The return of McAmnesty: Connect the dots

In an almost-missed article tucked away in the Christmas Day Phoenix Republic tabloid-size weekend newspaper insert was this gem. It seems Mayor Philly Gordon has teamed up with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other big city mayors to lobby the federal government for a blast from the past: Comprehensive Immigration Reform.  You remember that John McCain/Jon Kyl/ Ted Kennedy monstrosity that so inflamed the wrath of the American public that they shut down phone, fax and internet to congressional offices with a nationally concerted effort, until it was pulled?

Under the umbrella of “Partnership for a New American Economy,” a revised group (names included in this link) is being lead by Bloomberg and includes corporate bigwigs such as CEOs of Hewlett-Packard, Walt Disney Co., and News Corporation, which owns the Wall Street Journal and Fox News. The gimmick this time is obviously to take the onus off of Congress in general and GOP aisle-crossers in specific.

“What we need to do is focus on bringing people together and how to get this comprehensive immigration reform and border security done,” the term-limited Gordon declared. John McCain is known for his line of “We must secure the border first,” although he never clearly articulates “first before what?” The answer is this doozy.

The comprehensive reform term became so incendiary that Kyl and McCain began calling it a “temporary worker program,” which played better to focus groups. With unemployment at record numbers they still haven’t explained the need for these workers. Yuma, AZ, for example has one of the nation’s highest unemployment rates at a staggering 26.7 %.

During last fall’s election, the anxious McCain began talking like a border hawk, even taping commercials in which the salty-tongued former sailor advocated bringing troops and law enforcement together and completing “the danged fence” to keep illegals out of America.

So what do you think Robert Delgado, President and CEO of Hensley Beverage Company, one of the largest Anheuser-Busch beer wholesaler and distributors in the nation, is doing on the Partnership for a New Economy list? That’s Cindy Hensley McCain’s hundreds-of-millions-a-year business. It’s a safe bet Delgado doesn’t operate in a vacuum separate from the McCain’s.

And is it just a coincidence that McCain confidant and political strategist, Wes Gullett is running for Phoenix Mayor, hoping to succeed Gordon? Could the fact that Gullett’s wife served as Gordon’s chief of staff just be happenstance, also?

The (Subscription only) Arizona Guardian reports that Arizona Cardinals President and CEO Michael Bidwill and one of the team’s key players, Larry Fitzgerald, are onboard helping Gullett rake in the big bucks.

Would you be interested in buying a bridge?

10 Responses to The return of McAmnesty: Connect the dots

  1. Another LD11 PC says:

    Look, you’re just going to have to get past McCain. Yes, McCain is the posterboy of the New World Order, but others are carrying NWO water as well, incl. Kyl and others you probably consider “conservative”.

    Robert Pastor in his “Building a North American Union” paper of almost 10 years ago (co-authored by Mitt Romney’s presidential committee chairman for the state of New York), included the following items:

    -Open borders which are facilitated by
    -automated electronic employment eligibility verification (e-Verify) AND
    -no more “right to work” without prior clearance from government
    -automated transportation clearance (CAPPS now TSA)
    -Know your customer banking regulations
    -nationalized birth certificates, where the “master” database of birth certificates resides with the federal government
    -federalization of state drivers licenses

    Hmm… any of that sound familiar? It sounds like the (fake) conservative agenda!

    It just also happens to be PRECISELY THE CLINTON AGENDA of 1992!

    You’ve been had.

    Open your eyes.

    You’re selling out your nation and your state for trinkets, for a “feeling” of security without any actual security.

    Who currently in Arizona is promoting e-Verify, federalization of birth certificates and ALREADY has nationalized the data in the Arizona drivers license (and other state license) databases?



    • Not Fooled says:

      Sorry,LD11PC, but I consider myself a conservative FIRST, Republican SECOND, and as such I am on to Jon Kyl. He is slicker, more articulate and better groomed than McCain, but they are one and the same as far as I’m concerned. And to those who think their sometimes varying votes on issues demonstrate their separateness, you need to remind yourselves that votes are mostly known in advance within the confines of the congressional walls. Nothing happens by serendipity in D.C. Vote trading is the name of the game when a specific outcome is already insured and certain members of the House or Senate need cover. You can’t always believe your lyin’ eyes.

      They ALL take us for fools. Let’s not give them further reason to do so. Thinking Kyl is different is the height of foolishness. He’s just cooler. His father was a congressman in Iowa, so he was raised knowing the drill. Have you ever seen him wearing a baseball cap and windbreaker ala McCain’s often rumpled, “regular guy” attire? No. And you never will. He’s a lawyer and former lobbyist. Unlike McCain who owns a minimum of eight homes, Kyl has neither the need nor desire to appear folksy. Plus, he’s a lot smarter than his aged seatmate.

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    Get past McCain? If we wanted to, which I certainly don’t since he needs to be exposed, it is McCain himself who makes it impossible. He is a shameless chameleon who becomes liberal, more liberal or even — on occasion –a fake conservative, when the situation calls for that cloak to be donned.

    Now he wants to control the fifth largest city in the United States though the miracle of hand puppetry by way of the City of Phoenix Mayor’s election with his own Gullett Duo at the helm.
    This post is excellent and should be read by every Phoenix resident. The presidency has eluded him, but McCain isn’t even satisfied to be in the rarified Club 100, the U.S. Senate. Now he also wants to take over the City of Phoenix by way of his surrogates. If we thought Phil Gordon was bad, we’ll be wishing for his return if this crew takes over.

  3. Claire Voyant says:

    This is very disturbing. McCain being behind another amnesty push is all I would expect from that double crossing politican. What I find most troubling is the McCain/Hensley/Delgado/Gullett, connection. It’s not difficult to see there is a takeover scheme of mega proportions at play.

  4. sherriaz says:

    Just today there was an article online about American companies making record profits off businesses sent overseas. American consumers are no longer in the drivers seat- we are being supplanted by Asian markets and buyers. American companies have added over 1 million jobs overseas while CUTTING the workforces here. Add illegal immigration to the mix and it’s a ready made disaster waiting to happen to the American middle class.

    Wages are being depressed thanks to both shipment of jobs overseas and illegals flooding this country. Americans HAVE TO GET THIS- there can never be another amnesty.The middle class is disappearing with great help from “comprehensive immigration” cohorts. California is the poster child for the fate of America if we don’t create a climate whereby illegals cannot survive in this country. The methods are many, but the need for those with the gumption to see them through is great. For every Russell Pearce, there are 10 Gordons or McCains, willing to make a buck at the expense of an American job.

    No amnesty ever, no DREAM act ever, border lockdown, reduced legal immigration, enforcement and self deportation will insure that several million of the current illegal population will leave without voting Democratic another time.The Latino vote issue will resolve itself. American voters need to stand firm or lose our country.

  5. Barbara Espinosa says:

    You are right on the money with this article. Cross posted on with many, many other articles on McCain.

  6. AZ Conservative Guy says:

    Current (and thankfully outgoing) Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon is rabidly pro-illegal. He is a liberal Democrat who hired Deb Gullett as his Chief Of Staff. Now her husband, who was a prominent Republican supporter of liberal Janet Napolitano is running for mayor and raising big bucks from AZ sport teams? Think this one through, folks. This is serious business. And McCain will be pulling the strings through his loyal strategist Wes Gullett? A match made in heaven! Not for the citizens of the city of Phoenix, mind you. It will be a boon to liberals, businesses that want the continued flow of cheap labor, and a guaranteed magnet for more illegals coming into Arizona with the promise of a friendly environment. This would all be detrimental on its face, but with the sagging economy and Arizona unemployment at record highs, why do we need to import more workers –especially those who will be having American born children who become instant citizens? A vote for Wes Gullett is a vote to undermine Phoenix.

  7. Seen It All says:

    This is serious business, “my friends.” Republicans should not allow themselves to be McSnookered once again. Here he is dipping into the city of Phoenix. As a third generation Phoenix native, I am very concerned. There is nothing safe from the far reaching toxicity that is John McCain. He has a visceral need to control. He even made endorsements in a past Glendale City Council race. His candidate lost!

  8. Night Owl says:

    Bloomberg can’t even run New York City successfully, and he’s teaming up with our illustrious joke of a mayor Bozo Phil Gordo to tell us what to do in Phoenix? I agree with the post that we are headed for deep trouble if Wes Gullett becomes mayor. I’ve had enough of John McCain in the senate. I sure as hell don’t want him running Phoenix.

    Read this for some insight:

  9. Jason says:

    Turns out the slow storm cleanup work in New York City was a union protest! And this leftist Jackass Mayor Bloomberg is going to be advising Phoenix? Thanks, but NO THANKS!!!!

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