2011: A New Year comes with opportunities

Seeing Red AZ sends sincere best wishes for a satisfying, productive, safe and healthy new year to our readers.

As we embark upon this New Year, there is no better time to renew our acquaintance with America’s founding documents:  The Declaration of Independence, our U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

4 Responses to 2011: A New Year comes with opportunities

  1. Kathy says:

    Happy New Year & thanks for all you do in exposing lies & putting forth truth.

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      We appreciate your loyal readership and well reasoned commments, Kathy. Best to you in the new year.

  2. BillyBob says:

    Predictions: Rob Haney re-elected; Bruce Ash narrowly elected after the rich R’s screw themselves by running the winery guy and former ambulance chaser who has a Goldwater doll.
    Jan Brewer goes to a MaryKay specialist and is given her own pink cadillac after buying a boatload of make-up. She will still look the same, but has the coolest car in the state capitol lot.
    Nancy Grace takes on Brock family and three of the county sups decide not to run again, but enter therapy. They sue the county for PTSD and retain Andy Thomas as their personal injury attorney.

    Bill Montgomery is invited to talk at West Point and The Republic actually likes him, for a day.

    Phil Gordon tries to get Jack Harris to stage a military take over of city hall and keep him as mayor, only to find that Peggy Neely has the Tea Party waiting with NRA members to crush the illegal madness. Phil’s laptop is found on eBay being auctioned off by his speech coach, who he stiffed on the final bill.
    The Arizona Legislature finally decides the best illegal alien law is don’t ask, don’t tell, only the immigration version, not the military gay rights one.
    Russell Pearce agrees to be the VP candidate with Sarah Palin for President.
    All of the photos of John Huppenthal’s daughter that were cut out of his campaign signs are found pasted to walls and ceiling of a male cousin of the Brock family.
    The fire union is found to be secretly operating all the fireworks stands raising money to replace the $200 grand taken from its PAC fund by one its own presidents.
    Ruth McClung discovers the mathematic formula for warp speed. Democrats in Tucson soon after being disappearing for unknown reasons.
    S.R. is given the Nobel Peace Prize, but still does not have its own Facebook page.
    Bishop Olmstead excummunicates every liberal pro-choice Democrat in Arizona.
    Jack Harris announces his retirement and then is immediately hired to replace Janet Naploreno after she is nominated to the US Supremes.
    Gas goes to $8/gallon and Russell Pearce takes up riding a solar powered moped in protest.
    You read it hear first.

  3. Ricky Lujan says:

    Prediction: The ranks of constitutional conservatives who graduated from Tea Party protester to Republican Party activist will grow exponentially over the course of the 2012 cycle. Look for a successful McCain recall in 2013!