Gallant husband, rude host

The word on the political street is that the co-joined District 11 Christmas Party/ regular monthly meeting took an odd turn with the husband of McCain operative Shiree Verdone asking a longtime precinct committeeman and former state legislator to leave — after he’d been enjoying the festivities for over an hour. Apparently hubby was upset over what he claimed were unflattering statements regarding the little woman and attributed to the guest.

These less than holiday spirited goings-on took place right under the nose of John McCain.  He lives in the penthouse of the same building where the Verdone’s held the holiday gathering.

Undergirding Thursday evening’s events are the intra-district wars between the McCainiac lefties and the conservative and Tea Party supporters of former District Chair and current Maricopa County Chairman Rob Haney.

Much to the chagrin of the McCain contingent, Haney enjoys widespread support.


12 Responses to Gallant husband, rude host

  1. BillyBob says:

    OMG, say it isn’t so. The Big Tent is no longer big enough? So who appointed the hubby sergeanto in armour to toss a PC out of LD meeting? Must be a new party rule. LD-11 should turn into a reality show – it may get more viewers than the housebabes of Orange County.

  2. PVer says:

    The man in question has never been noted for his genteel manners. Is he also the judge and jury of what the guest supposedly said about wifey?

  3. Overtaxed1 says:

    The truth about the Verdones is sometimes hard to hear from the conservative opposition to McCain.

    As far as the Mr Verdone goes he was just displaying the vulgar manners and bulling behavior that is so typical of McCain’s minions.

  4. AZ Conservative Guy says:

    I’m wondering what the remarks could have been that set Verdone off….

    And does he have indisputable proof not only that they were said, but were said by the guy who was tossed out of the party?

  5. LD11 PC says:

    I’ve heard the Verdones make outrageous vulger statements regarding fellow Republicans. “Vote for McCain” comes to mind.

  6. LD 7 PC says:

    I hope the former legislator told the out-of-line host he was staying. I heard this was a regular district meeting along with the Christmas party. ALL PCs were entitled to be present. Is this a special display of the holiday spirit?

  7. Truth or Consequences says:

    I have it from a very reliable source who attended the LD 11 reorganization election that they had never witnessed a more vulgar, uncalled for & outrageous attack on a PC than when nomination committee chairman and McCain & Verdon minion, Kathy Petsas, pounded on Charlotte Reed for ten minutes in front of 300 PCs.

    Wimp of a District Chairman, Steve Tully, failed to bring a halt to the crime, and no one was allowed to speak in defense of Charlotte. For those who know Charlotte, you know what a gentle soul she is.

    It was another display of how far LD 11 has fallen under the McCain “Lynch Mob”. I refer of course to the Axis powers Ann and Jane Lynch with Sherie Verdon and Kathy Petsas. How proud they must have been to bring Charlotte to tears.

    Great job Petsas. They are so proud of how you tore into the recently widowed septuagenarian. Can only hope that you are treated with the same care and affection some day.

  8. Keen Observer says:

    Sherri V is concerned about others spreading false rumors about her? You have got to be kidding me. She is the queen of rumors and deceit.

  9. LD 11 PC 2 says:

    LD 11 PC 2 says: First and most important, nobody should ever put down Charlotte Reed after all she has done for the party over the years.
    BUT, though I could not attend, as I understand it, the meeting was held at the Verdon’s house, and last I heard, you can ask anyone to leave your house for any reason. As for defending your wife, remember Andrew JAckson killed a man in a duel for saying something about his wife (taking a bullet himself in the exchange, though Jackson survived.)

    • Holiday Cheer says:

      The meeting was NOT held in the Verdone’s home. They lease a unit in the building where the McCain’s condo is located and the gathering was in the main floor, common space used specifically and reserved for get-togethers by residents of the building. Armand Verdone’s actions were extraordinarily rude and uncalled for. His display of thuggery in defending his aging Barbi is not noble….it’s pathetic.

    • Hunter says:

      Even if a district event is actually in someone’s house, the owner does not have a right to throw a person legally entitled to be at the meeting out. By providing the space for the meeting, the owner has essentially rented out the space (even if at no charge) to the LD Committee. Only the LD officers would have a right to prohibit someone from being there, and they would need a really good reason to throw out a Republican PC or even just a registered Republican from that district.

      Plus, anyone foolish enough to marry Shiree should know that hearing bad things about her just goes with the territory. Of course, he would probably be too foolish to realize that.

  10. Heidi says:

    Truth or Consequences brings up two of the big meddlers in LD11-the Lynches. For those who don’t know of them, they are the people behing “Grassroots AZ or AZ Grassroots”. They target precincts with conservative PC and put a slate of their PCs to get the conservative out. They have been successful in several precincts by spending money to send out fliers on behalf of their anointed slate. There is nothing grassroots about them. The money for the fliers comes from other districts, the PCs they put on the slate have no intention of doing anything but handing over their proxy.

    This is one reason why LD11 is such a joke. Make sure the Lynch’s don’t start naming PCs in your district.