Is this a good idea? Dems in charge of other Dem’s money

Missing money is always a story. When the money is reputed to be in excess of $77,000, it becomes more of a story.  But when the investigation appears to settle on the attractive daughter of a lobbyist and powerful former union boss of the Phoenix Firefighters — and the victim is a former City Councilman with the large sum in an unspecified campaign account — the report becomes titillating. 

Mindy Shields, the daughter of Democrat operative and unionist Billy Shields, has been the longtime treasurer of Greg Stanton’s political account. Stanton now works as an assistant attorney general. With the word ‘embezzlement’ tossed into the mix, the story quickly reaches hot potato proportions

Stanton said he’s hired an accountant to make sure the account gets repaid, although most of the money has been mysteriously “restored.” He contacted the police in early October after a check bounced from the fund. He had attempted to donate $500 from the campaign fund to a group that helps train Hispanic students become college bound, the daily reports.

Democrat Stanton is among the throng considering a run for Phoenix mayor. Money from the campaign account could be used for future political races.

According to campaign-finance reports filed Feb. 2, 2009 with the Phoenix City Clerk, Stanton had more than $92,700 left in the account. Five other reports filed after, show there was no activity in the account since January 2009.

The plot thickens.

7 Responses to Is this a good idea? Dems in charge of other Dem’s money

  1. BillyBob says:

    Mindy Shields is hot. Unfortunately, it seems a checkbook she was near has gotten hotter.

  2. Ajo Joe says:

    So who “restored” the money? And does that negate the “alleged” theft? I don’t think so.

  3. Seen It All says:

    The Phoenix New Times has actually done a much better job of reporting on this insider fiasco than the Republic. This linked article includes an update:

  4. Joe Evans says:

    Having Dems in charge of other Dem’s money is a fine idea. Better they screw themselves than anyone else. This is a known nefarious clique.

  5. Illinois Al says:

    That “restored” money sounds like Papa Shields might have been shielding the very suspicious actions of his daughter. Makes you wonder how much came from putting the squeeze on firefighter’s union members in the first place. My wise father maintained a lifelong suspicion of unions and the longer I live, the more I understand and appreciate his concerns.

  6. Vagabond says:

    Crooks of a feather fleece together.

  7. AZ Conservative Gal says:

    I wouldn’t put a democrat in charge of feeding my goldfish if I were going on vacation. I’d be certain to return to a belly-up, top floater emitting a stench.