Seeing Red AZ’s 2010 Person of the Year: Velma Hart

Velma Hart, the Chief Financial Officer of a veteran’s organization, stepped up at a Town Hall forum and introduced herself to President Barack Obama by saying:  “I’m a mother, a wife, an American veteran and middle class American and I’m exhausted of defending you.”

I’m one of your middle class Americans. And quite frankly, I’m exhausted. Exhausted of defending you, defending your administration, defending the mantle of change that I voted for. And I’m deeply disappointed with where we are right now.”

“I have been told that I voted for a man who said he was going to change things in a meaningful way for the middle class. I am one of those people and I’m waiting, sir. I’m waiting. I don’t feel it yet. And I thought, while it wouldn’t be in great measure, I would feel it in some small measure. I have two children in private school and the financial recession has taken an enormous toll on my family. My husband and I have joked for years that we thought we were well beyond the hot dogs and beans era of our lives. But, quite frankly, it’s starting to knock on our door and ring true that that might be where we’re headed again, and, quite frankly, Mr. President, I need you to answer this honestly. “

Speaking for Americans across the country, Democrats, Independents and Republicans, Mrs. Hart  then boldly asked the question that we have all asked ourselves in one way or another, “Is this my new reality?”

For her courageous display, Velma Hart is our 2010 Person of the Year winner.

4 Responses to Seeing Red AZ’s 2010 Person of the Year: Velma Hart

  1. Cave Creek Cal says:

    Great choice!! Definitely one that slipped my mind and shouldn’t have.

  2. Kathy says:

    Sadly Velma is now experiencing Obama’s America – she was terminated/laid off from her job. Speaking the truth about Obama will result in negative consequences, & this is the man I’m sure she voted for by her comments.

  3. Seen It All says:

    Of course she voted for him, Kathy. Obama got 98 percent of the Black vote. It was, unfortunately, all about race and not about experience or substance.

  4. angee says:

    And just wait for the Mexican/Hispanic/ Latino (or whatever the name of the day) vote! It’s usually
    based on race and emotion. The Hispanic Caucus
    in D.C. Takes care of the propaganda. They too,
    had something to do with BO winning the presidency.

    What we must do is to insure the integrity of the
    voters in future elections. We must have renewable
    ID cards with the picture of the voter including a thumbprint on it as the do in Mexico!

    2008 and 2010 were marked by illegal votes even
    dead people were registered to vote! We are also
    aware that many illegal aliens voted because they
    are registered in Arizona from the old driver’s
    licenses when people were not required to show
    citizenship to get a driver’s license.

    This year while volunteering to call Democrat
    registered voters, I reached many voter phone
    numbers which were not legitimate. People who
    had those phone # said they had the same phone number for 15 or more years. Apparently voters who registered gave false information. Address
    was also a problem. Mail was returned as “wrong

    We need a total revamping of the way we register
    to vote by proving eligibility, and addresses.
    We are rapidly losing our country because of our
    neglect of those problems.