Al Gore’s environmental extremism at play in Cancun

The United Nations Climate Change Conference is meeting in Cancun, Mexico from November 29 – December 10 2010; and Americans for Prosperity  takes its Hot Air Tour live webcast there for a meet-up this evening, 7PM CST — December 2nd.

Obama administration bureaucrats have been flocking to Cancun this week, with American taxpayers once again picking up the tab, just as we did last year when they met in Copenhagen.

Obamanites will join other radical environmentalists at the United Nations Climate Change conference to plot their next moves to kill jobs, intrude on our freedoms and dictate the way we live our lives – all in the name of Al Gore’s radical global warming agenda.

Last year, Seeing Red AZ wrote about Cap-and-Trade, the most sweeping environmental bill in U.S. history — an expansive measure intended to undercut American industry by placing severe restrictions and exorbitant penalties on carbon-emitting fuels which liberals blame for the questionable science of global warming.

Although Democrats pulled members out of alcohol rehab to cast their ballots for the measure, AZ Congressman Jeff Flake missed the 219 – 212 vote, contributing to its passage.

Watch this video for an idea of the excesses in Cancun:


5 Responses to Al Gore’s environmental extremism at play in Cancun

  1. Another LD11 PC says:

    Don’t forget Gingrich, the Pelosi/Gore environmental shill…

  2. Maggie says:

    This junk science and its push by the oh so very righteous liberals, will contribute to our demise, which I believe is their goal.

  3. Ricky Lujan says:

    The Republican Platform: “Addressing Climate Change Responsibly” (had enough yet?) “Any policies should be global in nature, based on sound science and technology, and should not harm the economy.”

    I prefer no unnecessary foreign entanglements. We need to establish or participate in a global policy? There is an effort afoot to address this misguided platform plank at the Arizona County and State Republican January meetings.

  4. Jill H says:

    Thanks for the video clip. Pathetic.