t break in. I also can’t break into the bank, even though “my heart” might be there. Ditto the Jaguar dealership. Dreaming isn’t reality.

        Watch this video Jose, and get a clue.

  13. CC says:

    This part…”Sales and Property Tax fund education, everyone pays them.”…. people here in the US ILLEGALLY don’t pay taxes!!! .. the rest of us regardless of nationality background DO. People should have a right to taxpayer funded items like MEDICAL, Education or anything else ONLY when they pay into those tax funds period. That’s what this DREAM act is about. Just where the heck do you think this money comes from while these folks have been raising thier babies on US soil ILLEGALLY using doctors, hosptials, police protection, roads, and anything else they touch by taxpayer money!!!! They are stealing… USE the legal process and they are not criminals period.

    • jose dreamer says:

      ja ja ja I file my taxes with my IRS ISTBN number. The IRS wants its taxes you legal status doesn’t matter to them. In fact research suggests the undocumented immigrants contribute more than we take. I have never or will never receive welfare except when I was 10 years I received AHCCS. I needed an operation, I had a non-cancerous tumor about the size of a melon, almost died. I am very thankful to be alive and for the generosity the US has given us.

      I graduate high school as the student-althele of the year, math student of the year, 5A country state champion, social studies student of the year, excelled the AIMS on my first attempt, with 21 college credits. But no I am good enough because of my status, for a while I believe into this propaganda, then I realize I am as good as I want to be. NO-one dictates who or what I am. You can say no, but that doesn’t mean I have to acknowledge it.

      • paul marchant says:

        jose, with all respect, you are obviously a whiz at math so you may want to look at your statement “research suggests….” . go run the numbers. A good place to start would be numbersUSA. Our state is Billions of dollars in debt because of AHCCS and the Education of hundreds of thousands of kids that were not born here. BLAME Mexico not us. Or blame us for too much welfare. AS A NATION AND AS A STATE, WE ARE BROKE, BANCAROTO, PATO, POBRE, however you want to put it. If we do not get serious about curbing our spending, in 20 years families in Nogales are going to be loading up their cars with pencils and christmas gifts to bring up to the poor kids in PHX!

  14. Jason says:

    PERFECTLY stated, US Citizen! You speak for me, but better than I could. I just finished reading your comment and my neck is sore from nodding up and down in agreement! Thank you!
    Now I’m going to watch the video.

  15. jose dreamer says:

    And your argument is? I know I am a very lucky person, I won the lottery on my birth. You did too. What you and the man speaking in the video is exclusion.

    If the US stops invading countries, starting coups in countries where they don’t agree with us, stop destroying government that oppose us. In Latin America during the 1980-1990’s the US started many revolutions. Nicaragua, Venezuela etc…

    Help them how? NumbersUSA has ties with FAIR. FAIR is a describe by many civil rights groups as racists. Get your facts straight Roy Beck is twisting facts for his argument.

    By educating myself here, I will be able to help the world. If I had stayed in my country of birth I would have just been another peasant. Not because of ability, its the system. If you are born poor, you die poor.

    • Chuck says:

      So good ol’ Jose finally lets the cat out of the bag. He has no love for this country or its policies, His aim is to use our system and the exceptionalism of our Founders. He calls us invaders and accuses the United States, which he previously declared his fidelity to, of starting “many revolutions” in Latin America.

      Jose calls FAIR racist, but probably finds no fault with the real racists whose name declares their intent: La Raza. (the race). Did you support the Reconquista studies in the Tucson Unified School District, Jose?

      Roy Beck is a bright and knowledgeable man. He is an American and unlike you, belongs here.

      Jose says that by educating himself here he will be able to “help the world.” What a load of horse pucky! And with this admission, “If I had stayed in my country of birth I would have just been another peasant. Not because of ability, its the system. If you are born poor, you die poor,” he tells us all what Mexico is.

      You didn’t win any “lottery,” Jose, but you sure as hell are trying to break our system, into which you and your parents invaded and took advantage of the work of others. Go back to your homeland and begin to fix it, not the world. You’re not that smart, but you certainly are slippery, until you slip up and tell the truth.

    • Vince says:

      I didn’t win the lottery, Jose. I’m a citizen. You won the Mexican lottery.

  16. Jeane says:

    Why are the illegals even granted out of state tuition?? As they are not legal residents of any state, they can pay international tuition rates like any other non-citizen.

  17. Seeing Red AZ says:

    Notcommonsense aka Grecia:
    You have accused Seeing Red AZ of erasing your comment. Not posting your comment is quite different than taking it down — although we reserve the right to do either. In this case, we chose not to post. You might have noticed that your comment was “awaiting moderation.” Only a select number of previously cleared commentors have their comments post automatically. We have had to deal with unprincipled people attempting to create havoc with the blog and this is the means we employ to keep that from happening again.

    This blog is privately owned and is not a democracy. If you don’t like it here, you are free to go elsewhere.

  18. Angelica Trujillo says:

    a mexican citizen not by choice but my god’s decition. I grew up in the United States, country that owns my respect, my flag, and my patriotism. i grew up there no by choice but by the iniative of my parents, for i was only a child and had no word. I am now living in mexico obtainning the education that for being an “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT” was denied to me. i feel debastated, am forgeting my english, i don’t completly dominate my spanish, and worst of all am in a country i love but is not my home. But am determined to make a change, to make sure that others inocent students don’t suffer what i am passing through, and because of that i am studing law here and i will make sure that one day the united states comprehends that is made of immigrants. ango-saxons were immigrants once, just like african americans and hispanics are, many other races as well…people touch your hearts and remember everytime you all mencione god in the pledge of alliance, remember that when god did not create us allwith a social security number!…
    ….futura licenciada Angelica trujillo….

    • paul marchant says:

      Editor’s note to Paul Marchant: We have omitted the lengthy portion you wrote in Spanish. This is an English language blog intended for English language readers.

      For the record, I spent several years in Latin America, the last of which i saw my wife and i kicked out because i was working for Kelloggs’s and we were over our foreigner/citizen ratio. Was i happy with the decision? no , Did I cry, threaten lawsuits, march in the streets? no. After all, it was their country, NOT MINE. Get on with your LIFE and be grateful you are Bilingual!

  19. Night Owl says:

    Great spelling, Angelica. You must be an honor student. We should be thrilled to have you enter our country in violation of the law. You have so much to teach us ad it’s clear you’ve learned a lot! I especially enjoy your declaration that God did not create us with social security numbers. No doubt God doesn’t like laws. He must have made a huge mistake when he wrote those Ten Commandments and all of the laws in Leviticus.

    • Grecia says:

      How cute, you decide to put her down based on her writing skills. That’s great argumentation skills. haha.
      She grew up in the US, therefore received this country’s education. I can see where the spelling errors come from. United States education is barely half as good as some countries in the rest of the world. Here, a kid can be having multiplication problems and still pass the 5th grade, over there they can’t even pass the second grade with the same problems.
      (I see it happen all the time)
      I’m going to refrain from commenting on this site’s ideas and untrue statements, because it keeps erasing my comments. Go biased opinions!!!! This site is very disgusting.

      OH BTW! That must also be why some Americans are so afraid that by giving them legal residence they will “steal” their jobs…because they are coming from countries where education is better. I can see how they can get intimidated.
      and stop being ignorant, it’s not just Mexico, there is also Argentina, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Brazil, and many many other places around the world.

  20. Angelica Trujillo says:

    night owl very sarcastic comment, but you know what? you are correct!!…i was an honor student, one of the 4 chosen ones to speak at graduation,not only that, i was editor of my school yearbook, and outstanding journalist of the year..and yes why not repeat myself just for you, i did not enter MY COUNTRY by choice, and yes my spelling is now horrible, thanks all those racist laws that made me come to mexico, and yes god made commandments, but i see no racist part in any of the 10 commandments…now why would a US citizen name itself Night Owl when commenting on a blog? …I as an “illegal citizen” can proudly say that my name is Angelica Trujillo, and i am not scare to say it because a series of digits does not determine the weight of my name, it might unfortunatly determine how sad i feel to see MY COUNTRy, “the top country of the world”, the country that always rescues other countryes from misery, destroy it’s own image by discriminating against innocent students. Now i should make my point that unfortunatly there is “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS” That couse trouble, but not all do!..think about it and have empaty, how would you feel if at a young age you were taken to a country you did’t know, having to face the barrier of lerning a new language, and after beating all obstacles, you graduate from high school and booom! they drop the bomb on you, your “ILLEGAL” you have no righ to study and if you do pffff you will strugle alot to pay for it. How unfair is that when i burned my brain for 4 years, i never got a single ticket, never a single court date, never did anything to hurt MY COUTRY, on the other hand, tryed my best to make it a better country!